September Update

It’s difficult to write about NES game acquisitions when you only need 37 more for a full North American set… life’s not that bad!  The Durham game swap is coming up in October, and I’ve already reserved one game from my dealer (and fortunately it isn’t expensive at all!)  Other than these shows, there sadly isn’t much in the way to game hunt any more.  Value Village, once a gaming fans dream, is now just awful to shop at.  They’ve forgotten that they are a thrift store, and the possibility of getting a great deal is what lured customers in the first place.  But now as soon as they see Nintendo on an item, they charge ridiculous prices… sometimes even higher prices than at a retail store that specializes in retro games!  Goodwill (if you can even find one anymore) is a bust as they put all their “good” items for an online sale, and charge high prices along with shipping fees.  Everyone thinks their stuff is worth way more than it really is on Kijiji, and Ebay has long been tapped out.  JJgames is now charging for shipping, and with the American/Canadian dollar exchange rate being so terrible, there’s no deals on their either.  Lukie Games doesn’t show pictures of their merchandise (JJgames does!), and neither will do a deal even if you buy in bulk! Well that just makes it feel awesome when you do manage to find a game for a good deal which of course I’m hoping happens in October.


When I was at the gaming show in Pittsburgh last summer, there was a really cool poster (not for sale) of Mario with a Tetris background in a Russian propaganda theme.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t that great and the picture didn’t turn out.  I was really into learning about the Cold War so that only added to my interest.  This was the closest thing I could find to Nintendo propaganda on Google.

In other news, my Africa videos are posted on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out.  They might seem a bit long, but honestly I just couldn’t bring myself to edit all the really cool animals.  Also, the shorter clips took away from how special the experience actually was.

You know what’s really been upsetting me lately… it’s that everyone has tattoos now, that they are no longer cool.  This really sucks because I used to REALLY want one… a big one of Dark Force from Phantasy Star on my back.  I just can’t bring myself to do it though as every douche bag at the beach has tattoos… so much so that it’s more original to NOT have any tattoos.  What’s worse is that I was downtown the other day and saw this old lady (she must have been 75) with a fresh tattoo on her calf.  If the geezers are doing it then something isn’t right!


Imagine a full back tattoo of this!

I heard a really disturbing thing the other day… apparently kids that are really bad at Fortnite are getting bullied in the playground… and in response, their parents are hiring “coaches” to help them play better.  This is ridiculous!

The only other thing on my mind is that there used to be a YouTube channel called Retro Liberty that I used to watch… then out of no where they stopped making videos, only to reappear in another channel with the same format but re-branded Pixel Game Squad… and for some reason Aaron changed his name to Riff?!?  This doesn’t make sense, and even worse is that his friends on the show don’t seem phased by it?!  I expect more from the NES Complex!

Anyways that’s all for now…. Cup Head rules!

Nintendo Joe


More Than Meets The Eye!

I know this is primarily a Nintendo blog, but recently I’ve had some life changing experiences (African trip) and have finally decided to complete/finish my other “uncompleted” collection.  Believe it or not, my first obsession was not collecting NES games, but rather G1 Transformers from back in the 1980’s.  To be more specific, my collection runs from 1984 – 1987 with a few select figures from the 1988 line.  I am in no way into the Pretenders, Actionmasters, and Micromasters which I believe were introduced in ’88 – ’89 and as it was readily apparent that Hasboro was out of ideas, the series was quickly discontinued.  Thankfully the American Transformers TV show did not include these, however the Japanese series went nuts and included everything with a piece of metal in it!  I own a copy of the Japanese Headmaster series on DVD, but after this it went too far for me.  Don’t even get me started on the live action Transformers movies!!  Thanks to these abominations, director Michael Bay is on my blacklist along with George Lucas for his Star Wars prequels.

Back in 1984 as a kid you basically had two choices.  Were you a GoBots or a Transformers fan?  I had a few of both… however in the beginning, school playground rules stated that Transformer toys were too “powerful” to play with GoBots and were therefore unwelcome in the playing scenarios at recess.  Fortunately we realized very quickly that GoBots were lame, and Transformers were superior!


Before the TV show premiered, there was only a few action figures available, and perhaps by fate I was drawn towards Soundwave who is to this day my favorite Transformer!  As a kid, I obviously had no income other that the $2 a week my parents gave me as an allowance.  Soundwave was $25 at Kresge’s (a long ago vanquished chain of Walmart type stores).  My dad purposed a difficult choice to a 9 year old kid… I can buy the official Soundwave at full price, or I could buy a knockoff version (which was identical minus the Decepticon logo and box art) for $16.  That is one hell of a difference in price when you have very little income.  I had saved $18, so could buy the knockoff out rightly, or I could go into allowance debt for several weeks and get the official action figure.  Duh, of course I chose the official version as I didn’t want to be labelled a loser in the playground!  Soundwave along with his cassette companion Buzzsaw was mine… how cool was I!?!  Then the TV show premiered, and Soundwave had the best voice of all the Transformers.  It was a synthesized voice by the same guy who did Megatron’s (Frank Welker)… and it was AWESOME!  Also the fact that the character was the most loyal Decepticon of them all which was proven in the 1986 movie when he picked up a defeated Megatron from the battlefield and carried him onto a ship to escape the Autobot wrath!


Anyways my family wasn’t “first world rich”, so I was only able to acquire a few transformers back in the day (they were actually really expensive even at 1984 prices!).  For my birthday I opened an Optimus Prime, which basically secured my number one position in the playground as; kid most desired to play with!  I was THAT awesome… too bad I peaked in popularity at such an early age:(

Transformers Movie

Fast forward to 1986 with the release of Transformers the Movie.  This was an epic event in my childhood.  I wasn’t allowed to go to the movies by myself yet, so thankfully my friend Sonny and his mother offered to take me to this larger-than-life event.  I was devastated… they killed off my hero Optimus Prime along with 90% of the other Transformers!  It wasn’t until high school that I realized that Hasboro did this only to introduce a new Transformers toy-line as they figured they had already profited as much as they could during the past two years.  In other words, everyone who could afford the Optimus/Megatron figures had already bought them.  But you must understand… losing all these beloved characters was devastating!  Thankfully Galvatron and the Sharkticons were awesome enough to carry on the series for another two years!


However by 1988 I had officially decided to put my toys away and pursue my other interest… the opposite sex.  On this topic I had decades of study and research to do!  The Transformers (and GI JOE) were put on hiatus in the attic until years later.

Near the end of high school, and at the beginning of university I had realized how much I had missed my original obsession of Transformers (and GI JOE), so started unofficially collecting again.  Fortunately back in the mid-90’s Transformers weren’t that sought after and I was able to get so many for no more than a song!  For real, some dude sold his whole collection to a store called Eyeball Soup, and for about $200 I was able to pick up over 90 of the now highly sought after toys!  Now the prices are crazy high, and starting a complete collection feels out of reach.

Transformers 2007 Movie

Then came July 2nd, 2007.  The Canadian release of Transformers the movie.  I have so many issues with this movie’s director,  producer, and writers that I don’t even know where to begin other than saying it ruined the franchise.  This will perhaps be another blog entry.

All this being said… I don’t wish to end this on a downer, so I won’t.  G1 Transformers rule!  Here is a list of the G1 action figures I need to have what I consider a “pure” complete collection before they were bastardized by the Pretenders and company.  At the price NES games are going for right now, perhaps my Transformer collection will be complete first!

Needed Transformers (and all accessories)

Roadbuster (Deluxe Vehicle) $75

Power Dashers x 3 (mail order set) $20 each

Seachlight and Wideload (Throtttlebots) $6 each

Misfire (Tagetmaster) $55 – 90

Fizzle, Guzzle, Sizzle (Sparkbots) $10 each

Scoop (Target Master) $25

Hosehead, Siren (Headmaster) $50 each

Joy Ride and Slapdash (Power Masters) $50 each

Cindersaur, Flamefeather, Sparkstalker (Firecons) $10 each

Windsweeper (Triggercon) $12

Needlenose (Targetmaster) $40

Fangry (Headmaster) $35

Darkwing (Powermaster) $65

S.T.A.R.S. Autobot Command Centre $65

Total = $739


Until next time,

Nintendo Joe


A Seasoned Criminal

A few days ago, my wife and I went down to the United States to go to the National Comedy Center that opened at the beginning of this month (August).  After dropping off our dog at the Doggy Camp that he goes we proceeded down to the border.  From my many border crossings I’ve always felt that the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls is the fastest, however when I looked online at the border crossing times it said that there was no wait at the Lewiston Bridge.  Against all instincts I decided to cross here:(

Well unfortunately the wait time was at least a half hour, and that wasn’t the only bad thing to happen.  When we arrived at the inspections booths, I was “arrested” for a possible felony charge with a A & D (armed and dangerous) designation.  I was asked to turn off my vehicle and get out of the car to spread my hands and feet.  I was briefly patted down (I had nothing on me), then handcuffed for a more thorough search where I became very intimate with one of the guards if you know what I mean!  I was escorted to a holding room where I found myself alone (solitary confinement) where I waited approximately five minutes before someone came in to unhand-cuff me and told me that I wasn’t who they were looking for.  Apparently someone else with the same name had committed a crime and they wanted to be sure it wasn’t me.  I was quickly processed, and we were sent on our way, but honestly after you’ve done some hard time you just don’t come out the same.  In total it held us back about 45 minutes which meant that I had less time to look for retro video games:(

I looked for a secret store in Elmwood (an area near downtown Buffalo) but he either moved or went out of business.  The owner didn’t really advertise at all except for on
Facebook, but unless you knew what to look for it wasn’t that obvious… maybe why he’s not there anymore.

These are two games that I didn’t have in my collection that I found at a place in Eastern Hills Mall in Williamsville called the Niagara Emporium.  Eastern Hills sure isn’t what it used to be… it’s kind of pathetic now and don’t understand how it manages to keep many stores when it seems like a ghost town.  Anyways I met a guy there named Krystian who owns a space called I Got Game and he seemed like a great guy to know… especially if you are into collecting retro video games:)  He’s a bit younger than I am… of course I based this on his appearance and also after talking to him he said his main collection was for N64 games.  This guy had games for most systems, but after I was done purchasing the above two NES games I was out of cash.  NASCAR is a very common game that for whatever reason I haven’t picked up yet, but Wayne’s World is a bit rare, and from what I hear quite difficult to find with a nice label… this copy is perfect and I got a fairly good deal at $100US.  I’m not really into negotiating  so I was delighted when he gave me what I felt was both a fair, and good price.  He asked me about where to go in Toronto for retro games and of course I recommended the Retro Game Bros., and to stay away from A&C Games as they tried to rip me off on a lousy copy of E.T. for the Atari 2600 several years back!

Anyways after we were done visiting family, and saw the National Comedy Center (which was quite well done I must say!) we took off for Erie, PA to check out Presque Isle.  Just before the entrance there is a diner called Sara’s and they serve malt shakes (hard to find these days).  I ordered a peanut butter shake and let me tell you, that alone made the trip to Erie worthwhile.  It was that good!


After we finished our shakes we went off to a place called Basement Transmissions to see a band that I haven’t heard from in over 25 years called Green Jelly.  They had a song called the Three Little Pigs which was what put them on the map in the early ’90s.

The tickets were only $12 and there couldn’t have been more than sixty people in the audience, yet they still rocked some simple to play tunes and were a lot of fun!

SEGA Corner:  If you want a lot good Genesis and Master System games check out Krystian’s store I Got Game.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe


Replay FX 2018

Last Friday, my buddy and I traveled down to Pittsburgh, PA to see the ReplayFX/Pinburgh 2018 at the David Lawrence Center.  This will be my third time going, and while the novelty of it being a cool new thing to do has long worn off, it’s still nice to hang out, play many retro arcade games, and root for your buddy in the Pinball Tournament.  A good friend that we met down there is the President of the Toronto Pinball League, and one of his members actually managed to win the E division grouping which I thought was pretty cool.

Division E Champions with placing from left to right

First to Forth place E Division Champions!

I bought dinner for everyone in my party that night as it isn’t every day you get to dine with a winner!  Of all the E division players, Myles is the World Champion… it must be nice be be best at something!

The main attraction for me actually wasn’t the arcade games, pinball, or merchandise (actually there was not much to buy this year that I was interested in.  There was a copy of Little Sampson, but the guy wanted top dollar for it so obviously I wasn’t interested).  The big lure for me was the bands that played video game music live.


The band that I thought drew the best crowd call themselves Bit Brigade from Athens Georgia.  There thing is that have this guy who plays NES games on a large backdrop while the band plays the game’s music live.  They rocked it!  While I’ve seen Bit Brigade do Mega Man 2 before,  this was the first time I’ve seen them do a speed run of Zelda on the NES.  While not a world record, the guy beat the game in under 43 minutes which I thought was very impressive considering to took me months back in the day to complete this game.  I was wondering how they were going to do the music as most of the songs on Zelda are extremely repetitive.  What they did was play not only Zelda music, but also The Adventure of Link, and a Link to the past.  It was a good show and I’m glad I woke up in time to see it!

Overall it was a great time and not to far away distance wise to a boys weekend.

In other news, I saw that movie Wolverine Origins again as I was falling asleep in front of the TV.  I must say that while I enjoyed it much more than when I first saw the movie in the theater, it still contains lots of unrealistic stunts that even when I consider that these are superheroes I still don’t see them surviving.

  1. Dozens of huge logs fall off a truck on Wolverine before he has ademantium bones, and yet he doesn’t get his skull crushed in?!  No way dude… even Wolverine wouldn’t have survived this!
  2. While attacking an enemy stronghold, Deadpool reflects all the AK-47 bullets fired at him with some fancy sword work?!  Give me a break… that isn’t even one of his “powers”!
  3. Sabretooth ripping up the hood of a car with nothing but his claws?!  I get it, they are strong, but this is ridiculous!

Now that I got that off my chest I can breathe easy again.

Sorry but there is no Sega Corner this week.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

We’re Back!

We are back from Africa without so much a sliver of an injury… though the anti-malaria pills are wrecking havoc on my digestive system and thankfully the symptoms didn’t start until the day we arrived back in Toronto!

What can I say… Africa was the best trip I’ve ever been on… and is a huge bucket list accomplishment.  I saw every animal I wanted to see… including several of my beloved Great White Sharks which I’ve wanted to see so desperately since 1984 when my dad let me stay up late one night to finish watching Jaws… which to this day is still my favorite movie!


We saw four of the Big 5 animals (buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino) on the first day, and they were magnificent.  But the best moment came when we came across eight lions eating a giraffe carcass one night.  We had a spotlight on them and got some great video… however it was what you didn’t see but rather heard that made it so memorable.  In the darkness you could hear the hyenas rallying the troops to come in and steal the kill for themselves.  They got closer and closer, and a few minutes later there they were!  Three of them stole what I think was a hip bone and dragged it off into the darkness with that creepy yowl/laugh they are so famous for.  That was the first moment that it actually hit me that I WAS REALLY IN AFRICA!

A few things I learned on our trip:

  1.  $15US is all it takes to “balance out the plane” if you are over the 15Kg limit in total baggage in Uganda… there was a bit of a shakedown at the Entebbe airport.
  2. Male kudus only live to 8 years compared to the 15 years a female kudu lives.  This is because at 7 years old, kudu males are ready to mate, and can think of nothing else and often forget to even eat.  This weakens their body and makes them easy prey for lions!
  3. The red crested korhan is also known as the suicide bird, as during mating season the males will all fly super high in the sky, then dive-bomb towards the surface.  The last one to pull out of the dive wins the right to mate with the females.  Apparently many of them slam into the ground. (This proves that men of all species a stupid, and isn’t limited to us humans).
  4. Ant lions only poop once in a lifetime.
  5. As this is a video game blog, I figured I should give Africa a look.  I have concluded that there are no video games left in Africa.  Not that they would be usable in North America anyway as they would be on the PAL format.

no video games

I’m going to make a short video that I can post on YouTube, but it is going to take a while as there is over 50 gigabytes of footage to go through, and 5000 pictures.  I’ll let you know when it is up.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe


Off to the Dark Continent!


This will be my last post for a while as my wife and I are off to Africa to see some good animals not limited to but including: Great White Sharks (my personal favorite and motivation for initiating this trip), mountain gorillas, lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos, etc..  This is all a bucket list trip… something that I’ve been wanting to do since 4th grade when I first saw Jaws on City TV.  Interestingly enough, the whole trip will cost more than a complete NES collection, but honestly I would rather see some kick ass animals (some that I will never see in a zoo) in their natural habitat.  We are flying from Toronto to Ethiopia, then onto South Africa where we will go on safari, and come face to face with Jaws.  Then it is onto Uganda to see the mountain gorillas and to solve Diane Fossey’s murder and bring those bastards to justice!  She may have been in another neighboring country where we are not going, but it’s the same animals she was protecting so I’ll be on a constant lookout for clues!


When my time comes… hopefully later rather than sooner, my intention is to give my fortune to these animals in hopes that it will help them to co-exist with the disease that is humans.  At my passing, all my NES games (hopefully a complete collection) will not be liquidated but rather go to the Sega Dude to keep or sell to complete his own collection!  I’ll be sure to blog upon my return from the Dark Continent… though I give it a 50% chance at surviving with these wild beasts!

A few months ago, my former band mate (the Stone Mason) turned me onto this Norwegian guy who makes metal cover songs out of 80’s music.  His name is Leo and he rocks!  I sponsor him every time he produces a new cover song, and he hasn’t disappointed me yet!  This link is to his cover of Toto’s song Africa.  If you love heavy metal like I do… you’ll love this guy!

Game X 2018

Back to video game collecting news… we were at the GTA Games X 2018 in Mississauga ON this past Sunday after being invited to sell our wares at a table with our dealer at Flavio’s Video Games. These events are always a great time, and it’s fun to see the same nerds time and time again… show after show.  It’s awesome how small a community as  the gaming collectors are, and how we help each other out to achieve our individual goals…

… which brings to mind something that happened at the show that I found rather funny.  Remember a few months back when I sold pretty much all my boxed SNES and N64 games on Kijiji within under a minute of posting?  The buyer had told me that all these games were going to his son to play… which was kind of interesting as the same dude was at the table behind us selling the very same games he bought from me!  The guy was a re-seller!… but if I’m being honest I don’t mind as he paid a good price and bought my games at just under market value… I gave him a a deal as he was basically cleaning me out of my extended Nintendo collection and as such I didn’t have to deal with any other strangers in my house.  I just wondered why the guy gave me the song and dance about his alleged son?!  I have come to peace these past few years with re-sellers as they are only charging what someone will pay… if they over charge they’ll soon go out of business.  I was never a math prodigy… in fact I only have my grade 11 and only achieved a 54% in that course!  However even to me this makes obvious numeric sense!

Sega Dude

Sega Dude!

Also at the show, the Sega Dude apparently had a conversation with the Retro Game Brothers about a conversation I had had earlier.  I had told them that there was no way I was paying $1,200 for Little Sampson, and that I had previously passed on a mint $800 copy of Flintstones 2: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak.  They all agreed that if I am to ever acquire those games, 2G’s is what it is going to cost me on the cheap.  What they are all forgetting is the expensive monetary and emotional cost of the divorce my wife will ask for if I spend this kind of cash on what she considers a dumb hobby… far more than I want to pay for two NES games of which only one (Little Sampson) is of any fun!  Besides, the fun is in the collecting… not the completion.  Once I complete my collection and achieve infamy, then what?  NES manuals I suppose?!

Chainsaw Lollipop

On a side note… remember a few posts ago when I commented on that gorgeous woman who dressed up as Chainsaw Lollipop?!  Well, at this event she didn’t come in costume and of course looked as awesome as always.  However she and her video game selling boyfriend obviously don’t read this blog as she was once again sitting on his lap, giving him a shoulder massage on the sales floor?!  I think it is only good business sense to have our gaming nerd clientele think they actually have a chance with her?!  Her boyfriend would be the most successful seller at the show!

Game show pickups

These were my pick-ups at the Game X show.  They were both from the same guy from Belleville (Peter) that I made a major trade with a few months back.  I didn’t have much to sell at the show… just a few not so expensive PS2 and XBox 360 games, but I made $70 and spent an additional $50 for these two games.  I actually really like Lemmings… it’s both addictive and fun (though the PC version is a million times better!).  L’Empereur is a military strategy game that Nintendo has made a million of… it’s okay if you have patience (I don’t), but not that great.

SEGA Corner:  Before we went into the show, I had quietly told the Sega Dude in private that lately I had sort of become a big deal in the retro gaming community… what with my awesome NES collection, and being featured on the Retro Game Btothers VLOG’s.  Of course he couldn’t let me have one over him, and informed me that during the past six weeks he was given the role of a game tester for some new home brew Sega Genesis game… he showed me some footage and it actually looked really good!  Kind of Sonic the hedgehogish, but an original platform never-the-less.  Check it out here: Tanglewood Gameplay Demo.  Let him know what you think!

In other sad heavy metal news, I was angered to hear that my beloved Vinnie Paul of the band Pantera passed away in his sleep the other night.  First his brother Dimebag Darrel gets blown away on stage by some psycho, then Oderus Urungus of GWAR dies of a heroin overdose, my beloved Delores O’Riordian of the Cranberries dies of unknown (but probably suicide) causes… and now Vinnie?  He was a metal drumming master and I will never forget the way he made me feel during my rebellious years.  I’m still living the dream!

Until we are back from Africa,

Nintendo Joe

Getting Gooder!

A lot of people think the most famous line from the Terminator series is when Arnold Schwarzenegger says “I’ll be back” to that cop.  While that is a great line, the one I think of most is “the more contact I have with humans, the more I lair-n”.  I was just on YouTube last night looking at some of the people that I follow, but haven’t paid much attention to in a while when I came across some videos about spotting fake NES carts.  My collection has is down to 42 needed games… unfortunately many of them are heavy hitters that command a large price tag… in several cases WAY TOO MUCH!  That guy who was selling Little Sampson for $1700 must clearly want to hold onto that game as there is no one in their right mind who would pay that amount!  As these games can get pricey, it should come as no surprise that there are many fakes out in the wild, and I don’t want to get swindled.


I’ve been following the NES Complex on YouTube for several years now.  In fact this is the guy that turned me on to getting universal game cases and printing covers for all my cartridges.  Anyway, if you click link below, he describes several ways to spot fake NES games.

NES Complex – Spotting Fake Games

Another person(s) I follow on YouTube are Metal Jesus Rocks, and his friend Kelsey.  She owns two video game stores in the Seattle area, and has seen her fair share of fakes trying to be passed off as legit.  Some of the counterfeit copies are actually really well done, and can easily be passed off as original if you don’t know what to look for.  The link below takes you to their video about how to spot a fake game

Metal Jesus Rocks – with Kelsey – Spotting Fake Games



Doug Ford… Ontario’s new Premiere:(

I’m sorry but many of you who know me know I’m not one to just let things go.  I can’t believe this douche-bag is our new Premiere!  What really burns me is that this guy is a community college dropout, and now is going to have the final say on educational issues in Ontario!  I don’t have a problem with dropouts, after all not everybody is going to be successful in school… but perhaps someone with more experience in education should be in charge as opposed to some jerk with daddy’s trust fund to fall back on!  Dougie, please appoint a qualified Minister of Education.  Uuhhhgggg!

On a lighter note, I scored an awesome deal at the Retro Game Bros. today!  I picked up a mint copy of both Wacky Races and S.C.A.T. for the NES.  I’ve never played either of these games and I hope that the latter has better game play than it’s name.  Either way, these two are not easy to come by and and are usually quite expensive.  We made a deal over email, and when I came into the store to pick them up, out of the blue Evan gave me an additional $50 off.  That totally made my day!  Thanks guys, and keep those VLOGs coming!

SEGA Corner:  As I was driving home, I was thinking about the best retro video game music, and I think hands down the award should go to Herzog Zwei on the Sega Genesis.  The game is already awesome, but the music melodies make you want to continue playing even longer!


Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

Some Goings on and Mysteries…


Doug Ford… Ontario’s new Premiere:(

Well, the results are in… and Ontario is stuck with a Progressive Conservative majority government and now we have to deal with that blowhard bully PC leader Doug Ford for at least the next four years:(  Seriously, the Liberal Party was so despised/hated that the PC’s could have run a monkey as their leader and still won.  They didn’t even have a political platform… all the dude had to do was smile and not hit anyone on camera.  What this means is that our kids will get their sex education programming in the school playground, based on what Johnny saw on the internet the night before.   I don’t think Doug Ford is as bad as Donald Trump, but I certainly hope his lies and Twitter feeds are at least as ridiculous as the President of the United States… it’s quite entertaining!  Let’s not forget that Doug’s crack smoking brother, and former Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford actually made it onto national TV when he went on Jimmy Kimmel twice!  What really bugs me is that the despised Liberal government received 1 million votes and won only 7 seats in the legislature… and the PC’s received 2 million votes and won 73 seats!  There is something terribly wrong with our “democratic” system.

…. But this is not a politics blog, so we’ll move on…

In other news my beloved Las Vegas Golden Knights (whom I’ve been following as a loyal fan since their inception) lost the Stanley Cup finals in only five games to the Washington Capitals.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m not a big fan of hockey… and certainly not the National Hockey League.  How great would it have been to have the Golden Knights win the coveted trophy in their first year of existence?!!!  This would really be a slight to Toronto Maple Leaf fans which are the worst fans in the world… and I’m a Buffalo Bills fan!  Why Leafs fans still support such a terrible team for decades and yet still pay hundreds… if not thousands to secure tickets to a game is just insane and stupid!

My second favorite sport to watch is basketball, but I must say that I’m glad that the National Basketball Association’s season is over.  What a disappointment it was… the Golden State Warriors won yet again… like anyone didn’t see that happening again!  The last four years has seen the same two teams in the NBA finals and thus I don’t even know why any team even bothers to play anymore?!  The only interesting games in this years play-offs was between Golden State and Houston… at least the Rockets gave those miserable Warriors a run for their money!

… But this isn’t a sports blog either so we’ll move on…

No Nintendo news today unfortunately so we’ll jump to everybody’s second favorite part of this blog…

SEGA Corner: I was thinking the other day about something that has confused me for the past two decades.  When I was a teenager, I was really really good at Thunder Force 2 & 3 games on the Sega Genesis.  While part 3 wasn’t nearly as hard as part 2 for the simple reason that you only lost the weapon you were currently using when you got blown out of the air by the Orn Empire… where as you lost every weapon in part 2 when the same thing happened.  Never-the-less I could handily beat both games… part 3 with one ship!  All this talent and yet I could still not get a single actual date with any girl I was attracted to in high school! I always landed in the dreaded “friend zone”.  And yet I was super good looking and was a runner up for both the Backstreet Boys and N’SYNC!


Nintendo Joe’s Grade 12 Yearbook Photo

Look at this sexy stud!  The girls at my school must have all been crazy to pass me up!  Did I mention I could complete Thunder Force 3 with one ship?!  This is surely one of the world’s biggest mysteries.

Things are looking up though… I’m hoping the next blog will have me acquiring two rare NES game titles!

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe







Almost Famous!

The title will make sense later.

Last weekend I traveled solo to the Barrie Game Exchange as this will likely be the last big convention before next fall.  That’s a huge drought, but it gives me time to save up some money to buy more games.

After being at so many of these shows, you start to recognize the same people (both dealers and customers) which is both good and bad.  You know the dealers who are willing to haggle, and those that expect to receive no less than top dollar Ebay sold listing prices for their wares.  The other customers is kind of fun as you get to catch up on how their personal collections are coming along.  Watching the people new to the hobby is kind of fun, but I have to bite my tongue and not tell them that this is almost the WORST time to get into collecting games… prices are crazy high!  I saw one guy trying to sell his good condition Little Sampson for $1700.  Good luck with the sale!  Another dude was selling a boxed copy of Phantasy Star IV on the Genesis for $150… it’s a great game, but not worth that much!  However who made me the expert; the price of games literally seems to fluctuate daily.  For example, you’ll remember I traded for the Snow Brothers for the NES a few weeks ago, and already the price guide is telling me it is going for an additional $70!  As I say, it is the wrong time to start collecting retro games, and pity those of us schmucks who are already in too deep!

Anyways, lets check out my loot from the Barrie Game Exchange:

That’s right… Greg Norman’s Golf Power is now mine… no big deal… no really it is no big deal!  Just another crappy sports game that I didn’t have.  In fact this is what I was looking for… any of the 30 remaining games that are not on my wish list.  The other 12 NES titles pretty much out of reach… for now.

These next two games are titles that I’ve passed over for the last six years, but have no idea why.  I’ve never played them before, but the price wasn’t usually too bad.  For whatever reason I decided that today was the day to pick them up.  Of course I didn’t pay sticker price, but I have to say that in order to keep my marriage intact.

These three games were not purchased at the show, but were picked up in the early years when I was still trying to define what exactly it was I going to start collecting.  Back then I bought everything that was cheap, but as my goal is to have a complete North American NES collection (minus Stadium Events) these games don’t really count.  They are unofficial and therefore have no business in my stash of games.  None of them are particularly valuable.  In fact I think the Adventures of Dizzy goes for a mere $19 in good condition (which my copy is not).  I’ll be lucky to get $10 for it.  Captain Comic is what I’ll probably get the most for listing it at $18 and taking $14.  Quattro Sports is pretty useless and isn’t worth really anything.  The only other games I have for sale are most of my PS2 and XBOX 360 games.  I’m keeping a few for the memories, but most of them have got to go immediately!

Okay, onto the big news.  I’m kind of a big deal now thanks to the Retro Game Bros..  They saw a slightly below average looking dude and decided to include a few seconds of me in one of their awesome YouTube videos.  It took place a few weeks ago at the Durham Video Game Swap, and I think this makes me a star!  They have about five or six videos that they’ve made and they are actually really well done.  I met their video editor/videographer a few times and he seems to be a really friendly guy… more importantly he does a fantastic job creating their videos!  Also, you know how some people just have it on camera… Matt and Evan are quite the personality and I recommend checking them out at

That’s all for now, so until next time….

Nintendo Joe

SEGA Corner:  There hasn’t been a lot of news on this recently because honestly there isn’t much I need for my small SEGA collection.  The few remaining games I need are the first Mickey Mouse game, Quack Shot, Gaires, and Air Diver on the Genesis.  As far as the Sega Master System is concerned I only need Fantasy Zone and Psycho Fox.  Thanks to the Sega Dude and a few lucky pickups I have managed to score the rest of the games that I have nostalgia for.

New Sheriff in Town!

That’s right folks, I’ve traded all my SNES, N64, Game Cube, and Wii to beef up my NES collection and as a result have been able to pick up some fairly heavy hitters in the last few days.  All in all, I sold my collection for close to $4000CAN, and over time reinvested it into NES titles.


I was going to hang onto my good SNES titles, but with the release and purchase of the SNES Classic it wasn’t worth it to me to hang on to these artifacts.  While I would much prefer to have the real thing, I simply cannot afford to collect for everything Nintendo and can now focus my collection solely on my NES.  Here’s what I managed to score the other day:


Nothing big here… I just didn’t have them and they were fairly cheap.


Still not the greatest thing since sliced bread… but we are getting there.


Now we’re talking!  What’s interesting here is that I could have traded for Pro Sport Hockey with the Retro Game Bros. for what’s now a great trade value at $120… but I stupidly held off… I thought to myself, why would anyone pay $120 for a lousy hockey sports game?!  Yes, unfortunately for me, the game has gone up in value by about 25% during these past few months and I ended up having to trade a few more items.


Holy smokes… are you kidding me?!  The Snow Brothers saga is finally over with this latest trade.. and trading in bulk, the guy game me a great deal.  Duck Tales 2 is also very cool… and a really good/fun game to play, but what’s more is that I can finally say that I have completed my NES Capcom collection!  There was a California Raisins game by Capcom that was never officially released, so I suppose one could make the argument that my Capcom collection isn’t complete until I get one of the prototypes, but I’m calling it on this one.  This is a huge milestone in my collection.

The two games that I didn’t pick up unfortunately were Bubble Bobble 2, and Nobunaga’s Ambition 2.  The price was right, but the label wasn’t 100% perfect, and when it comes to these valued games, I’m unwilling to compromise.  Actually that isn’t all together true… 99% of my collection is fairly mint…. and I actually mean it, unlike those people on Kijiji who claim to know what “mint” means, and you drive all the way over to their place only to find out the cart has cracks or the label has tears!  That really bugs me!  The remaining 1% isn’t mint, but it’s something dumb like small marks or slight damage damage to the back half of the cartridge which can easily be replaced.

The magic number is down to 46 remaining titles to acquire… of course some of them like Little Sampson/Flintstones 2/Panic Restaurant/Bonk are going to command the big bucks.  If I’m ever going to get these games, I’ll either have to get an absolutely amazing deal, or save up for years.  I’m hoping for the former!

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

SEGA Corner:  Nothing to report on this end, but head over to the Sega Dude’s page as he has had some great new acquisitions!