I ordered a couple of NES games from JJgames.com, which is odd as normally I think they charge too much… at least 20% over market value on rare games plus now they charge shipping to Canada, which is only $2.25 but it used to be free.  Anyways I found these two games that for some reason were undervalued… not by much, but enough that it was worth a few clicks and two weeks later they showed up in my mail box.


The first game that caught my attention was the final chapter of the NES Ninja Gaiden series.  This game isn’t really rare, and should sell for around $70, but even at game swaps it is rare to see it for under $80CAN which is why I haven’t picked it up yet.  However on jjgames.com it was going for $56US which worked out pretty fair in the exchange.  I hear this is one of the better Ninja Gaiden games as it isn’t as notoriously difficult as the first two chapters.


The second game I picked up was one with a bit of a racy label.  I don’t think Native Americans/Canadians would be too happy with this depiction of their culture.  It is kind of stereotyping them and I don’t think this type of picture would fly in todays age of political correctness.  I’ve seen this game on sale before at swap meets, but the label has never been in that great shape, and I’m a stickler for good labels.  The game usually sells for around $60CAN (with the suspect label), but jjgames.com had it on sale for $46US and again after the exchange it was worth picking it up.

So you never know what you might find.  As I say, 90% of the time jjgames.com charges too much, but every now and then it is worth having a look as there just might be some games at the right prices!

Nintendo Joe


So Sqoon?!

Well this is a surprise post because for once I feel I actually have something to say!  My needs list was incomplete as I was missing both Sqoon, and Solomons Key on the NES.  I thought these two titles were European only games, but apparently I was incorrect.  Solomon won’t set me back much as it is only a $15 dollar game, but Sqoon is a bit more pricy at over $100.

While I never did well in math class, I’ve calculated that the average game I need is going to cost me around $151 a piece.  This includes Little Sampson and all the other very expensive games, but it’s a bit discouraging as it seems like a huge amount of money to spend on something I’ll hardly play.  I just love collecting though… I still need to get the remaining 8 or so G! Transformers I’m missing so I can put that one to bed.

I’ve attached a list of the games I need along with the going rate for what they go for on puregaming.org.  As you can see at the bottom, the very expensive games make up the vast majority of the money I will need to spend.  Unless I get a stellar deal, there is no way I’m paying that much for a single NES game unless it was the absolute last one I needed in my collection.

Needed NES list

Just a few other observations.  While the unveiling of Samus at the end of Metroid on the NES is no news, for some reason I found it funny this week that they needed to put her in a bikini?!  So under all that awesome armour, there’s this woman in her underwear?!  It doesn’t really make sense, but at the same time didn’t really bother me when I was a teenager.

I also saw the last level of Life Force for the NES being played.  After you defeat the final boss, you then have to fly around all these protruding pipes, and some of them are very tight squeezes!  The guy who recorded the ending died an additional three times after vanquishing that demonic beast!  It felt like a real kick in the pants… something that I would have done if I were a game designer, but then again I’m not a very nice person.

Until next time!

Nintendo Joe

Kijiji Strikes Again!


First of all I would like to apologize for my last blog as there were some inaccuracies that need to be redacted.  Firstly, the “A” section in my collection is NOT complete.  I forgot that I am still missing Athletic World.  It is far from rare, and is an under $10 game, but for whatever reason I don’t have it.

Last Saturday I was browsing around on Kijiji (something I don’t do very often anymore) and the usual garbage came  up.  Not so rare games for a ridiculously high price.  It’s like these guys haven’t heard the word that retro game prices have fallen… in some cases quite dramatically.  However there was one ad that caught my attention.  It was an ad for a store called Retro Quest which was actually not that far away from my place.  So I called up the Sega Dude and we met in the parking lot.  Now honestly I wasn’t expecting much… just another store with some over priced games, but I the ad said that they had other retro collectable toys as well which I always enjoy seeing:)

The Sega Dude actually was actually optimistic, came prepared with stuff to trade.  I only the other hand came with a nearly empty wallet… I think I had like $20 on me… as I said I wasn’t expecting much.  While my friend did his business with the guy at the front counter I headed towards the Nintendo games.  The first game I saw was Donkey Kong Jr. Math… a much needed yet very terrible game that was the only missing black label cartridge in my collection.  However the price tag said a whopping $150, and I was like “okay here we go… another over priced retro game store”.  I was discouraged, but kept on looking at the other games as the Sega Dude wasn’t exactly racing to get out of the store.


This first picture is of three relatively common games for the NES with Super Cars being overly valued by collectors.  Either way, nothing special here other than that I didn’t have them and I figured that if I bundled some games together, maybe we could work out a deal.


Now we’re talking!  GI JOE is a game I’ve been looking for and at $65 the price was about right.  Tecmo Cup Soccer is a game that I don’t really want, but as I’m sick in the head feel I still need.  $70 for a not so good soccer game seems steep, but again for whatever reason collectors over value it.  The price was actually a bit under what it normally goes for.  Cliffhanger I almost bought last week, and I’m glad I didn’t as this one has a much better label… a little peeling, but no damage.


Okay, two other games that I’ve been on the look out for for quite a while.  Ultima Warriors of Destiny and RC Pro-AM 2.  Yes I figured that if I was interested in all these games, then perhaps the guy would give me a bulk discount to offset the Donkey Kong Jr. Math price.  I brought them all to the front and had them tally it all up.  As I guessed it was more than I wanted to pay, so I asked for some money off and he knocked $60 off the price.  Plus he was willing to play ball, and I offered cash, and you know what that means!  Off to the bank.

They also had this contest where you spin a wheel and play a game for a chance to get more money off.  I landed on Super Mario World and had to complete one of the stages… I almost made it, but that’s really just a nice way of saying I lost the challenge:(


Oh ya… once again I bought a game that I already owned!  I’m not the proud owner of two copies of North and South!  For whatever reason I temporarily got it confused with the title Fire and Ice which is a much more expensive game and I should have known better.  I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes and it is starting to cost me!  Hopefully I won’t have a hard time trading it.  I’ve updated my list with what I’m missing and current prices so hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

Anyways after all was said and done, the Sega Dude didn’t end up trading any of his stuff, but still ended up with some loot that I’m sure he’ll be mentioning shortly on his blog.

SEGA Corner:  No news in this department… and likely won’t have much for a while as I focus on my NES collection.

The “A’s” are Complete!



After a visit to one of my regular suppliers of NES games, and with the addition of Adventures of Lolo 3, I can now officially say that I have all the North American NES games that start with the letter “A”.  No more sleepless nights worrying about that anymore!  Now it’s on to complete the “B” titles, though I’m missing only three games here, two of them are Bonk’s Adventure, and Bubble Bobble 2:(  This should be enough to hold me off for a while.

The other major pick up was Gargoyles Quest II, which leaves only Snow Bros left to complete my Capcom series.  Good news however, the price for a Snow Bros cart has come down quite a bit.  As of today, the price of a mint cart goes for around $239… far from the $350 it went for a year and a half ago!   I emailed the Retro Game Bros right away to offer book value on the cart, but unfortunately they are sold out:(


These other two games were also picked up today.  Ninja Crusaders is a bit significant because it was also one of the games stolen from me on our California road trip.  The Punisher has no significance other than he is my favourite comic book character – turned  – Netflix star.  His character was great on Dare Devil, and once again in his own series.

I was supposed to pick up a copy of Cliffhanger for the NES, but the label was a bit suspect so I gave it a pass.  Like most collectors, I’m a stickler for a good label.  If the label is damaged, then usually I will give the game a pass… it is worthless to me.  This kind of makes it sound like I’m collecting some grey plastic with stickers… well I guess that’s sort of true which is why I’m 99% sure I won’t be getting Stadium Events in this lifetime, while still intend to boast a complete North American release NES collection.  I have 76 games left to go, and yes, most of them are really expensive so my collecting will be taking a major slowdown.  I no longer hope to find Little Sampson in a bargain bin at a game show… that day has past.  Though I will only continue to purchase games if I can get what I feel is a deal for them… and by the trend of things (as evidenced by Snow Bros.) the price of games seems to be on a downward trend.  Are people done buying for crazy prices finally?  I hope so for the sake of the collection!

Bandit Kings

Two blog posts in three weeks?  What the heck is going on?!

I had a $60 store credit at the Ice Man for well over a year now and while they have a downtown Toronto location, it is too far to justify making the subway ride down.  The store I frequent the most is Ice Man’s Peterborough location on George Street.  They sometimes have some NES games I need, but most of the time they either don’t, or when they do the price is so jacked up that it’s far from worth it.

This time Ice Man had a game that I needed… Bandit Kings of Ancient China.  Of course the price was $140, which is about $33 over what it’s worth which normally I would have just passed on to look for a better deal.  However as I mentioned I’ve had a store credit for quite some time now, and didn’t really see me using it in the near future.  I rarely buy from the Ice Man anymore because of his high prices.  But using the store credit which is money that I’ve long forgotten about, I figured I could maybe justify the cost.  After all,
after the trade, $80 for the Bandit Kings cartridge felt okay.


So I was shocked when the store clerk asked me for $92!  Apparently when you do a trade-in, unless you use your store credit right away they charge you tax.  This doesn’t feel right as they didn’t give me the extra tax value when I traded in my stuff… so why now?  Is this a normal business practice?  Please let me know!

Long story short, I did the trade as I figured I would never end up using the credit.  I used a $60 credit to save $15 from what the game should normally sell for ($107).  While I’m not really pleased with this purchase, I’ve learned not to trade in games with stores anymore unless they have games that I need in stock at a reasonable price.  It just isn’t worth it.

Nintendo Joe

SEGA Corner:  The Sega Dude lent me his copy of Wonder Boy III – The Dragon’s Trap for the PS4.  It’s an awesome remake, but I’m just not that into playing games anymore.  It’s almost like I have to force myself to play these days?!  This will in now way effect my growing NES collection.


It’s been a while since my last post, but the game collecting has been going rather well lately.  I’ve officially decided to part ways with the N64 for the simple reason that I never play it.  It is in my opinion the worst of the Nintendo consoles, and I never really did get into the blocky 3D style graphics.  So when I went to the latest Waterloo Video Game Swap with the Sega Dude, I brought most of my N64 games to trade.  It was actually difficult to line up trades as not many people were interested in what I had (even though some of the titles were well known such as Majora’s Mask, Mario Kart 64, etc., all with mint labels).  I think N64 collecting is going downhill rather quickly and my advice to you is that if you have any games, sell them now before they become worthless.

The game swap is always a good place to trade games as most vendors will give you a lot more trade-in value.  The guy I traded with gave me 80% store credit on my games which is a deal considering that if I walked into any store I would only get between 30 – 50%.  All in all I did okay.  I traded my N64 games for NES games that I actually wanted.


These were the games I traded for at the game swap.  What we have here is a copy of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Shadow of the Ninja, Klashball, Ghoul School, and Ultimate Air Combat.  What you don’t see here is a copy of Godzilla 2… I didn’t think it was part of the trade, but I’m going to get an earful from the Sega Dude as he thought that game was also part of the deal.  It would have been pretty sweet, but it wasn’t to be.  I honestly don’t think Godzilla 2 was part of the deal, but if it was, I’m a total dumb-ass and I left it behind!  Either way I still don’t have the game in my collection:(


These are some of the other pick ups from the game swap.  Batman: Return of the Joker, Gremlins 2, Bart Simpson Meets Radioactive Man (with an “okay” label), Alien 3, Silk Worm, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Last Starfighter (this was a label upgrade as I already had the game).  The prices were expensive, but at 50% off it was actually a pretty good deal.  The games were purchased from a vendor who owns a local store called We Got Gamez.  The owner is a really friendly guy, plus he sold me Super Metroid (the best SNES game) for $45 a few years ago.  Now if these games were truly 50% off what the guy sells them for in his store, then his prices are VERY high!  Either that or as I’ve been saying for years I should sell my collection and retire.


The best trade actually happened outside the game swap in a little town called Orangeville which is about an hour north west of Toronto.  I saw an ad in Kijiji that a guy had posted saying that he was looking for Mario Party 1 – 3 on the N64.  Up for trade was his excellent copy of Mighty Final Fight.  I had passed on this game a while ago at $150 and have regretted it since.  $150 seems to be the magic number as I also passed on a copy of Snow Bros for the NES for the same price.  It was too expensive… I didn’t know the price would double in a year!  Now was my chance to partially redeem myself.  I had paid about $60 for both Mario Party 1 & 3, and part 2 I acquired through a trade that I literally paid $2 for at a yard sale.  So for $62 I picked up a copy of good copy of Mighty Final Fight, and this is now officially the most valuable game in my collection!  I hope the dude is as happy with the trade as I am.

So as far as my N64 collection goes, all I have left is the console with the memory expansion, a few controllers, and a complete mint in box copy of Diddy Kong Racing.  I’ll be selling the game, and trading the console at a later time.  I now have a vacant shelf where my N64 used to be that must be filled with more NES games.  MORE I SAY!!!

img_8754These two games were purchased at a local pawn shop.  The price listed is what I paid which isn’t a great deal, but isn’t too bad either.

img_8755Lastly these two games were my latest find at a local Value Village thrift store.  I paid $17 dollars for a complete Zelda and $4 for the Kirby game (missing the manual).  I actually thought I was getting a major deal, but I mistook Epic Yarn for Kirby’s Return to Dreamland.  Oh well.

So the N64 collection has been liquidated, and the NES collection now sits at a respectful 546 games.  Unfortunately I think I have most the “cheap” games and what’s left is going to hurt my wallet and marriage.  Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me campaign?  For some of the more expensive games I’ll probably just get a reproduction cart rather than spend the money on the original.  As much as I want Little Sampson, there is no way I’m forking over $1600 for it.  Or worse, possibly $10,000+ for Stadium Events which is basically the same game as World Class Track Meet which sells for $7.  That is a crazy amount to pay for a different label!  Yikes!

Shopping Therapy

Upon my return home, the Sega Dude called me up and asked if I wanted to do some shopping therapy at the Retro Game Bros..  I was still hurting from the robbery… so the answer was an emphatic “YES!”.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the games that were stolen from me so I selected a different game.

There is always ton250px-Darkwing_Duck_boxs of uncommon games to choose from and the game I chose to purchase was Darkwing Duck on the NES.  After I brought it home I immediately plugged it into my Retron 5 and took flight.  The game was not a disappointment, though as is typical with most NES games is very difficult.  The controls are steady, the music is fairly good, and the graphics are the most an 8-bit machine can offer… although it is a Capcom game and I would expect nothing less.  The game set me back $80 and I’m sure I’ll get enough enjoyment out of it to justify the cost.  I’m one step closer to finishing my Capcom collection; though the remaining games are quite expensive:  Ducktales 2 being the most costly, however Snow Bros. seems to be increasing in value and is a close 2nd.

So while I’m still mad about the robbery, the trip to the Retro Game Bros. was therapeutic.

SEGA Corner:  Nothing to report today.

Nintendo Joe


Highway Robbery!!

It’s summer holidays and my wife and I just got back from a trip to the pacific northwest United States.  We flew into Seattle, Washington and drove to San Francisco where we flew home.  We visited several National Parks, including Yosemite, Olympic Rainforest, Kings Canyon, etc..  We also stopped by in Astoria, Oregon to see all the sites from the 80’s classic movie The Goonies.  All in all it was an awesome trip, but of course that’s not really what this blog is about.  Onto the games that I found on our trip!


Firstly, there isn’t much to tell for several reasons… the biggest one being that my bag that contained all my loot was stolen from my car.  Some guy broke our back window and stole our passports AND GAMES:(  This was very upsetting as there were two good ones (well, maybe ‘good’ is a word I should reserve for special games).  Nevertheless I was looking forward to adding to my collection.


The best game that was stolen was Mario’s Time Machine for the NES.  This game was purchased from a store in Portland, Oregon called Video Game Wizards.  The store was difficult to find, and at first glance didn’t look like they had any games that I didn’t already have.  I asked the owner if he had some rare games, and he replied that they only had a copy of Mike Tyson’s Punch Out… a great game, but hardly rare, and was one of the first games I picked up when i decided to collect.  He said I could snoop behind the counter if I wanted as there were some misc titles that haven’t been put out yet, but he warned me that they were all commons so there wasn’t much point.  I did anyways and came up with Mario’s Time Machine.  It is much more uncommon on the NES than it is on the SNES… that being said it isn’t that great a game.  Plus, there was no price tag on it… I hate having to ask for prices as usually the owner will just look it up the inflated prices on Ebay and quote me some nonsense.  But he came back to me with $55.  I offered the guy $50US for the game and he accepted.  I was quite happy with this as according to my app, it sells for around $90CAN.  Even with the American/Canadian exchange rate being so crappy right now, I thought this was a deal.  BUT IT WAS STOLEN… so who cares!


Another game that I’ve been looking for, and found a decent copy of was Wizards & Warriors 3 for the NES.  It is rare that you find this game with an unsoiled label, but I found a good copy at a store called Blue Shell Gaming & Collectibles near Fresno, California.  The owner of this store was very friendly and we talked for a while about games… disagreed about which games were the best to play, then haggled a bit on the price.  We agreed to $50US for a copy of W&W3 and Ninja Crusaders and again I thought this was a rather good deal…. BUT IT WAS STOLEN… so who cares!

Their were a few other commons that are not even worth mentioning THAT WERE ALSO STOLEN!

So all in all, my trip was awesome, but would have been much better if we hadn’t had our car broken into.  The missing passports cost us an additional $1,200US as we had to reroute our flights to Buffalo, New York as this was the closest the airlines could bring us back to Toronto with out proper identity papers.  Personally I thought United Airlines gouged us in our time of need… not to mention gave us the crappiest seats possible for the flight. I’ll never fly with them again!

A special thanks to CDN for picking us up at the airport in Buffalo.  CDN doesn’t follow this blog though so he’ll never know about this shout out to him:(

Hopefully next time I’ll have more games to talk about that weren’t stolen.

SEGA Corner:  No news this post.


Nintendo Joe

VGCC Delivers Once Again

On May 29th, 2016 the VGCC Game Swap in Waterloo Ontario was yet again attended by both myself and the Sega Dude.  What made it different this time around was that we were going to mainly trade our wares for other games rather than purchase new ones.  Over all I would say it was a big success.  Here are some photos of my loot:

IMG_8055 IMG_8057 IMG_8058

Starting from the top left you’ll see Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Demon Sword, Ski or Die, M.U.L.E., Image Fight, Legends of the Diamond, WWF Wrestlemania Challenge, Spelunker, Mario is Missing, Duck Tales, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

While I don’t know all the games I think I like Duck Tales, Spelunker, and Image Fight the best… the latter looking like an overhead version of R-Type.  I don’t know about Mario is Missing, nor Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  The other games are just filler… especially M.U.L.E..  The label looks kind of interesting, but talk about not judging a book by it’s cover.  This game looks like it belongs more on an Atari 2600 than an NES!  By far the worst game in my collection.

For all the games listed above, I probably spent around $50 and traded a copy of Paper Mario for the N64, King of Fighters, Time Slip, Art of Fighting, and another two games I can’t remember at the moment for the SNES… they weren’t hot titles though, thus why they elude me.  I think I did quite well, and what was best about trading at the show versus a store… they give you actual trade value.  Now not every vendor was willing to trade.  I had my eye on a few games including Darkwing Duck by Capcom for the NES, and while the guy entertained the idea of a trade, was not interested in my wares.  That was too bad for me as Darkwing Duck is a medium priced game at around $70 over here in Canada, but it is a really good game.  It kind of has the feel of Mega Man in terms of game play, graphics, and music, however Mega Man is a far superior game.

Another vendor had a copy of Little Sampson, and The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak… not that I had nearly enough to trade for those.  Again he wasn’t interested in trading, but was asking a whopping $1600 for Little Sampson.  The price for this game just keeps going up… then again it was near the end of the show and he hadn’t sold it.  I want this game, but c’mon the price is just ridiculous.  This guy also had a copy of Turtles in Time for the SNES which I would have been interested in trading for to complete my TMNT collection, burt as I said before this guy was only interested in cash.

A crazy thing happened the other day at work.  This guy I know there wanted me to sign his NES with a Sharpie marker.  I was like, “are you sure?” to which he replied an emphatic “YES.”  So that was my first ever autograph, though it doesn’t really count as this guy doesn’t follow my blog.  Anyways it was a cool thing to do… again though I’m not sure why he wanted me to do that?!  Even though I am Nintendo Joe, he doesn’t know that and as far as I’m concerned my own signature on the NES devalues it.  To each their own.

SEGA Corner:  At the game swap I also managed to purchase a copy of the Phantasy Star 2 hint book for the Sega Genesis.  It isn’t in the best shape, but seeing as how I have never seen a copy of this book since the early 1990’s I figured that at $10 this was a no brainer.  However I must say that I take issue with the cover.  The art is terrible.  Rolf looks like an old man, and Mother Brain looks like… well… a brain.  The Mega Drive version was much better so I’ll put up a copy of both pictures so you can compare.

IMG_8060 3685-pstar2j

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

The Reason I Sale

Last weekend myself and several friends went garage sailing as the area my parents live in was having their annual garage sale event.  Honestly, the pickings were really slim this year.  It seems to have been in decline every year for the decade that I’ve been going to this event.  The odd common Wii game here, and a copy of Namco Museum for the GBA was all that there was… in other words there was nothing even remotely interesting to look at, let alone talk about on here.  Who knew that at approximately 11:00am I would strike gold!


I found a box of gaming paraphernalia with the above sign taped to it at an unassuming older couple’s house.


The first thing in the box that caught my eye was a PS1 console and the above games.  Nothing to write home about as even though these games are complete, they along with the console are fairly worthless.  So I dug a little deeper…


Ahhh… some SNES manuals.  Not pictured is a sealed copy of all the manuals for the SNES console.  I already have these, but something told me to dig deeper and so I did…

IMG_8051Complete mint in box copies of the above games were found.  Now we’re talking!  Generally I don’t keep boxes unless they are for a really good game, however I already have a copy of F-Zero and I’m not interested at all in Extra Innings.  I used to love to play baseball, but playing the video game versions (regardless of the platform) always seemed really boring.  The Sega Dude expressed interest in having these so I’m going to give them to him.  Now that I was hot on the trail, I kept digging…


What’s this… Turbo Grafx-16 games?!  Even though these are sports titles, you never see games for the TG-16 any more.  In fact this is the first I have ever seen them at a garage sale… and I have been to a lot of sales!  However, this is fools gold compared to the 24K rock that I found at the bottom of the box…


Holy Toledo a Turbo Express and a copy of Bonk’s Adventure!!!  Now we’re talking!  When I first saw this I knew I had stuck gold.  I knew it was expensive but didn’t know just how valuable this was.  I figured it would sell for around $150, but after the Sega Dude told me that the Retro Game Bros. have it currently for sale with a price tag of $500 I was floored!  Can you say Cha-Ching!  I have zero interest in collecting for what is probably one of the most difficult systems to collect for, but I may be able to sell this and buy a really rare NES game that I otherwise wouldn’t have any business owning.  I’m going to keep this for a while to check it out… and see if this puppy actually works.  I don’t understand why it is so valuable as it is just a bulky hand held system with a REALLY small screen, but for some reason people are looking for these.

So, I’m $10 poorer than I was when I set out last Saturday, but I feel very lucky!  I scored huge!

SEGA Corner:  The events described above didn’t happen exactly as I told it… in fact I didn’t even see the sign that said it was all for $10.  I saw the mint SNES boxed games first, and then the Turbo Express… and I knew I had to have it.  When the guy came out asking for only $10 I was giddy with adrenaline.  The other games were just a bonus… if only the previous owner wasn’t such a sports fan but rather was into RPG’s instead:(  Oh well I shouldn’t complain… but there was one more find in that good box…


It’s not very exciting… maybe even a bit of a let down compared to the rest, but I’m going to mention it anyway to keep SEGA Corner alive.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe