EGLX Gaming Expo 2018


Your probably wondering what that sexy little guy is on my wrist.  Well let me tell you… it is a wrist band that gained one access to the EGLX Gaming Expo last Sunday.  In addition, it’s attractiveness also allows it to act as a lady magnet!  I couldn’t keep them away!  Back off I’m married!  Anyways, my buddy the Sega Dude and our dealer (Flavio) invited me to come to the EGLX Gaming Expo in Toronto to sell the scraps of what I have left over in my non-NES collection.  For a few weeks now I had put up the lot on an ad on Kijiji, but only got one response which led to no where.  Usually this means one thing… my prices are too high.  I thought they were fair as they were under what both my app and said they were worth… but alas, something is only really worth what someone else is willing to pay for it.  Anyways I basically brought my loot with the same Kijiji price tags attached and managed to sell a few things.  To be specific, I sold an N64 console, a Game Cube console, and a copy of Baten Kaitos.  I was happy to be rid of these items as I had never played the Game Cube, and the N64 is just a garbage system.  Unfortunately I was stuck with my copy of Chiki Chiki Boys for the Genesis, and my extra copy of Kickmaster for the NES that I have.

Chainsaw Lollipop

Now before we go any further, I did have an issue.  You see, one of the other vendors brought his girlfriend/wife dressed in some sexy cosplay outfit that I’m unfamiliar with.  I’m told her name is Chainsaw Lollipop (as pictured above)?   Honestly, she was very attractive and totally pulled it off… a great sales gimmick!  Unfortunately she wasn’t utilized properly.  You see, her boyfriend was all over her and couldn’t keep his hands off her  body the entire time.  This removes the element that the nerdy customers might actually have a chance at female contact, and thus be willing to shell out monstrous amounts of cash for the junky trinkets they were selling.  My suggestion to this couple is that the dude should stay home and let his cosplay girlfriend work her magic alone!


I did manage to pick up these two titles… though obviously nothing to write home about, they were previously absent from my collection.

All in all I’m glad I went, though I would have been very disappointed had I paid the $35 admission fee to get in.  If your into competitions, then I suppose it may have been a really good time, but if not, then you basically are paying that cover fee to do some shopping for miscellaneous items.  However Flavio got us in for free so it was a good time.


SEGA Corner Special!

As there is no Nintendo news, this week is dedicated to SEGA Corner… which is kind of a nice change of pace as I haven’t had anything to report in this department for a while.

I was scanning through some retro Sears catalogues and came across some very interesting ads that I thought I would share.  Now these ads are from 1986 – 1989… and from what I can tell, Sears Canada didn’t sell anything Nintendo??!!  Apparently it was only Sega.  Well fortunately these ads have the best that the Sega Master System had to offer.  What I’m most surprised by are the prices… wow did our parents ever pay a lot for our video games!  $100 for Phantasy Star?!  Yes it was THE game to have, but honestly that cost in 1989 prices seems very steep.  In todays dollars that would equate to over $200.  I love you mom and dad!




… and there you have it.  Wow were games ever expensive!  It makes me feel grateful that I don’t own a time machine to buy up all these old games back in the day… the games are literally twice as up to five times as expensive today as they were then if you take into account inflation.  There were no deals to be had!


This is an ad from Scientific American in 1975,  Wow… $80 way back then for a bloody calculator!  Outrageous considering that would be $275 dollars in todays prices after inflation.  And for what… a stupid calculator that we now all have a better version of on our cell phones as a free app?!   Man technology was expensive back in the day.  How did we ever land on the moon?!

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe




The Past is Not Forgotten

I was reading over some of my old blog posts the other day and came across the one where I wrote about the time I was ripped off by some dude named Alexander Ali.  I’m not really one to let things go (I still want to meet up with my childhood bully someday and demand my money back from the bastard!).  Anyways it didn’t take very long to find this dude’s address as I had taken a picture of the envelope I sent him with the games in it.  I decided it’s been almost 5 years… perhaps I should send him another note!  Here is what I wrote:

March 2nd, 2018

Dear Alexander Ali,

Hey man, how’s it going?! It’s been a while since we last talked… five years in fact! How are you enjoying the four Pokémon games I sent you? I value them at about $100. Even though it’s been half a decade since we last talked, I still haven’t forgotten about the “package” you were supposed to send me in trade that included Mega Man X, and Mega Man 5. Though as I’m sure you know, the Canadian postal service can be slow…. maybe your package is still in transition/lost?!

Anyways I just wanted to let you know that even though it’s been so long, I haven’t forgotten about our deal. I’m still waiting for you to honor it.

Feel free to follow me at

Anxiously awaiting your package!


Nintendo Joe

P.S. Included is a picture of the envelope and cartridges I sent you five years ago. Enjoy!


Unfortunately when I told my wife about this letter she wasn’t as thrilled about the idea as I was.  She thought I was out of my mind and that the guy could take it as a threat and go to the police.  Personally I don’t see any threats in the letter… just that I hadn’t forgotten how he had wronged me.  Is it a crime to remember things?!  Anyways I won’t send it because I’ll honour her wishes… but I still think it is kind of funny.


In other news after I went to the doctor to get some cancer scraped off my face (one of the nice things about being a fair-skinned redhead) I went to a pawnshop nearby and found this game.  It’s in good shape, but it does have a sticker on the left side of the label which will be difficult to remove.  Normally I would try Goo-b-Gone, but as the label is white, if the liquid gets near the edge, it can soak in underneath and ruin it.  I’ll have to think carefully about this one.

Anyways, I’m off to try and settle down a bit.

Nintendo Joe

Earn up to $1,500!!

I earned nearly $1,500 the other day just from doing some general research!  Basically I totalled how much the remaining NES games would cost me on and compared it to the prices listed on the iPhone app  It turns out that price charting list my remaining games at $1,500 cheaper than the app!  My wife will be so pleased at what I have earned for her!  The grand total for all the remaining NES games is still at a hefty $8,878.  However when you break it down into twenty four easy payments of $370, this baby will be complete in two years!  That’s if I pay retail (I won’t)… so the savings just keep adding up, and our mortgage will be payed off in no time!


This game was actually sold to me by a follower of this blog.  Apparently he was helping a friend sell his games for very reasonable prices.  Unfortunately this was the only game out of the bunch that I needed for my collection.  It’s actually a really bad game… at least I’m fan.  I think the graphics are cheap, and the game play involves a lot of staring at the same screen over and over again… not my cup of tea, but to each their own.


This is a game that I’ve been looking for for a while.  It doesn’t turn up that often, and when it does it sells for over $40.  However I knew the guy and offered him my extra copy of North vs. South as a straight up trade.  In the end, he did better than I did in the trade, but I was okay with that as it saved me from selling the game on Kijiji.  You’ll notice that the label is a little damaged in the top right corner.  This was a bit of an oversight, but alas it is a sports game that I’ll never play… plus I’ll tuck it neatly into a universal game case where it will never see the light of day again.  That or until my wife gets mad at me and sells my collection.


These next three games were partially traded for at the video game swap in Guelph ON.  In return this vendor took my Mario Party 7 for the Game Cube, and Radiant Dawn for the Wii which I picked up a couple of years ago at a yard sale for $4.  I was hoping that he would also take my extra Kickmaster, but unfortunately he already had a copy for sale.  So I had to pony up a small sum of cash to make the trade fair.  I’ve never seen Ghost Lion before so I was excited to see this.

As usual, I get a little stupid when I go to these game swaps, and this one in Guelph was no exception.  I had asked about the Terra Cresta game, but the dealer accidentally pulled out the wrong game… Prince of Persia which I already own.  However I was caught up in all the excitement and didn’t notice.  Fortunately I took the dealers card which had his cell phone number on it and texted him if he would swap the games through the mail.  He was a very honest chap, and express posted Terra Cresta to me right away.  In turn, I posted him the Prince of Persia game back so all was settled.  It actually cost me more to ship the game that I would have thought, but it was only 35 cents extra to express post it.  Unfortunately this guy is a private dealer and doesn’t have a website or social media for me to plug, however if you ever run across Brodie’s Gaming 101, he’s an honest dude!

Well the good news is (at least for collectors) is that it seems as though the price of retro video games has peaked, and is on a slow downward trend.  For example, the most expensive copy of Snow Brothers for was $350…granted this was at a retail store and I would never have paid that ridiculous amount, the $188 the game lists for on feels a lot better… and is hopefully a sign of things to come. In fact, with only three exceptions did list the remaining games at a buck or two more than I love my games, but damn, even at the updated values some of them are expensive!

Nintendo Joe

Nintendo Quest NES Collection Budget

Remember a while ago (three years to be exact) that movie called Nintendo Quest that was a documentary on a guy (Jay Bartlett) who challenged himself to getting all 678 North American released NES games in 30 days?!  There are some spoilers here so stop reading if you intend on watching it.  I thought that it was a pretty good film if you are into game collecting and I met Jay at a game swap in Waterloo ON,.IMG_1167

I do however have a few issues with the film:

  1. They never mentioned what Jay’s budget for all the games was, however I’ve done some calculations and figure that he spent around $15,000 – $18,000… give or take3 a few bucks.  I’ll explain my calculations more on this at the end of this entry.
  2. They rarely mentioned how much Jay paid for each game which would have been nice to see how much of a deal he received as well as a better estimate on what we the common people should be paying for these games.  This is especially bothersome as he went into some stores and claimed to have received some really good deals.  One of the stores he went to in Toronto that he said gave him the best prices was A&C Games on Spadina Ave..  I know first hand that this store has ridiculous prices… five years ago, they wanted to charge me $15 for an Atari version of E.T.  The guys said that was because E.T. is rated the worst game to ever be released on every console to date.  The game was and still worth $1 or less.  What really burns me is that even the Game Chasers who have a Youtube show went into this store and received good deals just because they featured the store on the show.  So unless you are filming a movie/show and are willing to give free media recognition, stay away from A&C Games unless you want to get ripped off.  A&C Games sucks!
  3. Jay had some friends who GAVE him some really rare and expensive games like Stadium Events, Panic Restaurant, Cowboy Kid, etc.  While very generous of them, these options aren’t available to most of us collectors so and I felt a little cheated… and jealous!
  4. Jay never mentioned his girlfriend once in the entire film.  It would have been more realistic to see him arguing with her about how much money he was spending/waisting on games when he could have been paying down the mortgage.

Onto how I calculated the amount Jay I think spent on the entire North American NES library.

Firstly, at the end of the 30 days, he was short 25 games and it said he had 9% of his budget left.  I calculated the market value of how much each game cost in todays prices, and that came to roughly $3,140.  Figuring that the price of games back in 2014 when the movie was filmed were considerably lower, I can estimate that the missing games would have cost him somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2,200.  If this was represented 9% of Jays total budget, then he started with around $24, 444 .  However, we must keep in mind that he bought in bulk and therefore received a discount, and the store owners saw an opportunity to advertise their store on Jay’s movie, and thus gave him a much lower price then any of us would ever get… like at A&C Games.  With this in mind, and considering he received some of the most expensive games for free, I think it is safe to say that Jay spent somewhere between $15,000 – $18,000 on completing his NES collection.

I’m envious, jealous, and all that of Jay Bartlett for it really felt like he had a lot of fun on his quest.  Congratulations on completing such an awesome collection… now go pay off that mortgage!

Nintendo Joe



I ordered a couple of NES games from, which is odd as normally I think they charge too much… at least 20% over market value on rare games plus now they charge shipping to Canada, which is only $2.25 but it used to be free.  Anyways I found these two games that for some reason were undervalued… not by much, but enough that it was worth a few clicks and two weeks later they showed up in my mail box.


The first game that caught my attention was the final chapter of the NES Ninja Gaiden series.  This game isn’t really rare, and should sell for around $70, but even at game swaps it is rare to see it for under $80CAN which is why I haven’t picked it up yet.  However on it was going for $56US which worked out pretty fair in the exchange.  I hear this is one of the better Ninja Gaiden games as it isn’t as notoriously difficult as the first two chapters.


The second game I picked up was one with a bit of a racy label.  I don’t think Native Americans/Canadians would be too happy with this depiction of their culture.  It is kind of stereotyping them and I don’t think this type of picture would fly in todays age of political correctness.  I’ve seen this game on sale before at swap meets, but the label has never been in that great shape, and I’m a stickler for good labels.  The game usually sells for around $60CAN (with the suspect label), but had it on sale for $46US and again after the exchange it was worth picking it up.

So you never know what you might find.  As I say, 90% of the time charges too much, but every now and then it is worth having a look as there just might be some games at the right prices!

Nintendo Joe

So Sqoon?!

Well this is a surprise post because for once I feel I actually have something to say!  My needs list was incomplete as I was missing both Sqoon, and Solomons Key on the NES.  I thought these two titles were European only games, but apparently I was incorrect.  Solomon won’t set me back much as it is only a $15 dollar game, but Sqoon is a bit more pricy at over $100.

While I never did well in math class, I’ve calculated that the average game I need is going to cost me around $151 a piece.  This includes Little Sampson and all the other very expensive games, but it’s a bit discouraging as it seems like a huge amount of money to spend on something I’ll hardly play.  I just love collecting though… I still need to get the remaining 8 or so G! Transformers I’m missing so I can put that one to bed.

I’ve attached a list of the games I need along with the going rate for what they go for on  As you can see at the bottom, the very expensive games make up the vast majority of the money I will need to spend.  Unless I get a stellar deal, there is no way I’m paying that much for a single NES game unless it was the absolute last one I needed in my collection.

Needed NES list

Just a few other observations.  While the unveiling of Samus at the end of Metroid on the NES is no news, for some reason I found it funny this week that they needed to put her in a bikini?!  So under all that awesome armour, there’s this woman in her underwear?!  It doesn’t really make sense, but at the same time didn’t really bother me when I was a teenager.

I also saw the last level of Life Force for the NES being played.  After you defeat the final boss, you then have to fly around all these protruding pipes, and some of them are very tight squeezes!  The guy who recorded the ending died an additional three times after vanquishing that demonic beast!  It felt like a real kick in the pants… something that I would have done if I were a game designer, but then again I’m not a very nice person.

Until next time!

Nintendo Joe

Kijiji Strikes Again!


First of all I would like to apologize for my last blog as there were some inaccuracies that need to be redacted.  Firstly, the “A” section in my collection is NOT complete.  I forgot that I am still missing Athletic World.  It is far from rare, and is an under $10 game, but for whatever reason I don’t have it.

Last Saturday I was browsing around on Kijiji (something I don’t do very often anymore) and the usual garbage came  up.  Not so rare games for a ridiculously high price.  It’s like these guys haven’t heard the word that retro game prices have fallen… in some cases quite dramatically.  However there was one ad that caught my attention.  It was an ad for a store called Retro Quest which was actually not that far away from my place.  So I called up the Sega Dude and we met in the parking lot.  Now honestly I wasn’t expecting much… just another store with some over priced games, but I the ad said that they had other retro collectable toys as well which I always enjoy seeing:)

The Sega Dude actually was actually optimistic, came prepared with stuff to trade.  I only the other hand came with a nearly empty wallet… I think I had like $20 on me… as I said I wasn’t expecting much.  While my friend did his business with the guy at the front counter I headed towards the Nintendo games.  The first game I saw was Donkey Kong Jr. Math… a much needed yet very terrible game that was the only missing black label cartridge in my collection.  However the price tag said a whopping $150, and I was like “okay here we go… another over priced retro game store”.  I was discouraged, but kept on looking at the other games as the Sega Dude wasn’t exactly racing to get out of the store.


This first picture is of three relatively common games for the NES with Super Cars being overly valued by collectors.  Either way, nothing special here other than that I didn’t have them and I figured that if I bundled some games together, maybe we could work out a deal.


Now we’re talking!  GI JOE is a game I’ve been looking for and at $65 the price was about right.  Tecmo Cup Soccer is a game that I don’t really want, but as I’m sick in the head feel I still need.  $70 for a not so good soccer game seems steep, but again for whatever reason collectors over value it.  The price was actually a bit under what it normally goes for.  Cliffhanger I almost bought last week, and I’m glad I didn’t as this one has a much better label… a little peeling, but no damage.


Okay, two other games that I’ve been on the look out for for quite a while.  Ultima Warriors of Destiny and RC Pro-AM 2.  Yes I figured that if I was interested in all these games, then perhaps the guy would give me a bulk discount to offset the Donkey Kong Jr. Math price.  I brought them all to the front and had them tally it all up.  As I guessed it was more than I wanted to pay, so I asked for some money off and he knocked $60 off the price.  Plus he was willing to play ball, and I offered cash, and you know what that means!  Off to the bank.

They also had this contest where you spin a wheel and play a game for a chance to get more money off.  I landed on Super Mario World and had to complete one of the stages… I almost made it, but that’s really just a nice way of saying I lost the challenge:(


Oh ya… once again I bought a game that I already owned!  I’m not the proud owner of two copies of North and South!  For whatever reason I temporarily got it confused with the title Fire and Ice which is a much more expensive game and I should have known better.  I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes and it is starting to cost me!  Hopefully I won’t have a hard time trading it.  I’ve updated my list with what I’m missing and current prices so hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

Anyways after all was said and done, the Sega Dude didn’t end up trading any of his stuff, but still ended up with some loot that I’m sure he’ll be mentioning shortly on his blog.

SEGA Corner:  No news in this department… and likely won’t have much for a while as I focus on my NES collection.

The “A’s” are Complete!



After a visit to one of my regular suppliers of NES games, and with the addition of Adventures of Lolo 3, I can now officially say that I have all the North American NES games that start with the letter “A”.  No more sleepless nights worrying about that anymore!  Now it’s on to complete the “B” titles, though I’m missing only three games here, two of them are Bonk’s Adventure, and Bubble Bobble 2:(  This should be enough to hold me off for a while.

The other major pick up was Gargoyles Quest II, which leaves only Snow Bros left to complete my Capcom series.  Good news however, the price for a Snow Bros cart has come down quite a bit.  As of today, the price of a mint cart goes for around $239… far from the $350 it went for a year and a half ago!   I emailed the Retro Game Bros right away to offer book value on the cart, but unfortunately they are sold out:(


These other two games were also picked up today.  Ninja Crusaders is a bit significant because it was also one of the games stolen from me on our California road trip.  The Punisher has no significance other than he is my favourite comic book character – turned  – Netflix star.  His character was great on Dare Devil, and once again in his own series.

I was supposed to pick up a copy of Cliffhanger for the NES, but the label was a bit suspect so I gave it a pass.  Like most collectors, I’m a stickler for a good label.  If the label is damaged, then usually I will give the game a pass… it is worthless to me.  This kind of makes it sound like I’m collecting some grey plastic with stickers… well I guess that’s sort of true which is why I’m 99% sure I won’t be getting Stadium Events in this lifetime, while still intend to boast a complete North American release NES collection.  I have 76 games left to go, and yes, most of them are really expensive so my collecting will be taking a major slowdown.  I no longer hope to find Little Sampson in a bargain bin at a game show… that day has past.  Though I will only continue to purchase games if I can get what I feel is a deal for them… and by the trend of things (as evidenced by Snow Bros.) the price of games seems to be on a downward trend.  Are people done buying for crazy prices finally?  I hope so for the sake of the collection!

Bandit Kings

Two blog posts in three weeks?  What the heck is going on?!

I had a $60 store credit at the Ice Man for well over a year now and while they have a downtown Toronto location, it is too far to justify making the subway ride down.  The store I frequent the most is Ice Man’s Peterborough location on George Street.  They sometimes have some NES games I need, but most of the time they either don’t, or when they do the price is so jacked up that it’s far from worth it.

This time Ice Man had a game that I needed… Bandit Kings of Ancient China.  Of course the price was $140, which is about $33 over what it’s worth which normally I would have just passed on to look for a better deal.  However as I mentioned I’ve had a store credit for quite some time now, and didn’t really see me using it in the near future.  I rarely buy from the Ice Man anymore because of his high prices.  But using the store credit which is money that I’ve long forgotten about, I figured I could maybe justify the cost.  After all,
after the trade, $80 for the Bandit Kings cartridge felt okay.


So I was shocked when the store clerk asked me for $92!  Apparently when you do a trade-in, unless you use your store credit right away they charge you tax.  This doesn’t feel right as they didn’t give me the extra tax value when I traded in my stuff… so why now?  Is this a normal business practice?  Please let me know!

Long story short, I did the trade as I figured I would never end up using the credit.  I used a $60 credit to save $15 from what the game should normally sell for ($107).  While I’m not really pleased with this purchase, I’ve learned not to trade in games with stores anymore unless they have games that I need in stock at a reasonable price.  It just isn’t worth it.

Nintendo Joe

SEGA Corner:  The Sega Dude lent me his copy of Wonder Boy III – The Dragon’s Trap for the PS4.  It’s an awesome remake, but I’m just not that into playing games anymore.  It’s almost like I have to force myself to play these days?!  This will in now way effect my growing NES collection.