The God’s Must be Crazy!

Flintstones WTF

The Original Flintstones for $440?

Now I know for sure that the video game God’s have gone completely insane… was charging $440USD for the Flintstones:  Rescue of Dino and Hoppy several weeks ago!  The game usually sells for no more than $20, and that’s pushing it as the title isn’t rare, and isn’t that good!

Flintsontes WTF2

I’d like to say that JJgames got it wrong, and realized their error in that it wasn’t Surprise at Dinosaur Peak, but here we have the reduced price of $90USD for the same game a few weeks later?!  I’ve ordered from these guys before as if you really scan their website there occasionally is a deal to be had… but 99% of the time I feel that they way overcharge… that being said they’ve been around for a long time, and if they are getting their asking price, more power to them!  In fact I no longer see this game on their website… does anyone want my copy of the original Flintstones for an unreasonable price?!

Bubble Bobble 2

This is a screen shot from  Again I’ve ordered from them before several years ago, but seeing as I only need rare titles for my NES collection I doubt I’ll be doing business with them again.  In the above picture, you can see that they are charging $276.47USD for Bubble Bobble 2.  This is actually a semi-reasonable price considering that it usually goes for around $300USD according to my collectors app, and  I sent them a request to check the condition of the label, and they replied that they wouldn’t bother.  I requested again and told them that this isn’t a $5 game we are talking about… and was still rejected (reading between the lines I can infer that it isn’t even worth their effort)?!  WTF?!  Do they not care about customer service even for higher priced items?!  I want to be wined and dined for this kind of cash!

When I was in Miami several years ago I asked if I could see the Lukie Games warehouse, and was told that it wasn’t possible.  Here I am 1,500Km away from home, and they still wouldn’t accommodate me?!  It’s not a difficult decision to cut them off from my business and recommendations!  Suck it Lukie Games!

The trend on retro game prices still seems to be declining though… I can wait for my $400 copy of Little Samson!

Nintendo Joe

3 thoughts on “The God’s Must be Crazy!

  1. Don’t know if you read these but I saw a few posts down you went to a game swap in Guelph. I live in KW, just wanted to say hi to a local fellow NES enthusiast. I have stopped purchasing games at the moment due to the crazy prices and the fiance and I just bought a condo and planning our wedding. I already agreed i need to sell my ’68 beetle to help our finances. Ain’t no rest for the wicked, money don’t grow on trees.


    • Hey Kevin,
      I been to a lot of game swaps with Nintendo Joe, including the Guelph swap.
      I’m not as die hard about NES but I’ve also slowed down a lot with the retro video games. Prices just aren’t do-able anymore.
      But I still love the retro video games that I have and I’m still playing them.
      Nintendo Joe does still read all his comments, he’d just a bit slow sometimes. I’ll make sure he know you say hi!


    • I always read comments! I agree, retro gaming has gotten ridiculously expensive…. there is no way in hell I’m going to pay $1200 for Little Sampson among several others! I would have to sell a lung just to make a down payment! Since I collect for fun rather than investment purposes, I hope the market crashes. Pat the NES Punk thinks Little Sampson will come down to $400 eventually. While still expensive, I’ll at least be able to breathe!


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