NintendoJoe_BG_HIRecently I’ve been getting more and more into collecting games for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  As a kid (sort of… I was in grade 9) I bought an NES including both Super Mario Bros., and Mega Man 2.  Mario was okay, but Mega Man 2 was awesome!  After beating the game, I remember immediately going out to Blockbuster to rent Mega Man 1.  Wow was the original ever so much more difficult to beat!  In fact I could only best two of the robot masters: Cutman, and Bombman.  Anyways, I ended up selling the system when bigger and better consoles became the norm; specifically the Sega Genesis.  Some may say that I betrayed Nintendo and jumped ship over to Sega while real fans would have waited for the North American release of the Super Nintendo.  Sadly they would be right.  But in my own defence, Phantasy Star 2 really kicked ass!

All these years later I find myself collecting games for the old NES.  I started out collecting these games for nostalgia, but eventually after buying a few bundles of games, and downloading a collectors app on my iPhone, I was hooked.  My collection is now at a whopping 178 games.  This is roughly 20% of all the North American released games (a far cry from complete), however it is a start.  The point of this blog is to record my journey as I try to fill my collection with games, while at the same time not hurt my wallet too badly.  Just the other day I picked up 1943 and Yo Noid!… both by Capcom (my favourite game company).   I also managed to pick up Super Mario RPG complete in the box from a local thrift store for $13!

I’ve set up a sort of Nintendo museum in my basement of which Super Mario RPG is the flag ship of my collection .  I have all the old systems (NES, Game Boy, SNES, N64, Game Cube, Advance, and DS) and have a few token games, but my collection is mostly focused on the NES,  I dont’ have a Wii anymore as I traded it years ago for an Xbox, though one of these days I will have a Wii and Wii U in the collection.  I hope you like this blog, and I also hope to hear from fellow collectors who would like to trade, or just tell tales of the hidden gems they have found for a good price:)


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