New Sheriff in Town!

That’s right folks, I’ve traded all my SNES, N64, Game Cube, and Wii to beef up my NES collection and as a result have been able to pick up some fairly heavy hitters in the last few days.  All in all, I sold my collection for close to $4000CAN, and over time reinvested it into NES titles.


I was going to hang onto my good SNES titles, but with the release and purchase of the SNES Classic it wasn’t worth it to me to hang on to these artifacts.  While I would much prefer to have the real thing, I simply cannot afford to collect for everything Nintendo and can now focus my collection solely on my NES.  Here’s what I managed to score the other day:


Nothing big here… I just didn’t have them and they were fairly cheap.


Still not the greatest thing since sliced bread… but we are getting there.


Now we’re talking!  What’s interesting here is that I could have traded for Pro Sport Hockey with the Retro Game Bros. for what’s now a great trade value at $120… but I stupidly held off… I thought to myself, why would anyone pay $120 for a lousy hockey sports game?!  Yes, unfortunately for me, the game has gone up in value by about 25% during these past few months and I ended up having to trade a few more items.


Holy smokes… are you kidding me?!  The Snow Brothers saga is finally over with this latest trade.. and trading in bulk, the guy game me a great deal.  Duck Tales 2 is also very cool… and a really good/fun game to play, but what’s more is that I can finally say that I have completed my NES Capcom collection!  There was a California Raisins game by Capcom that was never officially released, so I suppose one could make the argument that my Capcom collection isn’t complete until I get one of the prototypes, but I’m calling it on this one.  This is a huge milestone in my collection.

The two games that I didn’t pick up unfortunately were Bubble Bobble 2, and Nobunaga’s Ambition 2.  The price was right, but the label wasn’t 100% perfect, and when it comes to these valued games, I’m unwilling to compromise.  Actually that isn’t all together true… 99% of my collection is fairly mint…. and I actually mean it, unlike those people on Kijiji who claim to know what “mint” means, and you drive all the way over to their place only to find out the cart has cracks or the label has tears!  That really bugs me!  The remaining 1% isn’t mint, but it’s something dumb like small marks or slight damage damage to the back half of the cartridge which can easily be replaced.

The magic number is down to 46 remaining titles to acquire… of course some of them like Little Sampson/Flintstones 2/Panic Restaurant/Bonk are going to command the big bucks.  If I’m ever going to get these games, I’ll either have to get an absolutely amazing deal, or save up for years.  I’m hoping for the former!

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

SEGA Corner:  Nothing to report on this end, but head over to the Sega Dude’s page as he has had some great new acquisitions!

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