It’s been a while since my last post, but the game collecting has been going rather well lately.  I’ve officially decided to part ways with the N64 for the simple reason that I never play it.  It is in my opinion the worst of the Nintendo consoles, and I never really did get into the blocky 3D style graphics.  So when I went to the latest Waterloo Video Game Swap with the Sega Dude, I brought most of my N64 games to trade.  It was actually difficult to line up trades as not many people were interested in what I had (even though some of the titles were well known such as Majora’s Mask, Mario Kart 64, etc., all with mint labels).  I think N64 collecting is going downhill rather quickly and my advice to you is that if you have any games, sell them now before they become worthless.

The game swap is always a good place to trade games as most vendors will give you a lot more trade-in value.  The guy I traded with gave me 80% store credit on my games which is a deal considering that if I walked into any store I would only get between 30 – 50%.  All in all I did okay.  I traded my N64 games for NES games that I actually wanted.


These were the games I traded for at the game swap.  What we have here is a copy of Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, Shadow of the Ninja, Klashball, Ghoul School, and Ultimate Air Combat.  What you don’t see here is a copy of Godzilla 2… I didn’t think it was part of the trade, but I’m going to get an earful from the Sega Dude as he thought that game was also part of the deal.  It would have been pretty sweet, but it wasn’t to be.  I honestly don’t think Godzilla 2 was part of the deal, but if it was, I’m a total dumb-ass and I left it behind!  Either way I still don’t have the game in my collection:(


These are some of the other pick ups from the game swap.  Batman: Return of the Joker, Gremlins 2, Bart Simpson Meets Radioactive Man (with an “okay” label), Alien 3, Silk Worm, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, and The Last Starfighter (this was a label upgrade as I already had the game).  The prices were expensive, but at 50% off it was actually a pretty good deal.  The games were purchased from a vendor who owns a local store called We Got Gamez.  The owner is a really friendly guy, plus he sold me Super Metroid (the best SNES game) for $45 a few years ago.  Now if these games were truly 50% off what the guy sells them for in his store, then his prices are VERY high!  Either that or as I’ve been saying for years I should sell my collection and retire.


The best trade actually happened outside the game swap in a little town called Orangeville which is about an hour north west of Toronto.  I saw an ad in Kijiji that a guy had posted saying that he was looking for Mario Party 1 – 3 on the N64.  Up for trade was his excellent copy of Mighty Final Fight.  I had passed on this game a while ago at $150 and have regretted it since.  $150 seems to be the magic number as I also passed on a copy of Snow Bros for the NES for the same price.  It was too expensive… I didn’t know the price would double in a year!  Now was my chance to partially redeem myself.  I had paid about $60 for both Mario Party 1 & 3, and part 2 I acquired through a trade that I literally paid $2 for at a yard sale.  So for $62 I picked up a copy of good copy of Mighty Final Fight, and this is now officially the most valuable game in my collection!  I hope the dude is as happy with the trade as I am.

So as far as my N64 collection goes, all I have left is the console with the memory expansion, a few controllers, and a complete mint in box copy of Diddy Kong Racing.  I’ll be selling the game, and trading the console at a later time.  I now have a vacant shelf where my N64 used to be that must be filled with more NES games.  MORE I SAY!!!

img_8754These two games were purchased at a local pawn shop.  The price listed is what I paid which isn’t a great deal, but isn’t too bad either.

img_8755Lastly these two games were my latest find at a local Value Village thrift store.  I paid $17 dollars for a complete Zelda and $4 for the Kirby game (missing the manual).  I actually thought I was getting a major deal, but I mistook Epic Yarn for Kirby’s Return to Dreamland.  Oh well.

So the N64 collection has been liquidated, and the NES collection now sits at a respectful 546 games.  Unfortunately I think I have most the “cheap” games and what’s left is going to hurt my wallet and marriage.  Maybe I should start a Go Fund Me campaign?  For some of the more expensive games I’ll probably just get a reproduction cart rather than spend the money on the original.  As much as I want Little Sampson, there is no way I’m forking over $1600 for it.  Or worse, possibly $10,000+ for Stadium Events which is basically the same game as World Class Track Meet which sells for $7.  That is a crazy amount to pay for a different label!  Yikes!

6 thoughts on “Liquidated!

  1. You gave me a scare for a moment there with this ‘Liquidated’ talk!
    But yes, there is nothing wrong with parring down the collection to make room for the things you want to focus on.
    And I really was certain that you added Godzilla 2 to the trade pile but maybe the total ran too high for what you were given credit for and maybe it was pulled back. I saw you pick-up your new loot and I’m sure you didn’t leave any carts behind.
    But from now on whenever I see your NES collection I am going to ask if you have Godzilla 2.

    And you’re a dedicated man for drive about 1.5 hours to Orangeville to make that trade happen for Mighty Final Fight.

    546 NES games is pretty big number! You’ve come a long way from starting out only looking for Black Label NES carts 🙂 Good work! I just know the wife is super proud! Although, she’d be more proud if you did in fact have Godzilla 2


  2. The N64 hasn’t aged well has it? It’s probably my least played system as well which is saying something since I also own an Atari Jaguar. 🙂 But since I have an Everdrive for it I’ve held on to it for the time being. The price NES games go for these days is nuts. I’m down to around 50 games I haven’t been able to part with and an Everdrive. I should probably cash out while the going is good.

    Great blog btw!


    • I hear ya. Such a tough call! Sell and make some good money or keep these little treasures 🙂 I don’t see myself selling my games. I really do like them. Although, like Nintendo Joe I do sometimes get rid of certain systems. Recently I started selling off my Neo Geo Pocket Color collection.
      My NES and SNES collection are not huge. Just a bunch of the really good classics. But my Sega Collection is totally out of control! And I think it will stay that way. 😀


    • No it hasn’t which is why I decided to part ways with it. Plus, the best games on the console (Ocarina of Time/Majora’s Mask) are available on the 3DS and are far superior in my opinion. Before you sell off your remaining 50 give me a heads up! If I wasn’t so deep into the collection I would probably do the same.


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