September Update

It’s difficult to write about NES game acquisitions when you only need 37 more for a full North American set… life’s not that bad!  The Durham game swap is coming up in October, and I’ve already reserved one game from my dealer (and fortunately it isn’t expensive at all!)  Other than these shows, there sadly isn’t much in the way to game hunt any more.  Value Village, once a gaming fans dream, is now just awful to shop at.  They’ve forgotten that they are a thrift store, and the possibility of getting a great deal is what lured customers in the first place.  But now as soon as they see Nintendo on an item, they charge ridiculous prices… sometimes even higher prices than at a retail store that specializes in retro games!  Goodwill (if you can even find one anymore) is a bust as they put all their “good” items for an online sale, and charge high prices along with shipping fees.  Everyone thinks their stuff is worth way more than it really is on Kijiji, and Ebay has long been tapped out.  JJgames is now charging for shipping, and with the American/Canadian dollar exchange rate being so terrible, there’s no deals on their either.  Lukie Games doesn’t show pictures of their merchandise (JJgames does!), and neither will do a deal even if you buy in bulk! Well that just makes it feel awesome when you do manage to find a game for a good deal which of course I’m hoping happens in October.


When I was at the gaming show in Pittsburgh last summer, there was a really cool poster (not for sale) of Mario with a Tetris background in a Russian propaganda theme.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t that great and the picture didn’t turn out.  I was really into learning about the Cold War so that only added to my interest.  This was the closest thing I could find to Nintendo propaganda on Google.

In other news, my Africa videos are posted on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out.  They might seem a bit long, but honestly I just couldn’t bring myself to edit all the really cool animals.  Also, the shorter clips took away from how special the experience actually was.

You know what’s really been upsetting me lately… it’s that everyone has tattoos now, that they are no longer cool.  This really sucks because I used to REALLY want one… a big one of Dark Force from Phantasy Star on my back.  I just can’t bring myself to do it though as every douche bag at the beach has tattoos… so much so that it’s more original to NOT have any tattoos.  What’s worse is that I was downtown the other day and saw this old lady (she must have been 75) with a fresh tattoo on her calf.  If the geezers are doing it then something isn’t right!


Imagine a full back tattoo of this!

I heard a really disturbing thing the other day… apparently kids that are really bad at Fortnite are getting bullied in the playground… and in response, their parents are hiring “coaches” to help them play better.  This is ridiculous!

The only other thing on my mind is that there used to be a YouTube channel called Retro Liberty that I used to watch… then out of no where they stopped making videos, only to reappear in another channel with the same format but re-branded Pixel Game Squad… and for some reason Aaron changed his name to Riff?!?  This doesn’t make sense, and even worse is that his friends on the show don’t seem phased by it?!  I expect more from the NES Complex!

Anyways that’s all for now…. Cup Head rules!

Nintendo Joe

Big Score at Value Village!

IMG_8015 IMG_8017 IMG_8020

These were all Value Village finds, but I really paid dearly for them.  For example, Pokemon Stadium 2 was $40, Paper Mario sold for $30, Banjo Kazooie was $25, and Mario Kart (perhaps the best for trading) went for a handsome sum of $30.  Valkyrie Profile was an impulse purchase because I thought it looked cool… I didn’t have time to look it up, and I don’t have a PSP anymore so I’m not really sure what I was thinking.  However… I had a 30% off coupon on all the above purchases… there is NO WAY I would have picked them up otherwise!  Value Village is getting awfully pricey these days, and at this particular location they obviously have someone that knows their retro games and what they should go for.  I about 3 years ago I picked up a complete copy of Super Mario RPG for $13… and I thought that was pricey! Oh those were the days:(  At least I once again have something good to trade!






These Game Cube games were all bought from a guy on Kijiji for $20.  I’ll probably keep the Viewful Joe games and trade the others.  They are all complete except for the X-Men Next Generation which is missing the manual.  The Game Cube has some really great titles on it… plus the games come in nice plastic cases… but I just can’t get used to the controller…this will take some time, however I really want to start playing the GC more as I have yet to try out Metroid Prime.

IMG_8021This last purchase was for $10 from a guy on Kijiji.  This was the same controller I had when I was a teenager, except mine needed elastic bands to hold it together as I kept throwing it against the wall after getting frustrated with Street Fighter 2.  I used to have quite the temper… it’s true what they say about red heads!  I’ve somehow been able to manage my anger and haven’t had an outburst for a long time.  In fact the last time I peaked out was after being on hold with Rogers (the locale cable company) for 2.5 hours only to be hung up on.  I lost it and was yelling all over the apartment.  I cancelled my cable and internet subscription at that very moment and haven’t regretted it since:)

There has been some ideas floating around of changing the lay out of my game room.  Also another shelf may need to be acquired as the NES collection is getting out of control. Customizing the universal game cases and cutting out the cover art is very time consuming, but it is happening.  I try to do five per day, and so far it is coming along nicely.  A future post (likely in the summer) should come out with the rearranged game room and boxed collection.

Sega Corner:  Nothing new to report on this front unfortunately:(

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe



Well our Spring Break trip to Kingston Ontario was a big success… at least in terms of picking up games for the collection… the weather was cold and rainy the entire time:(  But rain or no shine… there were games to be had!

Our first stop was in Belleville Ontario (about a 45 minute drive on the way to Kingston) as I  remembered from last year that there was a particularly good retro game store called Chumleighs there.  I wasn’t disappointed this time around in the selection, but a bit miffed that I was turned down on an offered price on a game.  More on that later.  Below are the pick ups from Chumleighs:


This first pile of games is nothing special, other than that they are games I didn’t have and were a fairly cheap price; at least for a reseller.  I think I over paid a bit on Rescue: The Embassy Mission, but we are only talking about a couple of bucks here. The Heroes of the Lance title I’m interested in (the best thing about this game is the artwork on the label, but at least it is one of a series of Dungeons & Dragons games on the NES… the others being Pool of Radiance, Hillsfar, Dragon Strike, and Dragons Flame)  The other games pictured are The Untouchables, Laser Invasion (needs the top part of the label cleaned) and Wrestlemania Challenge.

IMG_7962 WURM: Journey to the Center of the Earth is a game I’ve been looking for. It is a kind of a shooter, but not really… sorry for the poor description, but those whom have played the game will know what I’m talking about.  Kiwi Kraze I believe is a platformer but I’ve never actually played the game myself.  I’m not sure if it is related to New Zealand Story, but there are a few similarities between the two games.

IMG_7957While I’m not really into GameBoy, I couldn’t resist picking up these two Mega Man titles.  They are both for the GameBoy Color and look like they could be a lot of fun.  The labels are in mint shape and are a welcomed addition to my Mega Man collection.



IMG_7958On it’s own this title is nothing special, but I’ve been looking for this game for a while now as it is the last Metroid I needed for the collection.  Well that’s technically a lie since I don’t own the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii, nor the Zelda Wind Waker combo disc for the Game Cube… but I don’t count these as I now do own all of the Metroid games.


So…the refused offer… what happened was that Chumleighs also had a copy of Earthbound for the SNES.  This is a fairly expensive game… can be over $300, and they wanted $250+tax  for the game.  I offered the guy $200, and much to my wife’s relief he said “No” and “that he paid $150 for the game and there wasn’t enough margin”.  Oh well, I tried.

Another interesting thing that happened on our trip is that when we were at the Belleville Value Village, one of the employees saw me looking at the video games and asked if I knew anything about GameBoy games.  Wow… here was my chance to prove that I was a pro!  Actually the truth is that I don’t know much about Gameboy… and let him know so, but that I was curious and wanted to take a look anyway.  He then brings out seveIMG_7960ral multi-cart games… the one I remember was a 73 in 1.  I tried looking it up, but couldn’t find it.  I told him to put a $15 price tag on it and see if he gets any bites.  I just wasn’t interested for as I mentioned before I’m not into GameBoy games… or should I have been?  Maybe it was some good trade bait?  Anyways I picked up a Gameboy copy of Pokemon Gold for trade.

Sega Corner:  Well I have finally picked up a copy of Wonder Boy 3:  The Dragons Trap for the Sega Master System, and for a pretty good price of $35.  To me this is the second best game on the SMS… next only to Phantasy Star.  IIMG_7956 remember when I first got into WB3 that I instantly fell in love with it.  You start the game at the last level of Wonder Boy in Monster Land in a fierce battle with the Mecha-Dragon… though of course this baddie is much easier to defeat in WB3!  After beating the robot dragon, a curse is put on you that changes your character into a small dragon.  You have to defeat a series of other dragons before being restored to your original form but along the way get transformed into several different man-creatures… like mouse-man, piranha-man, lion-man… and I can’t remember the others.  Mouse man was my favourite as it gave you the ability to climb walls.  Anyways I can’t wait to give this game another go!

That’s all for now.  Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

Next Generation of Gaming


Well the unbelievable has happened… I actually talked my wife into letting me buy a PS4.  Our Xbox 360 was acting up so it was time for an upgrade.  The Sega dude has been harassing me to get one of these things since it’s release, however I held true to my word that I would never get one… at least for a long time.  But then…. Star Wars Battlefront came out and I was hopelessly out gunned.  The detail that went into that game was too much for me to handle (foot prints in the snow?!… Come on!) so I caved and bought the console from a guy on Kijiji:)  In addition to Battlefront I’ve also purchased Fallout 4, and The Witcher for the system… again on Kijiji.  I’ve been told that The Witcher is an awesome game… and it looks awesome, but honestly I’ve had a hard time getting into it.  Between my job and school I just haven’t had the necessary time to dedicate to the game.      I haven’t even loaded Fallout 4 yet, but I know I won’t be disappointed by it… I’m a huge Fallout Fan!


Enough of that… onto Nintendo!  Honestly there hasn’t been much to say in the past while.  I picked up a complete copy of Cybernator for the SNES at a local pawnshop for a fairly good deal at $29, but this is the only real acquisition I’ve made since Christmas.  Well that and I managed to pick up a horse for my Ganon figurine that I picked up at a local retro toy show last weekend.  I actually had bought Ganon at a thrift shop for next to nothing, but for years it he has had to walk around my basement.  No longer however… now he has his trusty steed.  The horse looks pretty cool… kind of like a Nightmare in Dungeons & Dragons minus the flaming feet.  I have always thought it would be cool to own a black horse and dye it’s mane and tail bright red, though I’m sure PETA would have something to say about that and I wouldn’t want to cross those guys!  It would be pretty cool though eh!?!

IMG_7854 IMG_7856

The horse was the only pick up at the toy show that I made.  The Sega Dude managed to score some Insectors figures which I haven’t seen in a really long time… that was pretty cool, but unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of retro video games at the show.  In fact there was really only one two tables that had games… and one of them wanted WAY too much for his wares.  $40 for Super Star Wars… get out!  No really, get OUT!  He must have really not wanted to sell it, or as a buddy of mine says, “he must have been real proud of it.”  There is no way it will move for that price!  Then this guy also said he would be willing to pay $1200CAN for a copy of Little Sampson.  If that is what the game is going for these days… then I have to throw in the towel.  Even though it might be one of the best games on the NES, there is just no way it is worth that much.  At least not to me… and I’m Nintendo Joe for goodness sake!


Holy crap… $30 for a lousy copy of Super Mario Bros.?!!!  And to think… this was at Value Village thrift shop!  You know this was a pack-in game right, and every jerk in town owns a copy even if by accident.  They must have:

1.  Saw that it was Nintendo, and since retro games are currently a hot item MUST be worth a pretty penny.

2. Saw that it was a Mario game… and some Mario games go for a lot… but not this one!  If this sells for $30 then honestly, I’m done.  I’ll sell off my entire collection and retire for good! That would mean no more blog… and how sad would that be!  Actually it wouldn’t be sad at all… I would be suckling down rum and cokes on a beach and playing video games for the rest of my days. Oh the dream!

SEGA Corner:  Well there isn’t much to say here other than that the Cybernator SNES game that I bought is actually a prequel to Target Earth (Assault Suits Lynos) which was a Sega Genesis game that totally rocked.  I don’t currently own a copy, but if I remember correctly it was a really hard, but really awesome game.  There were of course a few cheats that made the game beatable… such as ignoring everybody in the first level except for shooting down the boss ship… this awarded you with every weapon in the game which gave you a major advantage in the early stages… while still proved challenging in the later levels.  I think there was an invincibility code too, but I can’t remember what it is.  Anyways if Cybernator is half as good as Target Earth then this was money well spent.

Target Earth is also to be re-released on the PS4 soon… actually I’ve heard it has already been released in Japan but not yet in North America (or anywhere else in the world for that matter).  I am anxiously awaiting it’s North American debut!

That’s all for now.  Until next time…

Nintendo Joe

Nintendo Joe 1, Value Village 0

I just got home from visiting my relatives in Buffalo, N.Y., for a holiday dinner this past weekend and of course I had to do a little game hunting while I was down there.  Unfortunately we didn’t arrive until 4:00pm as some people (I won’t mention any names) took forever to get going in the morning and thus I only had time to go to one game store.  Such decisions to make with so little time.  On one hand there is Elmwood games which is in the middle of Buffalo and the furthest away.  The owner has some great deals and I’ve probably purchased about 30 games from him over the past three years… but he is too far and it just didn’t work out.  So I settled on Oogie Games inside Eastern Hills Mall…. It is a chain, they are resellers, but sometimes their prices are actually not too bad

The first two games I picked up from old man Oogie was a copy of Life Force and Caesars Palace.  I already own Life Force, but this copy IMG_7010is in much better condition so I’ll trade the old one away.  At $4.99 I thought it was a pretty good deal and it is actually a pretty good game (perhaps one of the best shooters on the NES). Caesars Palace… I know who cares right?!  I certainly don’t, but I needed it for my collection… and at $2.99 it hardly brokIMG_7007e the bank.

These next two games are for the SNES.  Fatal Fury 2 is pretty cool to have.  I’m not a big fan of beat ’em ups, but this series was actually okay.  I think there is a “Guy” version out there too, but it is too expensive.  The other game is the Art of Fighting which I don’t know much about, but I thought I remembered the Sega Dude saying that it was pretty cool on the Neo Geo.  At $4.99 it was worth the risk.

Believe it or not I actually found a deal on Kijiji that worked out for both myself and the seller.  This is a really rare thing these days as most people are asking crazy high prices for games… often more than what a store charges!  The game I bought was Kings Quest V for the NES.  I’m not really sure where I stand on these types of puzzle games.  On one hand they can be VERY frustrating… on the other hand they can be really satisfying when you actually solve a puzzle without having to look up the answer on the internet.  This is just the type of game that will drive you crazy for a long time!  I remember playing a Kings Quest (I’m not sure which one) back in high school… this was before the internet, and somehow we managed to beat it.  It must have taken us hours and hours to complete all the puzzles, and the dialogue was just soooooo bad.  “I took a mint”, or near the end when you get to the minotaur “get away from her YOU BULLY!”.  Of course these are all meaningless unless you know the game I’m talking about, so we’ll just leave it at that.


While I was out picking up Kings Quest V, I figured I would go to the Value Village that was close by.  Normally I skip this one as they have never had anything worth speaking about… until today:)

IMG_7005When I first walked into the store, I went as I usually do right to the showcase to see what games they may have for sale.  What they had was an over priced version of Sonic & Mario at the Olympics for $19.99.  Pass.  So I went to where they keep all the crappy sports games and behold what I found:  What you see here is a complete mint copy of Star Fox Assault for the Game Cube.  The game commands a fairly large price tag at around $35 – $40, but in this case I got away with one.  The price was only $5.99!  I couldn’t believe my luck, but it didn’t stop there.


Right beside Star Fox Assault was a complete in the box copy of Metroid: Zero Mission & Final Fantasy Tactics for the Game Boy Advance.  The price tag was a whopping $4.99 and $1.99 respectively.  The Sega Dude has been lording over me for long enough that he has both these games complete in the box copy of these games while I just have the cartridge.  No longer!







What’s even better is that I can finally rid myself of the “NOT FOR RESALE” version of Metroid: Zero Mission that I have.  Don’t get me wrong, the game is amazing… one of the best on the system, but this little detail has been plaguing me for a while now.

IMG_7002It is such a small and minor detail that most people probably don’t even care, but I hate it and the Sega Dude knows it!  Anyways I’ll trade off my old copy for something better at the flea market or maybe even the Retro Gaming Bros..  I have a heap of stuff to trade so I should get something good.  In fact, I was in a store Christmas shopping today when I stumbled upon a complete copy of Might & Magic for the NES.  I really want this game, but I couldn’t justify spending the $95+tax they guy wanted for it… I’m not all about having boxed NES games anyways… in fact I only own one (Mega Man) which was my original copy from back in the day.  However I might be able to pull off a trade.  Hmmmmm… yes this could work out in our favour!  A little of this for a little of that.  It’s crazy enough that it just might work!

SEGA corner:  There is some news on this front, but due to the sensitive material it will have to wait until after Christmas;)  Sorry about that.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

It’s All Mine!!!

Let’s just say that in the end I got mine!  More on that later…

IMG_6048This is a Value Village find.  I picked up this sweet chess set for $15 and am hoping to trade it for something really cool.  I hate eBay, but some people are listing it for nearly a hundred bucks!  Now I realize that this is just an “asking” price, but heck I should get more than my money’s worth… and that is really what this whole thing is all about… finding rare Nintendo games at an exceptional value.  Hopefully my investment pays off.  You’ll be the first to find out:)

I remember this gIMG_6667ame being a great platformer.  Much better than they Sega Genesis version… at least graphically.  I seem to remember it playing more smoothly as well.  Anyways both games are pretty good and look great on my shelves.  I ended up getting the guy down to $15 for this game.  Not really a big deal, but then it’s better than nothing.  I look forward to playing the game again as it is from one of my favourite movie franchises.  Alien and Aliens are just awesome films.  Alien 3 was disappointing in that there were no weapons on the penal colony the movie took place on.  I mean COME ON… it was the the guns and Colonial Marines that made the previous movie so good… not to mention that it was an excellent horror/action movie.  It scared the crap out of me when I first saw it, and to be honest I occasionally still have nightmares of the xenomorph!  But Alien 3 was nothing compared to the eye garbage that was Alien Resurrection.  This movie was horrible.  I mean when you put human female sex organs onto the Queen alien to give birth to a hybrid human/xenomorph you know you have gone too far.  Besides this abomination… and that’s exactly what Alien Resurrections is… the story and script were just crap.  I actually drove all the way to Buffalo with some friends so that we could see this movie three days before it came out over here.  Lets just say it was a quite car ride back home to Toronto as we all felt like a bunch of chumps.  So even though Alien 3 (let’s try to forget about Alien Resurrection) wasn’t a horrible movie, it paled in comparison to the first two movies in the franchise.  However as I mentioned above, the video game is actually pretty good… they gave us the guns and fire power that was lacking in the movie!  Perhaps the makers of the game should have made this film!


These NES games were purchased from the one and only Flavio.  Some of these (namely G.I. Joe) were titles that I’ve been on the lookout for and for some reason have not found.  But alas my search is over.  Digger T. Rock seems like it could be an okay game, and Kid Kool (a special thanks to the Sega Dude for trading a Sega Master System console for it) I hear is a lot like Psycho Fox on the SMS.  If that’s the case then I’m in for a treat as Psycho Fox was a great game!

IMG_6693But this is what I have been waiting for.  That’s right a copy of the one and only Nintendogs:  Dachshund & Friends complete in the box.  I realize that with such a great game comes great responsibility… this has not been lost on me.  IMG_6694



What’s really sad is that the person who donated this game to Value Village actually paid nearly $35 from a local game store.  I know this as the receipt was left in the box which I took a picture of and posted:) This game has only one purpose… the case is good to store a GBA game in.  The rest (as awesome as it is!) can be let go.


IMG_6691The real find was last Friday at Value Village.  I just walked in there as I usually do and found this little gem.  Now I knew it was worth a mint, but did they know?!  The answer is NO… to them it was just another SNES game for $10… can you say cha-ching!  Holy smokes a copy of R-Type 3!  My app tells me that the game sells for $102 US which would officially make this my most valuable game in my collection.  Super Mario RPG is worth more as it is complete in the box, but the actual cartridge doesn’t carry as high a price tag.  Honestly I’ve never even seen this game, and am proud to now own a copy of it in my collection.  So ya… i got mine in the end!

SEGA Corner:

IMG_6665So I picked up this game on the Sega Dude’s recommendation.  Was it a mistake? I don’t know as I haven’t played it yet.  It looks really stupid if I’m being honest… What the heck is a Chiki Chiki Boy anyway?  At least the cover looks kind of interesting and at the very least I’m assured that I can get my money back if I don’t like it.  Who knows though… maybe the game actually rocks!

That’s all for now.  Next time I’ll be discussing my trip to the video game swap meet in Waterloo.

Nintendo Joe

Got It!

First and foremost, I have to thank the Sega Dude’s beautiful and thoughtful wife for finding (and giving me) a near mint box and instruction manual for my Diddy Kong Racing cartridge for my N64.  Thank you, and this service will not be forgotten!  It will go in the collection and shine with pride:)



I’ve been doing a lot of garage sailing on Saturday mornings and I must say that I’m getting much better at it as I gain more experience.  I’ve been watching a youtube channel by some guy named SeeJayAre who documents his garage sale finds and has quite a substantial collection of his own.  I wouldn’t classify him as a reseller, but more of a trader. He seems to trade all his doubles to pick up games that he doesn’t have in his collection.  The big difference between SeeJayAre and myself (well his collection is much grander than mine) is that he collects for pretty much every single system.  I limit myself to NES and SNES… and I dabble in Game Cube, Wii, and the N64.  I have a few titles for the Sega Master System, and Sega Genesis which I usually cover in the ever popular “Sega Corner” portion of this blog;)

Below is a score that I made at Value Village last Tuesday while on my way to pick up my wife at work.  This post is titled “Got It” because of this find.  Nothing in here is really that big a deal (Super Mario All Stars has some trading value), but I swooped in on another guy trying to buy the games.  He asked, “can I see the SNES games” and the person behind the counter gave him half the pile.  I waited for a few seconds and then asked if I could see the other half.  Low and behold in my half there was a game that I didn’t have… Dr. Mario & Tetris double cart for the SNES!  Yay… but more than that the other guys pile of games were worthless pieces of junk like Wheel of Fortune… sucks to be him!  I finally scored (though it doesn’t make up for the “Early Bird Gets the Worm” tragedy where I missed a NES with about 8 games for $5.  I’m still bitter about that one!




These games are some of the loot I bought while garage sailing.  While there is nothing special here, these are games that were not out on display at the yard sale.  I used my typical line (picked up from SeeJayAre)… “do you happen to have any old video games like Nintendo or Gameboy, or Sega”  For once the lady said that she actually had a few games inside the house if I wanted to take a look.  She brought them out, and while there was nothing to write home about at $2 a piece for complete games this was a bargain.  I’ll probably keep Pac Man Party and trade the others for more desirable titles.IMG_5567

The Pokemon Pinball came into my collection thanks to my amazing, beautiful, and generous wife.  While I don’t really collect Pokemon, this game was a big hit at the Swap Meet last March.  I should be able to get some good trade-in value for it.  That being said, I just looked it up, and it isn’t worth that much at all, but never the less I still thank my wife for looking out for me and the collection!  Keep your eyes open honey… you might just find something great!

Sega Corner:  A special congrats to the Sega Dude for setting up a youtube page that is becoming ever more profitable for him.  I think he was up to $0.34 the last time i checked.  That’s a lot more than I have earned, but then I don’ t have a youtube channel.  I’m not quite at that calibre yet (I still have lots to learn about this blog page first!).  I’m so proud of him and just a bit jealous!

That’s all for today.

Nintendo Joe

The Last Two Months of Collecting

For the past two months I’ve continued on my quest to obtaining a complete NES collection (I’m 41% there), while picking up some other cool Nintendo (and Sega Genesis now that I have a Retron 5… which after playing it with all the emulated systems can honestly say that it comes exactly as advertised).


What the $&%# ??? I just tried to insert an image into this blog and all I got were a bunch of numbers and symbols ??? Oh well let me know if you are having any difficulty seeing the images.  This new editor stinks!

The above picture is supposed to show Yoshi, Yoshi’s Cookie, Tecmo Super Bowl, 8 Eyes, Conquest of the Crystal Palace, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project, and Jaws. Of all the Jaws movies they made, Nintendo had to pick part 4 (the absolute worst in the series) to make a game out of? The game is REALLY bad, and the only reason I got it was so that it could rest in peace on my shelf. It will never be played unless I use it as a form of punishment on my dog for his disobedience. The other games seem cool, and I’m rather excited to try out TMNT 3 as even though it is not that uncommon, I’ve never even seen it before.

The next game I was able to pick up was Herzog Zwei, or for those of you who don’t speak German, The Two Dukes… at least that’s what I think it says for I don’t speak German either.  This game was introduced to me by the Sega Dude way back in high school in 1990.  It’s a two player game where you face off against each other by building up your defence to protect your base(s) and and form offensive armies to take over your opponents.  Now honestly it wasn’t really all that fun to play againsIMG_4532t the Sega Dude because he was pretty good at it by the time I came around to try it out (it didn’t hurt that the game was the Mega Drive version and since my Japanese is even worse than my German I really stood no chance of beating him).  Thank goodness the commands you would assign your troops all came with pictures/icons which gave a hint of what it would do.  Alas I was able to borrow this game and actually beat it… a feat that isn’t for the weak minded as it takes forever… you have to beat every level four times (each with progressing difficulty).  The ending was rather cheap too, but who plays a game for the ending?!  This game was nothing short of AWESOME.  It has really good music and the graphics are great for a 16 bit system.  I definitely recommend this game.  It was made by Techno Soft (also the author of the Thunder Force series which are also fantastic games to play).

My interest in Genesis games is basically to try and get back all/most of the old games I used to own back in the day.  I’m missing a few such as Phantasy Star 2 & 3 (apparently the Sega Dude has an extra copy of 3… I offered to pay him for it, but he insisted that I have it… that being said it isn’t in my collection yet.  Other games I’m missing are Whip Rush, Target Earth, Air Diver, Gaires, Grenada, Mystic Defender, Arrow Flash, and Thunder Force 3 (apparently there was a 4th chapter called Lightening Force which I also would like to try out some day… oh, and part 5 is for the PS1 that I would also like to get my hands on).  Other than these, I’ll give the rest of my findings to the Sega Dude for safe keeping.

These next three games were to add to my Zelda collection.  I’m still missing the Master Quest, Oracle of Ages and Seasons on Game Boy, Skyward Sword, and of course the new one on the Wii U whicIMG_4533h I can’t remember what its called… nor have I heard whether it is any good or not.  Anyways, these are all complete (except Minish Cap), and seem like they could be a lot of fun when I actually have the time to sit down and play a Zelda game.  I think the one I’ll try first is Spirit Tracks as it seems to be the most straight forward.  Then again who knows… maybe Four Swords Adventure will prove to be the better game…  or even Minish Cap (which i can now play on my Retron 5:)

As I mentioned in my last post, my Halloween costume this year is goIMG_4536ing to be Link… yes I know it isn’t much of a surprise, but I’m attempting to make the costume myself… except the sword… which isn’t the Master Sword so don’t give me any heat about that!  Anyways I finished the hat today.  I made by sewing together the sleeves of the green fleece that I’ll be wearing.  I also bought a thick brown belt, a brown turtle neck, brown leggings, boots and pointed ears to wear… all from Value Village of course and i think it all came to a grand total of $55.  Not bad, but I still have to make the master shield whicLink_Realh I’m going to attempt at projecting it on a wall then tracing it onto a big sheet of bristol board.

This is the picture that I’m basing the costume on.  I don’t think I’ll be making the arm bracers though as I want people to see my hand with the Triforce painted on it.  The only thing i still have to get is another belt for my sword scabbard… which I also have to make… so much to do with so little time. What’s kind of funny is that when I went to the register to purchase the green fleece and brown belt, the cashier actually guessed what I was going to be… he must follow this blog:)  I’ll take a picture of my complete costume when it is finished.



Collection Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks game hunting…IMG_3858

… Final Fantasy 3, The Lost Vikings, and Paladin’s Quest were bought from a guy on Craigslist (all three for $80).  I came across his ad one day and saw that he was selling an SNES, these three games, and three crappy sports games all for $150 which seemed a bit over-priced.  However I really only wanted the above three games, and fortunately he was willing divide up his package and sell them separately.  While $80 is more than I usually pay for games, I really wanted these as I will actually play them.  It’s a bit below market value, and well below what I would pay in a store.

IMG_3861This game was picked up at Value Village only days after the Segadude purchased it on Ebay.  He paid a fair price, but thrift stores are always the cheapest way to go… often they are a complete bust, but hey, that’s what makes game collecting fun… the thrill when you find something cool to add to your collection feels great!  It’s my version of “Chasing the Dragon” (the high people get when they smoke opium… never tried it… kids, just say no to Drugs… thank you Nancy Reagan).  The thing is I don’t know why I bought it… even though it was only $7, the main reason I wanted it was so that I could send a “no big deal” text to the Segadude as it had been a while.  I would have given it to him had he not already had it.  He says it looks like a good platformer so we’ll give it a shot.  If you look closely at the picture you can even see one of my dog’s hairs:)  This brings something to mind… I’ve been told by one person that they can’t enlarge my photos when he clicks on them… yet when I try it out, it works fine?!  Please let me know if you are also having trouble and I will try to correct this.


These next two games were purchased at an actual retail store (rare for me), but believe it or not this guy’s prices are actually okay… compared to other places, his prices are up to 1/3 less.  The name of the store is Game Mania on Bloor Street which I will have to go back to again some day.  Clay Fighters is a neat game that I’ve wanted for a while now as it just looks cool.  There is nothing really special about it, nor have I ever played it before, but the cover looks intriguing (I often judge books by their cover).  Donkey Konga is a Game Cube game that requires a set of bongo drums (which I don’t have).  I’m not sure why I bought it other than that it is a DK game and figured it would look cool in the museum.  Compared to my other Game Cube games, this is easily the most suspect.

IMG_3863 IMG_3862

And of course we have to yet again honour the Segadude for making a contribution to the collection (it seems like I’ve been doing that a lot lately).  Now what you have here are a copy of Wizardry 5 for the SNES, Mario Tennis, and Star Fox 64.  Now admittedly Mario Tennis isn’t that great, but I do collect all Mario games.  Included in this also is the instructions for the SNES as well as the booklet for Super Mario World… a great addition! Thanks Segadude!  I’ll have to be on the look out for some extra cool titles on the big game hunt coming up this August for him… don’t worry, everything south of Michigan will soon be yours (after a holding term, and a few “no big deal” texts).

I don’t imagine any of you give a poop, but my collection is actually a bit bigger than I thought it was: 275 NES games, 35 SNES games, 11 N64, 9 Game Cube, 5 Game Boy, 15 Game Boy Advance, and 10 Wii (still don’t own a Wii yet).  What’s crazy is that I am trying to put all these games in universal game cases.  Unfortunately the system I have the most games for requires me to modify the case… 1 doesn’t take long, but 275 is a major project! That and the cost of getting the covers printed is a bit, but I think will be worth it in the long run.  Each cover and case costs me under $2 to do which is about as cheap as I can get it while still retaining an excellent quality.

Summer is here… cheers!

Nintendo Joe


It’s Been a Fortnight!


I’ve been ripped off!  Last week I picked up these Pokemon games at Value Village for $6 each.  Sounds like a steal right?!… and it was.  Honestly I couldn’t care less about Pokemon, but i do know that they are popular and would sell/trade well.  I put an ad up on both Kijiji and Craigslist (I find I get way more hits on Kijiji) with the intent to sell, and as you would expect I received he usual lowball offers.  I find it rather funny that even when you price the games well below that of you’ll always get some dink who wants it for less.  Even if I offered it for 25 cents they would offer 20.  I guess you can’t knock them for trying, but I usually don’t respond to these offers.  Anyways I get a hit from a guy who says he’ll give me $100 for them on Paypal if I ship it to him.  I thought why not this sounds like a great offer!  Well he ended up backing out, but suggested a trade instead.  He offered up a copy of Mega Man 5 (the most elusive of the NES series) plus a copy of Mega Man X for the SNES.  He sent pictures and they all looked like they were in very decent… though not perfect shape.  It’s a fair trade considering the value of both my games and his were approximately the same.  He would have come out a bit ahead, but what did I care as I only spent $24 on the four titles?!  He comes back later saying that someone has offered him $150 for the games and wanted to back out??!!??  I sent him a text saying “that was a load of S&%# and that we had a deal that needed to be honoured.”  He agreed with me and said he would send the games that day.  I agreed to do the same… you see I like to trust people.  Well what a fool I am!  I sent him the games, and 10 days later still have yet to receive my package.  So by my account, he sold the games for $150, and got a free shipment of Pokemon games from me.  The Nintendo Museum believes in giving back to the community, but this is robbery.  Stupid thing is that I know where he lives and it isn’t that far away.  Should I wait a bit and strong arm him?  While I might like to, I’m a bit more civilized.  I would go to the police, but I really have no proof that he didn’t send it.  In my entire life I haven’t had a package not reach it’s destination… and now the one I actually care about gets lost???  I doubt it.  I was scammed and feel like a schmuck for being so gullible. Ah whatever, you live you learn.  I won’t make the same mistake again.

IMG_3740 On a lighter note, I also found this Gameboy Color at Value Village.  This will be a nice addition to the museum as it is the second last handheld system that we don’t have… the only other being the Nintendo 3DS.  Of course there are other colours of this system, and I’ll pick them up if I find them for cheap, but for now this will do just fine:)


I also manage to pick up these NES titles from a dealer in Peterborough ON called Chumleighs.  It’s a family run business whom has done very well over the last 20 years.  When we were in university I dropped a fortune there picking up Disney and other VHS tapes.  They are now all worthless.  Fortunately I also purchased a copy of Mega Man for a mere $7… though you have to remember this was in 1997 when no one really gave a crap about NES games.  Now everyone is an expert and the prices are inflated beyond ridiculous!  The Pirates game and Street Fighter II Turbo were actually purchased from a dealer in Lakefield ON, whom I find to be more than fair.  His prices can be good, but most importantly he is willing to haggle.  Funny thing is this guy never has change so is always willing to accept less than his requested amount.  I picked up these two titles for $20 which seems like a good deal considering I’ll actually play the Street Fighter game.

IMG_3738 This next find was the best of all, and the price was right… free!  You see my wife or her sisters were the proud owner of a Galaxian mini cabinet, and everyone thought that it belonged to someone else.  My wife thought it was her sisters, both her sisters said it was my wife’s.  Well it is in the museum now where it belongs.  It isn’t in mint shape… some of the labels are missing or peeling, but it does have the battery cover… and it works!  Plus as I mentioned the price was perfect!IMG_3739

So that’s it for this edition.  You never know, maybe that package really was sent… though it was from Oshawa ON, which is spitting distance from Toronto so I doubt it.  I think what really bothers me is not knowing what happened, though as I mentioned before I suspect foul play!  At least it was fun thinking that I owned a copy of Mega Man 5 for a while.  That might be as close as I get to it as I will never pay what dealers or people on eBay charge for the game.  Maybe I’ll luck out at the Value Village one day, but I doubt it:(