Big Score at Value Village!

IMG_8015 IMG_8017 IMG_8020

These were all Value Village finds, but I really paid dearly for them.  For example, Pokemon Stadium 2 was $40, Paper Mario sold for $30, Banjo Kazooie was $25, and Mario Kart (perhaps the best for trading) went for a handsome sum of $30.  Valkyrie Profile was an impulse purchase because I thought it looked cool… I didn’t have time to look it up, and I don’t have a PSP anymore so I’m not really sure what I was thinking.  However… I had a 30% off coupon on all the above purchases… there is NO WAY I would have picked them up otherwise!  Value Village is getting awfully pricey these days, and at this particular location they obviously have someone that knows their retro games and what they should go for.  I about 3 years ago I picked up a complete copy of Super Mario RPG for $13… and I thought that was pricey! Oh those were the days:(  At least I once again have something good to trade!






These Game Cube games were all bought from a guy on Kijiji for $20.  I’ll probably keep the Viewful Joe games and trade the others.  They are all complete except for the X-Men Next Generation which is missing the manual.  The Game Cube has some really great titles on it… plus the games come in nice plastic cases… but I just can’t get used to the controller…this will take some time, however I really want to start playing the GC more as I have yet to try out Metroid Prime.

IMG_8021This last purchase was for $10 from a guy on Kijiji.  This was the same controller I had when I was a teenager, except mine needed elastic bands to hold it together as I kept throwing it against the wall after getting frustrated with Street Fighter 2.  I used to have quite the temper… it’s true what they say about red heads!  I’ve somehow been able to manage my anger and haven’t had an outburst for a long time.  In fact the last time I peaked out was after being on hold with Rogers (the locale cable company) for 2.5 hours only to be hung up on.  I lost it and was yelling all over the apartment.  I cancelled my cable and internet subscription at that very moment and haven’t regretted it since:)

There has been some ideas floating around of changing the lay out of my game room.  Also another shelf may need to be acquired as the NES collection is getting out of control. Customizing the universal game cases and cutting out the cover art is very time consuming, but it is happening.  I try to do five per day, and so far it is coming along nicely.  A future post (likely in the summer) should come out with the rearranged game room and boxed collection.

Sega Corner:  Nothing new to report on this front unfortunately:(

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe



Well our Spring Break trip to Kingston Ontario was a big success… at least in terms of picking up games for the collection… the weather was cold and rainy the entire time:(  But rain or no shine… there were games to be had!

Our first stop was in Belleville Ontario (about a 45 minute drive on the way to Kingston) as I  remembered from last year that there was a particularly good retro game store called Chumleighs there.  I wasn’t disappointed this time around in the selection, but a bit miffed that I was turned down on an offered price on a game.  More on that later.  Below are the pick ups from Chumleighs:


This first pile of games is nothing special, other than that they are games I didn’t have and were a fairly cheap price; at least for a reseller.  I think I over paid a bit on Rescue: The Embassy Mission, but we are only talking about a couple of bucks here. The Heroes of the Lance title I’m interested in (the best thing about this game is the artwork on the label, but at least it is one of a series of Dungeons & Dragons games on the NES… the others being Pool of Radiance, Hillsfar, Dragon Strike, and Dragons Flame)  The other games pictured are The Untouchables, Laser Invasion (needs the top part of the label cleaned) and Wrestlemania Challenge.

IMG_7962 WURM: Journey to the Center of the Earth is a game I’ve been looking for. It is a kind of a shooter, but not really… sorry for the poor description, but those whom have played the game will know what I’m talking about.  Kiwi Kraze I believe is a platformer but I’ve never actually played the game myself.  I’m not sure if it is related to New Zealand Story, but there are a few similarities between the two games.

IMG_7957While I’m not really into GameBoy, I couldn’t resist picking up these two Mega Man titles.  They are both for the GameBoy Color and look like they could be a lot of fun.  The labels are in mint shape and are a welcomed addition to my Mega Man collection.



IMG_7958On it’s own this title is nothing special, but I’ve been looking for this game for a while now as it is the last Metroid I needed for the collection.  Well that’s technically a lie since I don’t own the Metroid Prime Trilogy on the Wii, nor the Zelda Wind Waker combo disc for the Game Cube… but I don’t count these as I now do own all of the Metroid games.


So…the refused offer… what happened was that Chumleighs also had a copy of Earthbound for the SNES.  This is a fairly expensive game… can be over $300, and they wanted $250+tax  for the game.  I offered the guy $200, and much to my wife’s relief he said “No” and “that he paid $150 for the game and there wasn’t enough margin”.  Oh well, I tried.

Another interesting thing that happened on our trip is that when we were at the Belleville Value Village, one of the employees saw me looking at the video games and asked if I knew anything about GameBoy games.  Wow… here was my chance to prove that I was a pro!  Actually the truth is that I don’t know much about Gameboy… and let him know so, but that I was curious and wanted to take a look anyway.  He then brings out seveIMG_7960ral multi-cart games… the one I remember was a 73 in 1.  I tried looking it up, but couldn’t find it.  I told him to put a $15 price tag on it and see if he gets any bites.  I just wasn’t interested for as I mentioned before I’m not into GameBoy games… or should I have been?  Maybe it was some good trade bait?  Anyways I picked up a Gameboy copy of Pokemon Gold for trade.

Sega Corner:  Well I have finally picked up a copy of Wonder Boy 3:  The Dragons Trap for the Sega Master System, and for a pretty good price of $35.  To me this is the second best game on the SMS… next only to Phantasy Star.  IIMG_7956 remember when I first got into WB3 that I instantly fell in love with it.  You start the game at the last level of Wonder Boy in Monster Land in a fierce battle with the Mecha-Dragon… though of course this baddie is much easier to defeat in WB3!  After beating the robot dragon, a curse is put on you that changes your character into a small dragon.  You have to defeat a series of other dragons before being restored to your original form but along the way get transformed into several different man-creatures… like mouse-man, piranha-man, lion-man… and I can’t remember the others.  Mouse man was my favourite as it gave you the ability to climb walls.  Anyways I can’t wait to give this game another go!

That’s all for now.  Until next time,

Nintendo Joe



I finally had to throw in the towel…Golden Sun on the Game Boy Advance has beaten me. I must say it was a fun journey, but here I must admit defeat.  When you consider the number of times I had to look up on the internet about how to solve a puzzle, find an item, acquire a dijinn… there is just no other way to put it.  In fact i had to cheat for the first time a mere 10 minutes into the game!  All that being said, Golden Sun is the best JRPG I’ve played since Phantasy Star, and for those of you that know me, that’s saying something.

Who would have guessed that such a little gem lay hidden in a GBA cart?!  There is a small back stogolden-sunry into how I acquired this game.  Many years ago, the Sega Dude gave me a boxed copy of this game.  While the box and manual were kept safe, somehow the game became lost.  Now I know some of you might think “oh he just gave you the box as a prank” (and he certainly wouldn’t be above that!) but I can attest that the game was there at one point… it somehow disappeared into the abyss.  What’s kind of funny is that when the Sega Dude gave it to me I didn’t even own a GBA.  Well his ploy worked… I bought one for myself that Christmas, but this was more so I could play Metroid Fusion.  Golden Sun was put on the back burner and that’s how it got lost.  Anyway I recently purchased a copy of the cart at Chumleighs in Peterborough, ON and decided that the game should be played… and what a better time than summer holiday to do it!

Now I’ll be honest… while there is much of this game that I did like (the music, battle scenes, graphics) there was also A LOT that made me extremely frustrated at times.

1.  Where the heck do you get the “halt” ability?  Actually I looked it up and you can acquire it somewhere in the middle of the game, but it was soooo far back that it would take me several hours to get it.  It’s not an essential spell (you don’t “need” it), but it would have made it a bit easier had I had it… or at least it would have prevented me from having to look up how to solve one of the Crossbone Isle puzzles on the internet.

2.  The Venus Lighthouse (the last dungeon of the game) is RIDICULOUSLY hard to figure out, and I must give props to Zipdog12 on youtube for actually sorting this out.  I’ve been in some hard to solve dungeons before, but this one takes the cake!

3.  Finding/locating/acquiring/managing all the dijinn.  There should be a “for dummies” book on this!  Having a good understanding of the dijinn and how they work are essential in beating this game.  However as I mentioned before, I never aD0kusctually completed this game so what do I know?!  I did however make it to the last dungeon (the Venus Lighthouse) with a minimal understanding of the Dijinn, but couldn’t solve it, and had to watch Zipdog12 finish it off.  Even though this is cheating, it gave me great piece of mind to know that I could never have accomplished this on my first try.  I can’t beat the game because I haven’t acquired all the Dijinn.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind level grinding, heck it got me through Phantasy Star before the internet became public.  I remember back in the day when I was stuck playing Zelda: A Link to the Past for the first time.  There was nowhere to turn to for help except the store that I bought it from.  Man I must have annoyed the crap out of the guy who sold it to me… but he did help me destroy that miserable Ganon for which I will always be eternally grateful.  Back to Golden Sun… there was just no way for me to beat the last two bosses with the pathetic Dijinn that I had… I would have said impossible, but Zipdog12 would have proven me wrong.  He (I assume he is a he) is my new hero.  It wouldn’t surprise me if he was the one who actually created the game and thus was able to figure out all of it’s mysteries.  I’ve never before come across an RPG that allows you to make it to the end, but not have the ability to finish it?!  Very frustrating.

You know what, forget about it… there is just to much about this game that frustrated me the first time through that listing and explaining it all would just take too darn long.  Oh the Sega Dude says he completed the game, but I’m going to call him out on this one and say BS!  Very quickly, my other issues with Golden Sun:

4. Poor/lack of explanation on your abilities (perhaps it says what they are in the instruction manual, but that would involve reading and who has time for that?!).  If I don’t know what the character can do, then how am I supposed to solve the game’s puzzles?  For goodness sake I beat several of the Might and Magic games on my PC without any help… and Golden Sun is the one that beats me?!!!  UUUUHHHHGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!

5. Level grinding… as I said before I’m okay with this normally, but unless you have a minimum number of dijinn you won’t be able to complete the game no matter what level you achieve or what equipment you have.  The best I was doing was 130 damage which pales in comparison to what Zipdog 12 was getting (1572 damage at some points with the judgment summon… gimme a break!).  Near the end I was struggling with random counters… so much so that I would have to save after every two or so battles… where as this guy was going through these hellish beasts like a hot knife through butter!  I find this troublesome.

6.  And finally… enough with the head nodding, shaking, getting startled.  That’s what all the characters would do when ever there was any dialogue.  I found it so distracting that my ADHD would kick in and I would forget what the point of the story was.  It made me not care about the plot which at it’s basic level was actually not bad.  I realize this is a JRPG but come on…this is craziness!  The only thing it was missing was the growling that many of the characters do in anime.


Wow that’s a lot of complaints.  You might wonder why I would recommend this game.  Perhaps all the highlights will be on another blog post… there are tons.  It is actually a really great game if you can get past the six things I mentioned above.  I look forward to playing the game again… then again when I think how difficult the Venus Lighthouse dungeon was I probably won’t.  There’s just too much else out there to play.  But… if you haven’t already, you should definitely pick yourself up a copy of Golden Sun.  For crying out loud though, do yourself a favour and when you are half way through the game, watch Zipdog12 on youtube.  He is the master!  Golden Sun Walkthrough Part 55 is my favourite clip… and no i didn’t watch them all… just the last hour or so… yes this is how i’m spending my summer break:(


It’s been a pretty dry garage sale season when it comes to game hunting… until last weekend!

IMG_3874All this plus a complete SNES console for a mere $54.  The Gameboy games were a big find, but the score of the day was the SNES along with 7 games… six of them boxed for $20!!  The best game that I don’t already have is Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario World 2, but the others are pretty good traders and I should get something pretty sweet for these titles.  Now the debate I’ve  been having this:  I already have Donkey Kong Country 1 & 2 in a case that I had made, now I have an extra copy of each in the original box.  The box (while cool to have) doubles the trade value.  Donkey Kong Country in the box alone is $40 all day long.  I don’t necessarily want the cash… in fact i would rather have another $40 game that i don’t have…. like Mega Man 4 for example.  Then I would keep my old copies of both games (already in a fancy universal case with a printed cover). Your thoughts?!


To be completely honest, one of the Gameboy games in the above picture wasn’t from the big garage sale score.  Pokemon Blue Version for the Gameboy was actually a Value Village purchase ($10.50).  It’s complete which great, but as you all know Pokemon isn’t really my cup of tea.  That being said it has fantastic trade value and will sell on Kijiji fast.  Again… I would rather trade.  But I’m going to hold on to this game for a while for if you remember several months ago I was ripped off in a trade by some douche bag who claimed to have sent me in the mail a copy of Mega Man 5 and Mega Man X in trade for this game along with three others… all I ended up with in return was some bad feelings and a more suspicious mind.  It’s bitter sweet that I ended up finding this game again, and complete in the box at that:)

IMG_3876 These N64 carts were also a recent Value village purchase and in total amounted to $23 after tax.  Perfect Dark is an early FPS that isn’t that great by today’s standards, but back when it came out was revolutionary.  Castlevania is the other title which is yet another 3rd person perspective game… much like most other N64 titles.  It’s like Nintendo found something that was pretty cool a few times (Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, Mario 64) and decided that, hey, if it worked with a few hits, lets make ALL of our new games with the same engine.  That being said, Castlevania is actually a pretty cool game on the N64.  It has a targeting system much like that of the Zelda 64 titles, but I found that it was rather repetitive and became boring quite quickly.

Just throwing this out there… I would go so far as to say that the N64 is the worst of all the Nintendo consoles, with the SNES taking the top spot as terms of overall gaming fun.

What do you think is the best Nintendo console (excluding handhelds)?

Until next time, happy game hunting!


The $254 Purchase

The title of this post is supposed to be like “The Louisiana Purchase”, but it isn’t quite as clever (or funny) when I spell it out.  Doh!

GI Joe Vehicles Flagg IMG_3162Well I’ve done it… I’ve sold my old G.I. Joe collection.  I had it all man… the Flagg, Terror Drome, Sky Strikers, Rattlers, HISS, and about 115 figures including the original Cobra Commander, Scarlett, and Rock’n Roll among many others.  I had been collecting these toys since university (roughly 18 years ago), but I just wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of them anymore.  So I posted an add on Kijiji and basically sold the whole lot in less than 24 hours.  I knew it was going to sell, but not so quickly!  Anyways I got $1700 out of it which is a fraction of what I paid so I’m quite happy.  I could have gotten more if I had held out and sold the pieces to multiple buyers, but then I would have to deal with all these people in my house trying to lowball me.  I was lucky and got a quick sale and a reasonable price.  He got a good deal too though as the majority of the toys were in good shape and are hard to find.  I bring this up, as I now have some money to spend… $1700 to be exact.  All of a sudden Mega Man 5 is no longer unattainable:)

I had to wait for this guys yard sale for two weeks.  He had put up a post on Kijiji advertising as 1500+ video games.  I try not to get excited so as I’m not disappointed, but this couldn’t be helped.  The thing is, this yard sale was in Oshawa, Ontario (about a 30 minute drive) which is crazy far for something like this, but I couldn’t resist… and it paid off:)


When I arrived at this dude’s place (at precisely 7:00am) I was already late.  Other collectors were already there!  Early bird gets the worm I suppose.  But there were lots of worms to go around.  I had no idea what this guys prices would be like so I just started making piles of games and accessories.  For the NES I managed to pick up a copy of Back to the Future 2 & 3, Dirty Harry, MTV Remote Control, Circus Caper, Dragon Power, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Bad Street Brawler, Predator, Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular, The Last Ninja, Amagon, Quantum Fighter, and last but not least The Adventures of Dizzy.  I also got an NES Max game pad, and a Quick Shot Joystick (I guess it is supposed to be for flight simulators??).  The max game pad seems pretty cool as it has a turbo feature.

IMG_3867Next up was a bin full of SNES games.  Aero the Acobat, Robo Cop Vs. The Terminator, Street Combat, Time Slip, C2: Judgement Clay, Wolf Child, and Pilot wings were the acquisitions of the day.  The game I’m most excited about is Clayfighter 2 as I just picked up the original last week.  Robocop and Terminator in the same game… are you kidding me???  While I’ve not played it yet, this game just has to be great… how can it not be when it stars two of the greatest cyborgs created (at least in my opinion).  While we are on the topic, I did see the new Robocop, and even though it received bad reviews I still liked it.  However not as much as the original as it lacked a villain as mean as as Clarence Bodicker, but what are you going to do?  I’ll try out these games and if I find that I don’t like them I’ll trade it for other games at the store up the street.

IMG_3870Also coincidently I found a copy of Donkey Konga 2 (with the set of bongo drums) for the Game Cube.  This was a good find since last week I also purchased the original game.  I hardly think the game will be that great, but the bongo drums will look great in the collection.


IMG_3869Mario Vs. Donkey Kong for the GBA, Mario & Yoshi, along with Bomberman for the Gameboy were three other finds.  Interestingly enough I have no idea how much the Mario & Yoshi game is worth as I can’t seem to find it on my usual website of choice,  I’m sure it is not a gem, but it is a Mario game that I didn’t have.

IMG_3872The best purchase however was a complete Nintendo Wii for $25.  Previously I was the owner of this system, but I traded it straight up for an Xbox 360 when it was still a big deal.  I just wasn’t playing it, and all my friends had Xbox.  Over all it was a good trade… but this just makes it all come together.  Now this doesn’t have the story of my old console… where the Sega Dude and I camped outside Toys R Us at 2:00am when this system was so popular for a while that you literally couldn’t get it in the stores.  It was an innovative machine that carried a price tag of $259.00.  Not bad when you put it up against the PS4, or Xbox One… neither of which I’m interested in at the moment as to me there doesn’t seem to be anything groundbreaking yet that would make me want to fork over $400 + tax for the system.

While there were no Mega Man 5’s to be found at this yard sale (or any Mega Man for that matter) I think I still did pretty good.  The guys prices were NOT typical garage sale prices but was somewhere in between them and store prices.  Basically his lot of games came from a Game Swap store and he was charging 50% of the price tag.  Perhaps a disgruntled employee?!? A good price for collecting.  I also did buy two Pokemon DS games (not pictured) to trade.  I have no idea why Pokemon is so popular because personally I couldn’t care less… but to each there own I suppose.  So the lot of games, accessories, and the Wii was $254.  A nice way to start out summer break!

It’s Been a Fortnight!


I’ve been ripped off!  Last week I picked up these Pokemon games at Value Village for $6 each.  Sounds like a steal right?!… and it was.  Honestly I couldn’t care less about Pokemon, but i do know that they are popular and would sell/trade well.  I put an ad up on both Kijiji and Craigslist (I find I get way more hits on Kijiji) with the intent to sell, and as you would expect I received he usual lowball offers.  I find it rather funny that even when you price the games well below that of you’ll always get some dink who wants it for less.  Even if I offered it for 25 cents they would offer 20.  I guess you can’t knock them for trying, but I usually don’t respond to these offers.  Anyways I get a hit from a guy who says he’ll give me $100 for them on Paypal if I ship it to him.  I thought why not this sounds like a great offer!  Well he ended up backing out, but suggested a trade instead.  He offered up a copy of Mega Man 5 (the most elusive of the NES series) plus a copy of Mega Man X for the SNES.  He sent pictures and they all looked like they were in very decent… though not perfect shape.  It’s a fair trade considering the value of both my games and his were approximately the same.  He would have come out a bit ahead, but what did I care as I only spent $24 on the four titles?!  He comes back later saying that someone has offered him $150 for the games and wanted to back out??!!??  I sent him a text saying “that was a load of S&%# and that we had a deal that needed to be honoured.”  He agreed with me and said he would send the games that day.  I agreed to do the same… you see I like to trust people.  Well what a fool I am!  I sent him the games, and 10 days later still have yet to receive my package.  So by my account, he sold the games for $150, and got a free shipment of Pokemon games from me.  The Nintendo Museum believes in giving back to the community, but this is robbery.  Stupid thing is that I know where he lives and it isn’t that far away.  Should I wait a bit and strong arm him?  While I might like to, I’m a bit more civilized.  I would go to the police, but I really have no proof that he didn’t send it.  In my entire life I haven’t had a package not reach it’s destination… and now the one I actually care about gets lost???  I doubt it.  I was scammed and feel like a schmuck for being so gullible. Ah whatever, you live you learn.  I won’t make the same mistake again.

IMG_3740 On a lighter note, I also found this Gameboy Color at Value Village.  This will be a nice addition to the museum as it is the second last handheld system that we don’t have… the only other being the Nintendo 3DS.  Of course there are other colours of this system, and I’ll pick them up if I find them for cheap, but for now this will do just fine:)


I also manage to pick up these NES titles from a dealer in Peterborough ON called Chumleighs.  It’s a family run business whom has done very well over the last 20 years.  When we were in university I dropped a fortune there picking up Disney and other VHS tapes.  They are now all worthless.  Fortunately I also purchased a copy of Mega Man for a mere $7… though you have to remember this was in 1997 when no one really gave a crap about NES games.  Now everyone is an expert and the prices are inflated beyond ridiculous!  The Pirates game and Street Fighter II Turbo were actually purchased from a dealer in Lakefield ON, whom I find to be more than fair.  His prices can be good, but most importantly he is willing to haggle.  Funny thing is this guy never has change so is always willing to accept less than his requested amount.  I picked up these two titles for $20 which seems like a good deal considering I’ll actually play the Street Fighter game.

IMG_3738 This next find was the best of all, and the price was right… free!  You see my wife or her sisters were the proud owner of a Galaxian mini cabinet, and everyone thought that it belonged to someone else.  My wife thought it was her sisters, both her sisters said it was my wife’s.  Well it is in the museum now where it belongs.  It isn’t in mint shape… some of the labels are missing or peeling, but it does have the battery cover… and it works!  Plus as I mentioned the price was perfect!IMG_3739

So that’s it for this edition.  You never know, maybe that package really was sent… though it was from Oshawa ON, which is spitting distance from Toronto so I doubt it.  I think what really bothers me is not knowing what happened, though as I mentioned before I suspect foul play!  At least it was fun thinking that I owned a copy of Mega Man 5 for a while.  That might be as close as I get to it as I will never pay what dealers or people on eBay charge for the game.  Maybe I’ll luck out at the Value Village one day, but I doubt it:(