Another Successful Show!

Two Sundays ago was the semi-annual Durham Game Swap.  I was approached by Flavio and the Sega Dude to sell with them at their table, but I’ve got nothing left that I want to part with except for a few old PS2 and XBox 360 games that no one wants… hell I’d give them away for free if someone can actually make any use out of them!  I actually thought that some of the titles (Rachet & Clank series, etc.) were pretty good, but I can’t even get a song for them!  Anyways I went to the show as a buyer and I’m glad I made the trip.  Here’s my loot:

IMG_0860 The two games on the left, Solomon’s Key, and Championship Pool are nothing special, but Flavio had them, and I didn’t.  The former is actually a decent puzzle game and is the prequel to Fire N’ Ice… a much more expensive game!  Day Dreamin Davey is one that I see a lot, but it is never at a price that I want to pay.  I started talking to the dealer as he had a copy of Chip N, Dale 2 (In a past blog I stated that I owned all the Capcom games…. This was an error that I hope to correct some day) with a great price on it… I picked it up and immediately returned it after seeing the label damage… to me a damaged label means the game is less than worthless!  Anyways when it came to buying the Davey game I offered him $20… he took a long time to come down from the $25 he had marked stating quite emphatically that he “usually” gets full price.  Not from this guy pal!  I’m trying to complete a collection here!  And $20 is market value so big whoop!


The dealer was also trying to tell me that Aladdin was a USA released game, and that it was his favorite Disney title.  He wasn’t impressed when I told him it never left Europe,  as you can tell by the circular Nintendo Seal of Quality symbol.  Am I wrong?!  If I am then there’s yet again another game I need, and I probably owe the guy an apology for being so matter-of-factually.


Onto the next booth.  I’ve been on the lookout for these two games but the price was always way too high.  I asked the guy for fun what he would take for the both, and he said $200… I thought this was a pretty good price as the labels are in great shape.  I must have been blind though for as you can see there is some writing on the Tomato cartridge:  Normally I would have passed, but I must have been caught up in all the excitement of the deal!  Does anyone know how to get permanent marker off plastic?  I heard that Mr. Clean Magic Erasers don’t work as they discolour the NES shell??  I hope there is a fix because if there isn’t then I’ll need to buy a replacement/upgrade at some point as I just can’t have a game in this condition in my collection.  Got to love OCD!


These games were purchased from Peter at P- Market Games in Belleville Ontario who was also had a dealer booth in Oshawa.  He claimed that he was giving me a great deal… and while his prices have come down substantially since I last saw him (he previously had $300 on Sword Master), they were just at market value and while perhaps a deal at a store, I want more from a retro game show.  Then again, as soon as I picked up Sword Master another dude swore under his breath as he was about to pick up the game.  Hey man, I’m glad I have it, but the price tag at $200 for what most people consider a piece of plastic with a sticker on it is still pretty high…


Home of my NES collection!

… which brings me to my next point.  When I got home and my wife took a look at what I had bought, and I had to promise her that we would pay off the mortgage before buying the top five most expensive NES games (Little Sampson, Flintstones 2, Panic Restaurant, Bonk’s Adventure, and Power Blade 2).  I agreed to this as the mortgage interest rates are going higher, and our money would be better spent meaningfully on our investment.  However what if I’m presented with a deal I can’t refuse?!  This will be hard, but it may blow over if I can convince my wife that we will donate the “savings” to the World Wildlife Federation.  In other words what I’m trying to say is that it will be a couple of years before I can attempt to complete the North American released NES collection.


Sqoon was actually purchased online from  They don’t often have any real deals, but for $75 US including shipping this was decent.  Whenever I see it here it sells for around $130CAN which is above market price and thus I’m not sure how many copies sell.  You should check them out from time to time as you may find a good price every year or so.

Well that brings the needed NES games down to a mere 27 (unless I’m wrong about Aladdin).  While it doesn’t happen often anymore as I’m pretty much at the mercy of Flavio, the Retro Game Bros., and game shows for NES titles to add to my collection… there are occasions where it just seems to work out!

On to other business…

Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand, you’re aware of Canada legalizing the use of marijuana, and as many of you know I’m not a fan of Doug Ford (Ontario’s Premiere).  The other day it was released what the Provinces rules/laws were around the use of cannabis.  Namely you can’t use it within a certain distance of a school, etc..  I was just wondering if Doug Ford followed his own rules when according to the Globe & Mail newspaper he was allegedly selling it to people in the 1980’s?!  Hmmm.


Joe’s Grievances:  Has anyone noticed that the Dallas Cowboys get way too much air time on nationally televised NFL games?!  They are owned by this racist douche bag, Jerry Jones who at one point took a knee in support of his players in protest during the national anthem before a game… then later said that he would fine players for kneeling as it was disrespectful to the country when Trump declared it “unpatriotic” to kneel.  It’s clear what side you are on dude… not mine!  While we are on the topic of the Dallas Cowboys, what do we think of a team whose star running back is a wife beater, and horrible human being in Ezekiel Elliott… or Zeke as fans like to call him?  It’s amazing what people are willing to put up with from a dude who can run a football a few extra yards!


SEGA Corner:  Well they’ve finally done it!  They have fixed the bug in Phantasy Star Generation 2 (a remake of Phantasy Star II) that made the game unplayable on the Play Station 2.  I can’t wait to get my mitts on this game as this was the chapter that made me fall in love with the series.  That being said it was the first chapter I played on my newly acquired Sega Genesis in the early 1990’s.  Playing the original game on the Master System “Power” Converter was a massive bonus!  Phantasy Star III sucked, but was made up for in part IV!

That’s all for now.  Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

The Reason I Sale

Last weekend myself and several friends went garage sailing as the area my parents live in was having their annual garage sale event.  Honestly, the pickings were really slim this year.  It seems to have been in decline every year for the decade that I’ve been going to this event.  The odd common Wii game here, and a copy of Namco Museum for the GBA was all that there was… in other words there was nothing even remotely interesting to look at, let alone talk about on here.  Who knew that at approximately 11:00am I would strike gold!


I found a box of gaming paraphernalia with the above sign taped to it at an unassuming older couple’s house.


The first thing in the box that caught my eye was a PS1 console and the above games.  Nothing to write home about as even though these games are complete, they along with the console are fairly worthless.  So I dug a little deeper…


Ahhh… some SNES manuals.  Not pictured is a sealed copy of all the manuals for the SNES console.  I already have these, but something told me to dig deeper and so I did…

IMG_8051Complete mint in box copies of the above games were found.  Now we’re talking!  Generally I don’t keep boxes unless they are for a really good game, however I already have a copy of F-Zero and I’m not interested at all in Extra Innings.  I used to love to play baseball, but playing the video game versions (regardless of the platform) always seemed really boring.  The Sega Dude expressed interest in having these so I’m going to give them to him.  Now that I was hot on the trail, I kept digging…


What’s this… Turbo Grafx-16 games?!  Even though these are sports titles, you never see games for the TG-16 any more.  In fact this is the first I have ever seen them at a garage sale… and I have been to a lot of sales!  However, this is fools gold compared to the 24K rock that I found at the bottom of the box…


Holy Toledo a Turbo Express and a copy of Bonk’s Adventure!!!  Now we’re talking!  When I first saw this I knew I had stuck gold.  I knew it was expensive but didn’t know just how valuable this was.  I figured it would sell for around $150, but after the Sega Dude told me that the Retro Game Bros. have it currently for sale with a price tag of $500 I was floored!  Can you say Cha-Ching!  I have zero interest in collecting for what is probably one of the most difficult systems to collect for, but I may be able to sell this and buy a really rare NES game that I otherwise wouldn’t have any business owning.  I’m going to keep this for a while to check it out… and see if this puppy actually works.  I don’t understand why it is so valuable as it is just a bulky hand held system with a REALLY small screen, but for some reason people are looking for these.

So, I’m $10 poorer than I was when I set out last Saturday, but I feel very lucky!  I scored huge!

SEGA Corner:  The events described above didn’t happen exactly as I told it… in fact I didn’t even see the sign that said it was all for $10.  I saw the mint SNES boxed games first, and then the Turbo Express… and I knew I had to have it.  When the guy came out asking for only $10 I was giddy with adrenaline.  The other games were just a bonus… if only the previous owner wasn’t such a sports fan but rather was into RPG’s instead:(  Oh well I shouldn’t complain… but there was one more find in that good box…


It’s not very exciting… maybe even a bit of a let down compared to the rest, but I’m going to mention it anyway to keep SEGA Corner alive.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

Got It!

First and foremost, I have to thank the Sega Dude’s beautiful and thoughtful wife for finding (and giving me) a near mint box and instruction manual for my Diddy Kong Racing cartridge for my N64.  Thank you, and this service will not be forgotten!  It will go in the collection and shine with pride:)



I’ve been doing a lot of garage sailing on Saturday mornings and I must say that I’m getting much better at it as I gain more experience.  I’ve been watching a youtube channel by some guy named SeeJayAre who documents his garage sale finds and has quite a substantial collection of his own.  I wouldn’t classify him as a reseller, but more of a trader. He seems to trade all his doubles to pick up games that he doesn’t have in his collection.  The big difference between SeeJayAre and myself (well his collection is much grander than mine) is that he collects for pretty much every single system.  I limit myself to NES and SNES… and I dabble in Game Cube, Wii, and the N64.  I have a few titles for the Sega Master System, and Sega Genesis which I usually cover in the ever popular “Sega Corner” portion of this blog;)

Below is a score that I made at Value Village last Tuesday while on my way to pick up my wife at work.  This post is titled “Got It” because of this find.  Nothing in here is really that big a deal (Super Mario All Stars has some trading value), but I swooped in on another guy trying to buy the games.  He asked, “can I see the SNES games” and the person behind the counter gave him half the pile.  I waited for a few seconds and then asked if I could see the other half.  Low and behold in my half there was a game that I didn’t have… Dr. Mario & Tetris double cart for the SNES!  Yay… but more than that the other guys pile of games were worthless pieces of junk like Wheel of Fortune… sucks to be him!  I finally scored (though it doesn’t make up for the “Early Bird Gets the Worm” tragedy where I missed a NES with about 8 games for $5.  I’m still bitter about that one!




These games are some of the loot I bought while garage sailing.  While there is nothing special here, these are games that were not out on display at the yard sale.  I used my typical line (picked up from SeeJayAre)… “do you happen to have any old video games like Nintendo or Gameboy, or Sega”  For once the lady said that she actually had a few games inside the house if I wanted to take a look.  She brought them out, and while there was nothing to write home about at $2 a piece for complete games this was a bargain.  I’ll probably keep Pac Man Party and trade the others for more desirable titles.IMG_5567

The Pokemon Pinball came into my collection thanks to my amazing, beautiful, and generous wife.  While I don’t really collect Pokemon, this game was a big hit at the Swap Meet last March.  I should be able to get some good trade-in value for it.  That being said, I just looked it up, and it isn’t worth that much at all, but never the less I still thank my wife for looking out for me and the collection!  Keep your eyes open honey… you might just find something great!

Sega Corner:  A special congrats to the Sega Dude for setting up a youtube page that is becoming ever more profitable for him.  I think he was up to $0.34 the last time i checked.  That’s a lot more than I have earned, but then I don’ t have a youtube channel.  I’m not quite at that calibre yet (I still have lots to learn about this blog page first!).  I’m so proud of him and just a bit jealous!

That’s all for today.

Nintendo Joe

The $254 Purchase

The title of this post is supposed to be like “The Louisiana Purchase”, but it isn’t quite as clever (or funny) when I spell it out.  Doh!

GI Joe Vehicles Flagg IMG_3162Well I’ve done it… I’ve sold my old G.I. Joe collection.  I had it all man… the Flagg, Terror Drome, Sky Strikers, Rattlers, HISS, and about 115 figures including the original Cobra Commander, Scarlett, and Rock’n Roll among many others.  I had been collecting these toys since university (roughly 18 years ago), but I just wasn’t getting much enjoyment out of them anymore.  So I posted an add on Kijiji and basically sold the whole lot in less than 24 hours.  I knew it was going to sell, but not so quickly!  Anyways I got $1700 out of it which is a fraction of what I paid so I’m quite happy.  I could have gotten more if I had held out and sold the pieces to multiple buyers, but then I would have to deal with all these people in my house trying to lowball me.  I was lucky and got a quick sale and a reasonable price.  He got a good deal too though as the majority of the toys were in good shape and are hard to find.  I bring this up, as I now have some money to spend… $1700 to be exact.  All of a sudden Mega Man 5 is no longer unattainable:)

I had to wait for this guys yard sale for two weeks.  He had put up a post on Kijiji advertising as 1500+ video games.  I try not to get excited so as I’m not disappointed, but this couldn’t be helped.  The thing is, this yard sale was in Oshawa, Ontario (about a 30 minute drive) which is crazy far for something like this, but I couldn’t resist… and it paid off:)


When I arrived at this dude’s place (at precisely 7:00am) I was already late.  Other collectors were already there!  Early bird gets the worm I suppose.  But there were lots of worms to go around.  I had no idea what this guys prices would be like so I just started making piles of games and accessories.  For the NES I managed to pick up a copy of Back to the Future 2 & 3, Dirty Harry, MTV Remote Control, Circus Caper, Dragon Power, Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Bad Street Brawler, Predator, Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular, The Last Ninja, Amagon, Quantum Fighter, and last but not least The Adventures of Dizzy.  I also got an NES Max game pad, and a Quick Shot Joystick (I guess it is supposed to be for flight simulators??).  The max game pad seems pretty cool as it has a turbo feature.

IMG_3867Next up was a bin full of SNES games.  Aero the Acobat, Robo Cop Vs. The Terminator, Street Combat, Time Slip, C2: Judgement Clay, Wolf Child, and Pilot wings were the acquisitions of the day.  The game I’m most excited about is Clayfighter 2 as I just picked up the original last week.  Robocop and Terminator in the same game… are you kidding me???  While I’ve not played it yet, this game just has to be great… how can it not be when it stars two of the greatest cyborgs created (at least in my opinion).  While we are on the topic, I did see the new Robocop, and even though it received bad reviews I still liked it.  However not as much as the original as it lacked a villain as mean as as Clarence Bodicker, but what are you going to do?  I’ll try out these games and if I find that I don’t like them I’ll trade it for other games at the store up the street.

IMG_3870Also coincidently I found a copy of Donkey Konga 2 (with the set of bongo drums) for the Game Cube.  This was a good find since last week I also purchased the original game.  I hardly think the game will be that great, but the bongo drums will look great in the collection.


IMG_3869Mario Vs. Donkey Kong for the GBA, Mario & Yoshi, along with Bomberman for the Gameboy were three other finds.  Interestingly enough I have no idea how much the Mario & Yoshi game is worth as I can’t seem to find it on my usual website of choice,  I’m sure it is not a gem, but it is a Mario game that I didn’t have.

IMG_3872The best purchase however was a complete Nintendo Wii for $25.  Previously I was the owner of this system, but I traded it straight up for an Xbox 360 when it was still a big deal.  I just wasn’t playing it, and all my friends had Xbox.  Over all it was a good trade… but this just makes it all come together.  Now this doesn’t have the story of my old console… where the Sega Dude and I camped outside Toys R Us at 2:00am when this system was so popular for a while that you literally couldn’t get it in the stores.  It was an innovative machine that carried a price tag of $259.00.  Not bad when you put it up against the PS4, or Xbox One… neither of which I’m interested in at the moment as to me there doesn’t seem to be anything groundbreaking yet that would make me want to fork over $400 + tax for the system.

While there were no Mega Man 5’s to be found at this yard sale (or any Mega Man for that matter) I think I still did pretty good.  The guys prices were NOT typical garage sale prices but was somewhere in between them and store prices.  Basically his lot of games came from a Game Swap store and he was charging 50% of the price tag.  Perhaps a disgruntled employee?!? A good price for collecting.  I also did buy two Pokemon DS games (not pictured) to trade.  I have no idea why Pokemon is so popular because personally I couldn’t care less… but to each there own I suppose.  So the lot of games, accessories, and the Wii was $254.  A nice way to start out summer break!

Bomberman Land & Spyro

So my two latest Value Village finds were Bomberman Land and Spyro:  A New Beginning… but you probably could have figured that one out if you read the title of this post.IMG_3279  Let’s start with Bomberman Land for the Nintendo Wii.  If you are familiar with the series, you were probably anticipating that this game would be a good multi-player game.  If this is the case you will be greatly disappointed.  Bomberman Land plays better on solo as the multi-player aspect seems like more of an after thought and was not done very well.  This game is basically a lot of mini-games, but don’t let this throw you off.  I realize that there are a ton of mini-games on the Wii that are absolutely horrible so I wasn’t expecting much when I bought this title; in fact the only reason I bought it was that it’s trade value is double the $9 I paid for it.  But surprisingly the min-games are actually quite fun.  I’m not really sure what the game developers were thinking by making us have to have to actually “look” for the games rather than simply having a list to choose from, but this is a minor issue.  Overall, Bomberman Land is pretty good and seeing as how it is all colourful and cute it can be played at a small party without feeling too nerdy.  This is always a plus for me so if you see it for cheap I recommend you pick it up.


Spyro: A New Beginning while originally a game for the Game Cube, but now on the DS is a decent.  I’ll admit that I’m not really that familiar with the Spyro series as I never had a Play Station back in the day, however this title is rather fun.  The combat feels very similar to that of Zelda, and when you destroy an enemy, crystals pop out that either recharge your health, or power ups like fire breath.  The best part of the game is the voice acting by Gary Oldman.  His small role as the pimp Drexel in the movie True Romance was by far my favourite, and while this falls way short, still adds a lot to the overall story.  Again, as with many games, I picked this up for it’s trade in value.

I’m mostly interested in completing my NES collection (I’m 26% there) and and good SNES games.  Thus I often pick up these other titles with hopes that I can trade for what I am looking for.  However if these titles don’t trade quickly, then I will proudly store them on my shelf with no feelings of shame:)