3DS XL!!!


As the name of the post indicates I was able to get my hands on a Nintendo 3DS XL.  It came with a hefty price tag of $140, but they guy threw in an in a boxed Link Amiibo with the deal.  I have no idea how to use the thing other than that i believe it goes with Super Smash Bros..  How ever you use it, it looks in the collection.


For whatever reason I just can’t get into the Smash Bros. games.  I have the N64 version, and Brawl on the Wii, but the games just seem rather pointless.  Knock your opponent off the cliff… only to have him/her come flying right back to do it all over again..  Where is the fun in this?  This isn’t to say that I don’t want them all for my collection, but that’s just because I’ve become obsessive about Nintendo.  The other day I was at the Swap Shop (a local pawn store) and they had a pretty good copy of Melee, but for a whopping price of $79!  He asked it I was interested, and I was like “no way dude”.  IMG_5268

With the 3DS XL, I also scored a copy of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, and Project X Zone.  I have yet to play either, but I hear the latter is kind of like Final Fantasy Tactics (which is a great game) except they use Capcom characters.  I really hope you get to play some of the villains as well as heroes.

So apparently I have to start collecting Amiibos now… in the box no less.  This is why I got into collecting Nintendo in the first place… it would be unending.  My collecting obsession started back in university with G1 Transformers.  Thankfully I got into these before they became super popular, and I managed to score most of my 250+ figures for not a whole lot.  What I’m trying to get at is that the Transformer collection is pretty much done.  I have no use for the Pretender, or micro series as you have to set your limit somewhere.  Nor do I have much use for the new remade figures except a few select ones (Optiumus and Megatron) for these two look glorious.

transformers_g1__the_autobots_by_ooo19415-d55lsp1Anyways this blog isn’t about Transformers, but they still are really cool.  Someday I will make a list of the ones I need and actually complete the collection.  My wife even gave me permission to do this, so perhaps I should do this quickly before she can change her mind!IMG_5270


I had some store credit to use so I bought up the N64 title Clay Fighter 63 1/3, Double Dare and Peter Pan for the NES.  It’s not really a big deal, but I have been hanging on to this credit for over eight months now.  I was hoping to trade it for something good like putting it towards a copy of Earthbound or one of the Mega Man X sequels, but the guy just wasn’t getting in games of this calibre.  While there I did notice that he had a copy of The Legend of Zelda Collectors Edition for the Game Cube that had been evaluated/rated as to the overall condition of the game… thus why it carried a price tag of over one hundred bucks.  To me this feels like a waste of money.  All I care about is that it is complete and in great condition.  To have some guy tell me that my game is a 9.1 instead of a 9 really doesn’t interest me.  I think this particular copy was a 9.8, but who really cares?!

maxresdefaultIn other news, I think I’ve given up on the Secret of Mana.  I’ve invested over 20 hours into this game, but I just can’t do it.  Over all this was a really cool game, but I had a heck of a time navigating around in it or trying to figure out where to go next… without cheating, and this made it lose all it’s fun.  The game became especially difficult once you acquired a dragon which transport you around the world.  While it looked really cool, I became lost so often that I couldn’t make up from down.  I can see why this game was so popular back in it’s day, but I just don’t have the patience for a game like this anymore.  The graphics were pretty good, the spells were fun (as were the way you levelled them up), and the menus were really efficient… even the story was interesting and translated well for a JRPG.  There were however several things that really annoyed me.  First and foremost while you controlled three characters at the same time, you really only had control of one.  When you select a character, the other two become NPCs with absolutely no intelligence whatsoever.  I applaud Square’s effort at designing a game in this manner, but it just didn’t work well for me at times.  Either way, I enjoyed my time with Mana, but it might be time to move onto other games.

Sega Corner: No updates at this time:(

That’s all for this edition.

Nintendo Joe 🙂


Gone For A While… Recent Pick Ups… and some Venting!

IIMG_5039‘ve not posted in quite a while… like almost 7 weeks now, but this is only because I haven’t had any pick ups really worth mentioning.  However all that changed last weekend when I managed to score a copy of Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy II for the SNES.  I love RPG’s so I’m REALLY looking forward to playing these games… especially Secret of Mana which I think I will play first.  To be honest, I’ve never even seen this game and only bought it because one of my buddies raves about this game as being his favourite on the SNES.  As to whether or not it is any good, only time will tell.

IMG_5041I also managed to score a copy of Dragon Warrior IV for the NES… this completes my Dragon Warrior collection on the original Nintendo, though there are many other chapters released on other consoles such as the PS2, Nintendo DS, etc.  These other titles may be good but I’ve never played any of them.  Dragon Warrior was a great little RPG from back in the day.  For the price, the original is definitely worth a play through.. should be able to find it for less than $7US.  My only complaint about this title was that there wasn’t a large variety of monsters to fight, but what irked me more so was that you only had one hero in your party.  I suppose this had it’s benefits as you could focus all your efforts on building up the one character…. but it also made the game a bit lonely:(  Alas in Dragon Warrior II they started to allow you to acquire a party of adventurers.  I’m not sure what is different about Dragon Warrior IV as I’ve never played it, but considering how much I enjoyed the first one in the early 90’s I don’t think it will disappoint.

Okay so lets start talking cost.  These are all premium titles and they didn’t come cheap, but I think I came out alright considering these were all purchased from a store and a reseller.  For Secret of Evermore and Final Fantasy II, which as you can see from the photo carried a $100 price tag for the pair I actually spent no cash.  I did however trade an N64 with memory expansion, and extra controller, an SNES controller, Super MarioIMG_5043 World for the SNES, and Super Smash Bros: Brawl.  Now I probably could have fetched a better price if I sold this lot on Kijiji, but I’m really getting tired of these types of sites (Craigslist is also included in this mix).  The games are over priced, and no matter how well/low you price your games everyone wants a better deal.  So you know what… forget it… this lot had been sitting around in my basement for a while now, and the Ice Man offered me $100 in trade for it.  I feel good about it because I know I will actually play these games… unlike many of the NES titles that I’ve picked up in the past purely for the sake of collecting them.  Dragon Warrior IV however is a title I can’t wait to play… well at least after Secret of Mana:)  These latter two tittles however I had to shell out some cash for.  I traded in a couple of PS2 games (Gungrave, and another title I can’t remember but was nothing special), three of those multi game joysticks that you hook directly up to the TV… (these are crap in my opinion, but Fred wanted them).  I also traded two GBA carts (Mario Vs. Donkey Kong… this is actually a great game but I have two copies of it, and Super Mario Advance 3… again a double.  So in addition to the aforementioned trades, I offered him $100 to which Fred agreed.  It’s a lot of money I know, but for these two titles I think I did rather well…plus I haven’t had any pick ups in quite a while so even my wife wasn’t too mad;)

Now for my venting.  If you’ve followed my blog (and lets face it most of you haven’t:(… you’ll know I’m a fan of the youtube show The Game Chasers.  They now have 43 “episodes” and yes I’ve watched them all.  When I think about how much time that is…. approximately 21 minutes per show times 43… that’s, well, that’s just over 15 hours of my life that I have spent watching them.  I’ve come to several conclusions… heck after 15 hours of viewing something you had better have something to show for it.


What I’ve concluded is this.  Billy and Jay seem alright… but the way they treat their sidekicks really bugs me… especially that 8-Bit Eric.  They treat him like a second class citizen; as though he should feel lucky to be graced with their presence and allowed to be on their stupid show.  I have something to say to him… “8 Bit Eric, if you are reading this, don’t put up with any more of Billy and Jay’s crap… you muscle your way in there and get the games before they do and feel good about it.  They’ve had their moment in the sun… their 15 minutes of fame, well now my friend it is your turn. You really come off as a bit of a wuss sometimes, but 8-Bit Eric, I know you have it within you to be something more than the Game Chasers make you out to be.  Don’t be a chump, be a champion.  Grab what’s yours dude… like AlphaOmegaSin does!”

Anyways… the Game Chasers came up to Toronto Canada (they are from Texas) and they were told to go to this game store that I have been in a few times called A&C Games.  Now please let me inform you that unless you have a “showmqdefault” you won’t be getting any good deals here.  When I was first getting into collecting I was picking up Atari 2600 carts as these definitely have the best art work on the covers… unfortunately the games are so awful that they belong in a land fill… in fact that brings me to my point (like I ever have one) … for the longest time there was an urban myth about the game E.T. for the Atari 2600.  They produced this game so quickly so as to coincide with the release of the movie, that it was a complete marketing and programming disaster…. in fact it has been named the WORST video game every made. several thousand copies ended up in a landfill in New Mexico.  Well as it turns out the myth was true… they were in fact buried in a dump, and somehow ended up collectively fetching $37,000 on Ebay (there were approximately 700,000 copies buried there).  Anyways… wow was that ever long winded… the guys at A&C games wanted to charge me $15 for the title for apparently the “Worst game ever” has some value.  Thankfully I didn’t fall for their trick and managed to pick up a copy of E.T. for $1 at another store… even at that price I think I over paid!

So theseancgamesfinal Game Chasers come into A&C Games and they let them rummage through all their unsorted items in which they find several goodies…. Panic Restaurant, Mighty Final Fight, Battletoads/Double Dragon, and several other desirable collector games.  The price for all the games… $300CAN… for goodness sake, Panic Restaurant alone goes for more than that!  It really burns me that these dudes from Texas come up here with their stupid show and get great deals from the highest priced video game store in Toronto.  Can you say Jealous/Envious… Yeah I guess:(.

SEGA CORNER:  This part of the blog seems to be a fan favourite… well actually only the Sega Dude likes it but that is enough validation for me:)  Speaking of the Sega Dude, he recently gave me a few more games for nothing but a thank you note that I still have to write… Thanks dude!  Maybe a section of my basement should be called The Sega Dude Corner… after all many of the games came from him?!:)  While Phantasy Star III absolutely sucks, it’s great to have it in my collection.  All I need now is part II… my favourite chapter.  There is a game swap coming up on March 29th in Waterloo.  We have ordered a table, but this time I want to do more trading.  The Sega Dude and I are going with high hopes.IMG_5044IMG_5045


Until next time!

Nintendo Joe