Waiting for the Big Score!

First of all, I promise that I won’t mention the NFL in this post.  Even though I love it, and NFL Sundays are my favorite day of the week, I realize that many of you don’t share the same passion.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, my friend Pat the NES Punk predicts that the prices of rare NES games are going to come drastically down.  This is good news because there is no way I’m paying what they want for these few titles.  I also agree with Pat when he says that Little Samson isn’t nearly as “rare” as people claim it is.  I see it at almost every game swap that I go to, and never once have I ever seen a sale.  This tells me that people aren’t interested.  I mean according to Video Game Price Charting, the game goes for over $1400CAN… and JJgames.com is charging $1785US, give me a break dude!  Pat predicts the game will go down to around the $400 mark.  I’m still not happy (and maybe never will be), but at least I don’t have to sell both kidneys to purchase it!  So yeah,  I’m going to hold out for the most expensive games… even if I have to wait several years.  My collection thus far is awesome, and will have to do for the foreseeable future.  I still look forward to going to game swaps and stores, however I will not be bringing in wads of cash.  My soul is for sale though if that means anything to you!

My over the air PVR came in the mail the other day. It is a Mediasonic Homeworx model and cost $80CAN after shipping.  This is just the basic model, but from what I can tell the only thing that separates it from the much more expensive version is that it can’t record more than one show at once.  Who cares as I hardly watch network TV anyways!  It took me a while to set up as the instructions for how to record were very poor.  However thanks to my nerd skills and a couple of beers I was able to figure it out.  I can now watch regular TV on a slight delay and skip the commercials!  I didn’t think it could be done, but Judge Judy just got even better!  Give ’em hell Judith!

The other day I was picking up a package from the post office, and when I got back into my car, this teenage punk started staring at me like he wanted to fight.  He started staring at me… I mean right bloody at me!  Now I’m not one for violence, but at the end of the day I’m just another bloke with a pool cue… (this line was inspired by Francis Begbie from the movie Trainspotting and has been made appropriate for family viewers… the real version is much better though!).  Anyways we traded glares and went on our separate ways.  I don’t think I project the image of as tough guy who wants to fight, but then again I have Scottish/Irish in my blood so who knows?!  I can honestly say that in my 43 years of life, I’ve been lucky enough to never have gotten into a real fight in my personal life (karate doesn’t count as it is controlled).  I just can’t help but wonder why this kid wanted to have anything to do with me?  Teenage angst I suppose.  Anyways it gave me a good rush!

I’m getting pretty tired of YouTube commercials… especially now that they are doubling up in hopes of getting paid subscribers!  That being said, I have released my latest update on an edit to a film that I feel makes it far superior to the original.  My thing is this… Star Wars:  The Last Jedi in my opinion was the absolute WORST of the franchise… even Phantom Menace was better.  This was just pure crap, so what I did was edit out all the bad parts, and although my version is much shorter, I do believe it is superior!  If Disney is looking for some redirection, the Sega Dude and I are ready to quit our jobs and come on over to give you a hand on saving the franchise!

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

September Update

It’s difficult to write about NES game acquisitions when you only need 37 more for a full North American set… life’s not that bad!  The Durham game swap is coming up in October, and I’ve already reserved one game from my dealer (and fortunately it isn’t expensive at all!)  Other than these shows, there sadly isn’t much in the way to game hunt any more.  Value Village, once a gaming fans dream, is now just awful to shop at.  They’ve forgotten that they are a thrift store, and the possibility of getting a great deal is what lured customers in the first place.  But now as soon as they see Nintendo on an item, they charge ridiculous prices… sometimes even higher prices than at a retail store that specializes in retro games!  Goodwill (if you can even find one anymore) is a bust as they put all their “good” items for an online sale, and charge high prices along with shipping fees.  Everyone thinks their stuff is worth way more than it really is on Kijiji, and Ebay has long been tapped out.  JJgames is now charging for shipping, and with the American/Canadian dollar exchange rate being so terrible, there’s no deals on their either.  Lukie Games doesn’t show pictures of their merchandise (JJgames does!), and neither will do a deal even if you buy in bulk! Well that just makes it feel awesome when you do manage to find a game for a good deal which of course I’m hoping happens in October.


When I was at the gaming show in Pittsburgh last summer, there was a really cool poster (not for sale) of Mario with a Tetris background in a Russian propaganda theme.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t that great and the picture didn’t turn out.  I was really into learning about the Cold War so that only added to my interest.  This was the closest thing I could find to Nintendo propaganda on Google.

In other news, my Africa videos are posted on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out.  They might seem a bit long, but honestly I just couldn’t bring myself to edit all the really cool animals.  Also, the shorter clips took away from how special the experience actually was.

You know what’s really been upsetting me lately… it’s that everyone has tattoos now, that they are no longer cool.  This really sucks because I used to REALLY want one… a big one of Dark Force from Phantasy Star on my back.  I just can’t bring myself to do it though as every douche bag at the beach has tattoos… so much so that it’s more original to NOT have any tattoos.  What’s worse is that I was downtown the other day and saw this old lady (she must have been 75) with a fresh tattoo on her calf.  If the geezers are doing it then something isn’t right!


Imagine a full back tattoo of this!

I heard a really disturbing thing the other day… apparently kids that are really bad at Fortnite are getting bullied in the playground… and in response, their parents are hiring “coaches” to help them play better.  This is ridiculous!

The only other thing on my mind is that there used to be a YouTube channel called Retro Liberty that I used to watch… then out of no where they stopped making videos, only to reappear in another channel with the same format but re-branded Pixel Game Squad… and for some reason Aaron changed his name to Riff?!?  This doesn’t make sense, and even worse is that his friends on the show don’t seem phased by it?!  I expect more from the NES Complex!

Anyways that’s all for now…. Cup Head rules!

Nintendo Joe

Link and the Uncharted Waters Scandal

Much to my disappointment Halloween is over:(  And what a crappy Halloween it was; at least weather wise.  Fortunately I was able to wear my Link outfit to work… and won the contest for best costume!  The prize was a $10 Tim Hortons gift card, and hey I’ll make use of that this Saturday:)  None of my co-workers knew who I was supposed to be except one… thankfully I work primarily with the youth of our society and they all knew who I was:)  IMG_4539In the end the Link costume was fairly easy to make.  The part that took the longest was designing the Hylian shield which I ended up making with some bristol board and a chunk of the election sign that was on our front yard. All in all it turned out pretty good and I am in no way disappointed.  I still do want to get a real shield and Master Sword… however the ones i made will suffice temporarily.  It confirms my prediction that they would look awesome in my basement/Nintendo Museum.  Unfortunately due to the weather we only got 22 trick-or-treaters this Halloween, so I guess I’ll have to finish off all the rest of the candy myself… the punishment isn’t so bad, I think I can take it eh?!


In other news I managed to score a copy of Uncharted Waters on the NES which is a big deal unto itself, but the story of how I acquired the item is even more interesting.  I bought it off a guy on Kijiji which normally is no big deal.  Unfortunately he didn’t accept my original offer of $40 (He was asking $60 despite all the websites saying $40 was all it was worth).  Anyways a month later, this game was still up for IMG_4543grabs (I guess it didn’t sell like the guy thought it would).  I sent out an email asking my friends to make a bid on the game and in the end, an offer (not mine) of $40 was accepted.  So this guy rejected my offer, but accepted the same offer from someone else?!  I felt defeated/humiliated/embarrassed/let down/… but who cares my buddy won the game!  The only thing I had to do was email the guy pretending I was my friend.  You’ll be happy to know the scandal was pulled off without incident.  No one was wise to the situation except me and my friend… and my wife which ended up in an argument where she accused me of bullying the guy.  I felt bad for a second, bIMG_4544ut then realized I paid the guy exactly what the book value of the game was worth.  I can’t do this anymore however (I’m not allowed) which is unfortunate because 99.9% of the ads on Kijiji/Craigslist have prices that only an insane person would pay.  So I had to play it straight and was basically laughed at for the $30 I offered a guy for Final Fantasy 2 non the SNES…. he was asking $60 which is outrageous!  This is despite me sending him a link to JJgames.com which said the price (including shipping) was only $32.  This company is great; their prices are basically book value, but it comes with free shipping to the United States, and free internationally if the weight is under 1kg… which works out to 3 NES games.  I figured with fair prices and free shipping I should order something… and so I did.  Now my NES Mega Man collection is complete.  I have parts 1 – 6, though I still have to make cases for 4 & 5.  Along the way I also managed to pick up a copy of Life Force (which has writing on the cover… which was disclosed by JJgames so it is my fault it isn’t in “good” condition… thankfully it isn’t that bad and can pass my inspection), and Wizardry which is an RPG I look forward to playing this Friday night.

If you are thinking of ordering from JJgames, talk to me first so as you end up getting exactly what you want.  Unfortunately most Genesis games don’t come complete (which is a no no in my books… who the heck wants just a Genesis cartridge?).  I’ll be more than happy to share my positive experiences with you.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe