Big Score at Value Village!

IMG_8015 IMG_8017 IMG_8020

These were all Value Village finds, but I really paid dearly for them.  For example, Pokemon Stadium 2 was $40, Paper Mario sold for $30, Banjo Kazooie was $25, and Mario Kart (perhaps the best for trading) went for a handsome sum of $30.  Valkyrie Profile was an impulse purchase because I thought it looked cool… I didn’t have time to look it up, and I don’t have a PSP anymore so I’m not really sure what I was thinking.  However… I had a 30% off coupon on all the above purchases… there is NO WAY I would have picked them up otherwise!  Value Village is getting awfully pricey these days, and at this particular location they obviously have someone that knows their retro games and what they should go for.  I about 3 years ago I picked up a complete copy of Super Mario RPG for $13… and I thought that was pricey! Oh those were the days:(  At least I once again have something good to trade!






These Game Cube games were all bought from a guy on Kijiji for $20.  I’ll probably keep the Viewful Joe games and trade the others.  They are all complete except for the X-Men Next Generation which is missing the manual.  The Game Cube has some really great titles on it… plus the games come in nice plastic cases… but I just can’t get used to the controller…this will take some time, however I really want to start playing the GC more as I have yet to try out Metroid Prime.

IMG_8021This last purchase was for $10 from a guy on Kijiji.  This was the same controller I had when I was a teenager, except mine needed elastic bands to hold it together as I kept throwing it against the wall after getting frustrated with Street Fighter 2.  I used to have quite the temper… it’s true what they say about red heads!  I’ve somehow been able to manage my anger and haven’t had an outburst for a long time.  In fact the last time I peaked out was after being on hold with Rogers (the locale cable company) for 2.5 hours only to be hung up on.  I lost it and was yelling all over the apartment.  I cancelled my cable and internet subscription at that very moment and haven’t regretted it since:)

There has been some ideas floating around of changing the lay out of my game room.  Also another shelf may need to be acquired as the NES collection is getting out of control. Customizing the universal game cases and cutting out the cover art is very time consuming, but it is happening.  I try to do five per day, and so far it is coming along nicely.  A future post (likely in the summer) should come out with the rearranged game room and boxed collection.

Sega Corner:  Nothing new to report on this front unfortunately:(

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

Next Generation of Gaming


Well the unbelievable has happened… I actually talked my wife into letting me buy a PS4.  Our Xbox 360 was acting up so it was time for an upgrade.  The Sega dude has been harassing me to get one of these things since it’s release, however I held true to my word that I would never get one… at least for a long time.  But then…. Star Wars Battlefront came out and I was hopelessly out gunned.  The detail that went into that game was too much for me to handle (foot prints in the snow?!… Come on!) so I caved and bought the console from a guy on Kijiji:)  In addition to Battlefront I’ve also purchased Fallout 4, and The Witcher for the system… again on Kijiji.  I’ve been told that The Witcher is an awesome game… and it looks awesome, but honestly I’ve had a hard time getting into it.  Between my job and school I just haven’t had the necessary time to dedicate to the game.      I haven’t even loaded Fallout 4 yet, but I know I won’t be disappointed by it… I’m a huge Fallout Fan!


Enough of that… onto Nintendo!  Honestly there hasn’t been much to say in the past while.  I picked up a complete copy of Cybernator for the SNES at a local pawnshop for a fairly good deal at $29, but this is the only real acquisition I’ve made since Christmas.  Well that and I managed to pick up a horse for my Ganon figurine that I picked up at a local retro toy show last weekend.  I actually had bought Ganon at a thrift shop for next to nothing, but for years it he has had to walk around my basement.  No longer however… now he has his trusty steed.  The horse looks pretty cool… kind of like a Nightmare in Dungeons & Dragons minus the flaming feet.  I have always thought it would be cool to own a black horse and dye it’s mane and tail bright red, though I’m sure PETA would have something to say about that and I wouldn’t want to cross those guys!  It would be pretty cool though eh!?!

IMG_7854 IMG_7856

The horse was the only pick up at the toy show that I made.  The Sega Dude managed to score some Insectors figures which I haven’t seen in a really long time… that was pretty cool, but unfortunately there wasn’t a whole lot of retro video games at the show.  In fact there was really only one two tables that had games… and one of them wanted WAY too much for his wares.  $40 for Super Star Wars… get out!  No really, get OUT!  He must have really not wanted to sell it, or as a buddy of mine says, “he must have been real proud of it.”  There is no way it will move for that price!  Then this guy also said he would be willing to pay $1200CAN for a copy of Little Sampson.  If that is what the game is going for these days… then I have to throw in the towel.  Even though it might be one of the best games on the NES, there is just no way it is worth that much.  At least not to me… and I’m Nintendo Joe for goodness sake!


Holy crap… $30 for a lousy copy of Super Mario Bros.?!!!  And to think… this was at Value Village thrift shop!  You know this was a pack-in game right, and every jerk in town owns a copy even if by accident.  They must have:

1.  Saw that it was Nintendo, and since retro games are currently a hot item MUST be worth a pretty penny.

2. Saw that it was a Mario game… and some Mario games go for a lot… but not this one!  If this sells for $30 then honestly, I’m done.  I’ll sell off my entire collection and retire for good! That would mean no more blog… and how sad would that be!  Actually it wouldn’t be sad at all… I would be suckling down rum and cokes on a beach and playing video games for the rest of my days. Oh the dream!

SEGA Corner:  Well there isn’t much to say here other than that the Cybernator SNES game that I bought is actually a prequel to Target Earth (Assault Suits Lynos) which was a Sega Genesis game that totally rocked.  I don’t currently own a copy, but if I remember correctly it was a really hard, but really awesome game.  There were of course a few cheats that made the game beatable… such as ignoring everybody in the first level except for shooting down the boss ship… this awarded you with every weapon in the game which gave you a major advantage in the early stages… while still proved challenging in the later levels.  I think there was an invincibility code too, but I can’t remember what it is.  Anyways if Cybernator is half as good as Target Earth then this was money well spent.

Target Earth is also to be re-released on the PS4 soon… actually I’ve heard it has already been released in Japan but not yet in North America (or anywhere else in the world for that matter).  I am anxiously awaiting it’s North American debut!

That’s all for now.  Until next time…

Nintendo Joe

Some Interesting Videos


A special thanks goes out to the Sega Dude for designing the new banners here at mynintendodimension.  They look amazing and really make this blog much cooler!

Mega Man and SonicIn other news… well I don’t really have much to add this week… darn budget!  I did however come across a few youtube videos that I found really interesting so I thought I would share them.  He calls himself the Gaming Historian and does a decent job at covering some interesting topics.

Like this one on the history of Super Mario 2.

Or this one on the battle between Atari and Nintendo

Sega Corner:  of course we can’t let this important part of the blog be ignored.  Thus I’ve included a youtube video of how my beloved Mega Man ended up on the Sega Genesis and Game Gear.  The one on the Genesis looks really cool, and it is a shame I can only get a reproduction cart.  In fact I saw a repro cart at Replay FX last July…. but I didn’t pull the trigger.  Hopefully there will be a next time:)

It’s Mine!

Frist things first.  I FOUND IT!… and at Value Village of all places.  I went in there yesterday afternoon, and there it was starring at me right in the face… Super Smash Bros. Melee for the Nintendo Game Cube!  And all for the low price of $10.  I couldn’t believe my luck.  I haven’t forgotten how I was sniped by a guy for the same game about eighteen months ago… I think i even wrote about it here… but all that is moot now as at last the game is MINE!  The box is in great shape, however upon inspection, it is missing the manual, and the disc has seen better days but at least it works well.  Also in this threesome are Mario Strikers Charged, and Mario Party 8 for the Wii.  These were also $10 each and I’m going to keep the former and trade the latter game.



IMG_5677These games were picked up at a yard sale which my wife and I do almost every Saturday morning.  All three of these games were picked up for $8,and  although Pikmin and Animal Crossing are missing their respective manuals I still think it was a good deal.  The discs are free of scratches and the boxes are in great shape.

Now onto the non-Nintendo finds.  I picked up these Sony Play Station 2 games at the same aforementioned yard sale.  I think I paid $10 for all six IMG_5679of these games.  I was kind of bummed that the Grand Theft Auto Trilogy was missing the Vice City disc, however that is a very common game and I should be able to find a replacement with very little trouble.  I don’t collect for PS2, but if I see some good titles for cheap I’ll get them to trade.  I’ve never heard of “The Warriors” before but I hear that it will trade well.  Too bad Dark Alliance is the Greatest Hits version:(

IMG_5675This was also a Value Village find.  It’s mostly complete (missing the Rachet and Clank game) but the box is in great shape as is the system.  It cost me $22 and I’m hoping to get at least $60 in trade??  I might hang on to it for a while though and see if I can find a copy of Mega Man to play.  From what I remember it the robot master battles were much more difficult than the original NES version.  Plus there was two additional bosses…. Oil Man, and I can’t remember the other?

IMG_5681Finally, these two candy dispensers were given to me by my mother-in-law.  She knows I love Nintendo and is always on the look out for me at the local thrift shops and yard sales. It is VERY much appreciated!

Sega Corner:  No updates this week… mainly because it is so hard to find the stuff other than at a reseller’s store, and even then the pickings are often slim.  I’m always keeping an eye out!

That’s all for now.  Until next time.

Nintendo Joe



Got It!

First and foremost, I have to thank the Sega Dude’s beautiful and thoughtful wife for finding (and giving me) a near mint box and instruction manual for my Diddy Kong Racing cartridge for my N64.  Thank you, and this service will not be forgotten!  It will go in the collection and shine with pride:)



I’ve been doing a lot of garage sailing on Saturday mornings and I must say that I’m getting much better at it as I gain more experience.  I’ve been watching a youtube channel by some guy named SeeJayAre who documents his garage sale finds and has quite a substantial collection of his own.  I wouldn’t classify him as a reseller, but more of a trader. He seems to trade all his doubles to pick up games that he doesn’t have in his collection.  The big difference between SeeJayAre and myself (well his collection is much grander than mine) is that he collects for pretty much every single system.  I limit myself to NES and SNES… and I dabble in Game Cube, Wii, and the N64.  I have a few titles for the Sega Master System, and Sega Genesis which I usually cover in the ever popular “Sega Corner” portion of this blog;)

Below is a score that I made at Value Village last Tuesday while on my way to pick up my wife at work.  This post is titled “Got It” because of this find.  Nothing in here is really that big a deal (Super Mario All Stars has some trading value), but I swooped in on another guy trying to buy the games.  He asked, “can I see the SNES games” and the person behind the counter gave him half the pile.  I waited for a few seconds and then asked if I could see the other half.  Low and behold in my half there was a game that I didn’t have… Dr. Mario & Tetris double cart for the SNES!  Yay… but more than that the other guys pile of games were worthless pieces of junk like Wheel of Fortune… sucks to be him!  I finally scored (though it doesn’t make up for the “Early Bird Gets the Worm” tragedy where I missed a NES with about 8 games for $5.  I’m still bitter about that one!




These games are some of the loot I bought while garage sailing.  While there is nothing special here, these are games that were not out on display at the yard sale.  I used my typical line (picked up from SeeJayAre)… “do you happen to have any old video games like Nintendo or Gameboy, or Sega”  For once the lady said that she actually had a few games inside the house if I wanted to take a look.  She brought them out, and while there was nothing to write home about at $2 a piece for complete games this was a bargain.  I’ll probably keep Pac Man Party and trade the others for more desirable titles.IMG_5567

The Pokemon Pinball came into my collection thanks to my amazing, beautiful, and generous wife.  While I don’t really collect Pokemon, this game was a big hit at the Swap Meet last March.  I should be able to get some good trade-in value for it.  That being said, I just looked it up, and it isn’t worth that much at all, but never the less I still thank my wife for looking out for me and the collection!  Keep your eyes open honey… you might just find something great!

Sega Corner:  A special congrats to the Sega Dude for setting up a youtube page that is becoming ever more profitable for him.  I think he was up to $0.34 the last time i checked.  That’s a lot more than I have earned, but then I don’ t have a youtube channel.  I’m not quite at that calibre yet (I still have lots to learn about this blog page first!).  I’m so proud of him and just a bit jealous!

That’s all for today.

Nintendo Joe

Waterloo Game Swap 2015

Before we get started on this weeks post, I thought I would direct your attention to this website (click here) which has a very funny video making fun of us video gaming nerds.  We’re so lame!

Anyways this weeks post is about the game swap in Waterloo Ontario that happened on March 29th, 2015.  What is there really to say… it was a good swap.  I sold nearly all my merchandise and made a profit of around $220… which I then spent on more games to add to my collection.  Apparently my prices were “really good” and “the lowest at the show” according to several customers.  Hey man… I was able to add to my collection and that’s what counts to this nerd!

IMG_1161This is a picture of my buddy Flavio and I at the swap.  Between him, the Sega Dude, and I, he really came out on top with a whopping $900 in sales… and he was able to pick up several quality NES titles like Toki and Times of Lore for cheap which I am extremely jealous of.  At least the Sega Dude isn’t lording these games over me!

IMG_5187We managed to score a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles for our friend the Stone Mason.  The price tag says $75 but I negotiated a deal for $70 which doesn’t sound like much but the game goes for much more than that in the stores.  I have no idea what type of game it is, but the Stone Mason really wanted it and thus he now has it.  I would promote his site, but I think he has given up on that:(  So let me know…. what type of game is this?  I know it is an RPG, but is it actually any good?  Maybe I’ll borrow it some day from my friend and defeat it, but until then I’ll have to rely on your comments IMG_5188when deciding if it is any good or not.

I picked also picked up a copy of Mario Party 7 for the Game Cube.  It isn’t anything special, but the Mario Party games are kind of fun.  That being said, I bet they were a lot more fun back in the day.  I wanted this title for no other reason than I didn’t have it in my collection and for some strange reason I’ve started accumulating all the Mario Party games.  I’m missing Mario Party 1, 3, and 9… the latter being for the Wii U which I also do not own yet… I’m close though… ever so close!

IMG_1167This is a picture of me and my buddy Jay Bartlett who is starring in the upcoming movie Nintendo Quest.  Actually the movie used to be called NES Club, but Nintendo Quest is a much better name as the former didn’t make any sense at all.  The movie is basically about him visiting game stores all over the United States and Canada in order to build a complete NES collection.  We don’t know his budget, but we do know he travelled a crazy distance in order to complete the quest.  Was he successful?  I don’t know.  As close as we are (which is like fire and ice apart) he wouldn’t tell me.  I look forward to seeing your video Jay, and good luck.  My prediction is that he failed, but I’m hoping I’m wrong.  The reason I’m so pessimistic is because there are tons of obscure NES games and I can’t see how on earth he would be able to buy them all.  One of the rules is that he is not allowed to buy games online… only in person at the stores.  Unfortunately they don’t say how much he pays for the games which to me is a really important fact.  I mean who cares if you picked up a copy of Mega Man for $80… for crying out loud I could do that!  Fortunately I already own this title:)

IMG_5186Sega Corner:  So I managed to pick up a copy of my beloved Phantasy Star II and a copy of Granada for the Sega Genesis.  These games are both awesome.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know that Phantasy Star II is my favourite RPG of all time… almost blasphemous coming from a website dedicated to Nintendo I know, but true never the less.  Phantasy Star 1, 2, and 4 are the best RPG’s to me. 3 just sucked! Perhaps I’m a bit nostalgic, but ya… they are better then anything Nintendo has thrown at me.  That being said Super Metroid is over all the best game I have ever played so take that Sega!  Granada is a simple but really fun shooter with great graphics and music.  I remember beating the game for the first time in front of all my friends in the Sega Dude’s basement in the early 90’s.  Crazy as it may sound, no one of the female sex was impressed:(  It did however score me a few high fives from the boys!  Oh Granada… how you tried to best me, but in the end it was I who was victorious!

See you next time.

Nintendo Joe


A Little of This A Little of That…

This week has been great for mynintendodimension.  I’ve made many acquisitions for the display cases.  I purchased 36 NES games from a dude named Flavio… perhaps the coolest name I’ve heard in quite some time… I may even name my gold fish after him?!  The other two fish in the tank are Cory and Trevor of Trailer Park Boys fame.  Notable titles that I picked up are The Terminator, Bubble Bobble, Journey to Silus (which apparently was originally supposed to be a Terminator game of which the company lost the license for… the last boss looks exactly like a CSM-101), and Punch out… I already have Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, but not this variation of the same game… probably the best sports game made on the NES… I usually hate sports games.

I also made my way to Peterborough/Lakefield area last weekend and made a major score.  For $40 I got my hands on a great copy of Phantasy Star IV.  Obviously not a Nintendo game, but one of the greatest Sega Genesis games of all time… which was a relief because part III was bloody awful… I still want it though:(


Also purchased from the Lakefield flea market where a copy of Terminator 2, Castelian, Kickle Cubicle, Pinball Quest and Rock ‘n Ball for the NES… the last three of which were thrown in for free as I was buying several games.  Fred (the owner of the booth) is awesome like that and I love doing business with him and hope he stays around for a good long while! I also got a copy of Blazeon for the SNES from him. At $28 it is a lot of money, but not when you consider it is usually listed at $36.  While Fred had two other raIMG_4699re games (Metal Storm, and Mighty Final Fight), I just couldn’t justify spending what he wanted for them… close to $250.  My wife would kill me if I spent this much on two games… even if they are rare and great!

From a store in Peterborough called Chumleighs I managed to score a copy of the elusive Thunder Spirits (which is basically just Thunder Force III on the SNES with two additional levels) which I’m rather excited about.  And at the  Value Village I bought complete copies of Conduit I & II for the Wii… yay!


Yes I’ve been spending a lot of money lately… but I’ve also been selling some stuff for a profit… or loss depending on how you look at it as I reinvest it into my Nintendo display in my basement.  At Value Village my wife found a mini arcade version of Donkey Kong for $25.  I sold it on Kijiji to a guy for $75 which seems to be the going rate.  I’ve also gotten a few bites on an extra N64 I’m trying to get rid of.  It works great and comes with the memory expansion… and is priced at $65 which is far cheaper than any other ad on Kijiji for the same thing.  It isn’t moving though… perhaps people just aren’t interested in the 64… Not that I blame them as the system is my least favourite of all Nintendo consoles.

In other news, I’ve finished modifying all 200 cases and cut out all the covers for my NES games.  This puts me approximately half way finished with my collection to date.  It’s a ton of work, and while not expensive per case (approx. $2 including printing costs) does add up when you are doing so many.  I’ve been trying to do 5 cases a day for the last while, and it is amazing how fast time flies!  After I get some shelving to put all my games on I’ll make another post.

Sega Corner:  There has been a little bit of additions to the honorary Sega department.  The infamous Sega Dude gave me a really good copy of Phantasy Star for the Sega Master System.  Unfortunately I have to hook up my SMS in order to play it and I’m just to darn lazy.  I’ll wait until I get the Power Base Converter for my Retron 5… I’m told this will be expensive though so I may have to rethink my strategy.  I may end up wrapping Phantasy Star up and giving it to myself as a Christmas present from Santa… Somehow he always knows what to give me!  Also purchased from Flavio (the guy mentioned above) was a great copy of the SMS game Golvellius: Valley of Doom, and Fantazy Zone II… both games of which are awesome and I can’t wait to play.

Speaking of Fantasy Zone, I was watching a youtube video of a guy playing the arcade version… and remembered why I didn’t like it much as a kid.  The arcade is WAY more difficult than the Master System version!  You can check it out here at Fantasy Zone and Fantasy Zone II.  I must take my hat off to this guy as clearly he has some major talent!

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe

Happy Nintendo Day:)

Happy Nintendo Day everyone!

zzsHRXiNzH7M_vatbQlNFdj4Hm4wwOhWWhile i must admit I don’t understand the significance of the day, apparently November 21st is Nintendo day.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this is just a marketing release date of several new Nintendo games.  Of course Super Smash Bros for the Wii U is a big deal… and several people that I work with are big on the Pokemon releases (personally I couldn’t care less about the latter).  I celebrated by playing the original Mega Man… kind of stupid, but hey so is a blog dedicated to Nintendo.

Tomorrow I am to strike a major deal… 40 NES games for $300.  It actually is a big deal as several games are on my wanted list, and they guy discounted me big time on most of the games since I was buying so many.  My wife is going to be mad at me, but Santa Claus is going to be extra generous this year… or so rumour has it.  I can’t think of anything that would please me more as a kid than getting 40 NES games!

I just got an order in from  I’m happy with my order though I’m disappointed in myself for not picking up on  the “tearing” issue with The Last Starfighter.  Half the top label is gone.  I have no one to blame but myself as they are quite up-front at as to the condition of the game.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!!


In other news, I just watched a guy on youtube beat Thunder Force IV on the Mega Drive on maniac mode.  This guy is the master of this game, and I had to make a comment saying that Lebron James is a chump compared to this guy.  Who ever it is that played this game on MANIAC mode is truly insane:  I could never compete with you sir!  That being said, this chapter of the series pales in comparison to it’s predecessors.  The music is good, but not great.  The graphics are better, but not smooth.  It just isn’t the same fun as two or three.



Also on Sega news… Faery Tale Adventure is a really crummy game.  I don’t know how a company could put their name on such a piece of crap.  The game is an RPG which I normally love, but wow was it ever done terribly.  The town you start out in is desolate, the first enemies you come across can easily kill you, and the text is boring as all sweet badoinky doing.  This is such a shame as the front cover looks so good!  There are dragons to fight, treasure to be found… what more could you ask for… apparently more than this.  This game just sucks big time!

UnknownI also watched a youtube video on this game to put me in a better mood.  Thank goodness because I was getting pretty depressed by seeing Faery Tale Adventure.  Who would want to own such a piece of garbage?!  At least it isn’t on Nintendo.

Again happy Nintendo Day!

Keep on gaming,

Nintendo Joe:)




The Last Two Months of Collecting

For the past two months I’ve continued on my quest to obtaining a complete NES collection (I’m 41% there), while picking up some other cool Nintendo (and Sega Genesis now that I have a Retron 5… which after playing it with all the emulated systems can honestly say that it comes exactly as advertised).


What the $&%# ??? I just tried to insert an image into this blog and all I got were a bunch of numbers and symbols ??? Oh well let me know if you are having any difficulty seeing the images.  This new editor stinks!

The above picture is supposed to show Yoshi, Yoshi’s Cookie, Tecmo Super Bowl, 8 Eyes, Conquest of the Crystal Palace, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project, and Jaws. Of all the Jaws movies they made, Nintendo had to pick part 4 (the absolute worst in the series) to make a game out of? The game is REALLY bad, and the only reason I got it was so that it could rest in peace on my shelf. It will never be played unless I use it as a form of punishment on my dog for his disobedience. The other games seem cool, and I’m rather excited to try out TMNT 3 as even though it is not that uncommon, I’ve never even seen it before.

The next game I was able to pick up was Herzog Zwei, or for those of you who don’t speak German, The Two Dukes… at least that’s what I think it says for I don’t speak German either.  This game was introduced to me by the Sega Dude way back in high school in 1990.  It’s a two player game where you face off against each other by building up your defence to protect your base(s) and and form offensive armies to take over your opponents.  Now honestly it wasn’t really all that fun to play againsIMG_4532t the Sega Dude because he was pretty good at it by the time I came around to try it out (it didn’t hurt that the game was the Mega Drive version and since my Japanese is even worse than my German I really stood no chance of beating him).  Thank goodness the commands you would assign your troops all came with pictures/icons which gave a hint of what it would do.  Alas I was able to borrow this game and actually beat it… a feat that isn’t for the weak minded as it takes forever… you have to beat every level four times (each with progressing difficulty).  The ending was rather cheap too, but who plays a game for the ending?!  This game was nothing short of AWESOME.  It has really good music and the graphics are great for a 16 bit system.  I definitely recommend this game.  It was made by Techno Soft (also the author of the Thunder Force series which are also fantastic games to play).

My interest in Genesis games is basically to try and get back all/most of the old games I used to own back in the day.  I’m missing a few such as Phantasy Star 2 & 3 (apparently the Sega Dude has an extra copy of 3… I offered to pay him for it, but he insisted that I have it… that being said it isn’t in my collection yet.  Other games I’m missing are Whip Rush, Target Earth, Air Diver, Gaires, Grenada, Mystic Defender, Arrow Flash, and Thunder Force 3 (apparently there was a 4th chapter called Lightening Force which I also would like to try out some day… oh, and part 5 is for the PS1 that I would also like to get my hands on).  Other than these, I’ll give the rest of my findings to the Sega Dude for safe keeping.

These next three games were to add to my Zelda collection.  I’m still missing the Master Quest, Oracle of Ages and Seasons on Game Boy, Skyward Sword, and of course the new one on the Wii U whicIMG_4533h I can’t remember what its called… nor have I heard whether it is any good or not.  Anyways, these are all complete (except Minish Cap), and seem like they could be a lot of fun when I actually have the time to sit down and play a Zelda game.  I think the one I’ll try first is Spirit Tracks as it seems to be the most straight forward.  Then again who knows… maybe Four Swords Adventure will prove to be the better game…  or even Minish Cap (which i can now play on my Retron 5:)

As I mentioned in my last post, my Halloween costume this year is goIMG_4536ing to be Link… yes I know it isn’t much of a surprise, but I’m attempting to make the costume myself… except the sword… which isn’t the Master Sword so don’t give me any heat about that!  Anyways I finished the hat today.  I made by sewing together the sleeves of the green fleece that I’ll be wearing.  I also bought a thick brown belt, a brown turtle neck, brown leggings, boots and pointed ears to wear… all from Value Village of course and i think it all came to a grand total of $55.  Not bad, but I still have to make the master shield whicLink_Realh I’m going to attempt at projecting it on a wall then tracing it onto a big sheet of bristol board.

This is the picture that I’m basing the costume on.  I don’t think I’ll be making the arm bracers though as I want people to see my hand with the Triforce painted on it.  The only thing i still have to get is another belt for my sword scabbard… which I also have to make… so much to do with so little time. What’s kind of funny is that when I went to the register to purchase the green fleece and brown belt, the cashier actually guessed what I was going to be… he must follow this blog:)  I’ll take a picture of my complete costume when it is finished.



Retron 5 Has Arrived!

IMG_4526Well the Retron 5 has finally arrived and Hyperkin (the manufacture) sure delivered a great product.  Now I’ll admit that it stayed in the box for two weeks before I opened it, but that was only because I suspected it didn’t come with an HDMI cable.  So I went out and bought one (thankfully very cheaply) only to find out that the bloody machine came with one!  Awesome… once you buy the Retron 5 you are ready to rock right away… and because of the HDMI capabilities you can hook it up to an HD television and experience great quality in terms of both sound and graphics for all the systems that it is comparable with (NES, SNES, Famicom, Super Famicom, Genesis, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy, Game Boy Colour).

IMG_4524What is really the only downfall about the Retron 5 is that games that were meant for a handheld system (GBA, GB, GBC) don’t look nearly as good as they do on a 2.5 inch screen.  On my 46″ screen it looks very blocky and the minimal use of colour on many of the games becomes very apparent.  That being said, the games are still very playable and I’m enjoying some of the classics all over again…. it’s like new life has been found inside these old cartridges.  It is nice to play Zelda II: The adventure of Link on my big TV.  By the way, as an supplemental to my last entry, one of the comments/complaints Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of Link) had was that the monsters couldn’t be bigger due to the system’s limitations.  I think this is a load of hooey as Guts Dozer in Mega Man 2 was huge and didn’tIMG_4503 overly tax the system.  What they heck was Mr. Miyamoto talking about?  Anyways it was still an awesome game, and on the 46″ it looks fantastic!

SNES games play like a dream on the Retron 5, though admittedly some of the save states don’t work on at least a few titles that I’ve tried… namely Super Metroid.  But this is okay as I don’t mind playing the games as they were meant to be played… besides, SM had enough save spots in the regular game to make it more than fair.

The Retron 5 comes in two colours (black and white) and I chose the black version… actually I didn’t have a choice as the vendor I bought it from only had the black.  But I’m not disappointed in any way of the systems capabilities.  It comes exactly as advertised.  My only actual complaint is that I don’t really care for the accompanying controllers yoke stick.  I would have much preferred a cross-like design like on the SNES controller.  But this is a moot point as you can hook up the original controllers to the system as well.  The Retron 5 also lets you map out the controls to any way you wish to customize it.

I’ve been waiting for a long time for this machine to come out and I must say it was worth the wait.

imrs.phpOn a different note, this picture came from the Washington Post under the caption “Is This the Greatest Ebay Listing Ever?”.  Apparently it is a complete NES, SNES, N64, and Sega collection; and it can all be yours for the low asking price of $164,000.  Now the highest bid to this day on the collection is $45k which I think is a really lowball offer.  Is it worth the asking price?  Well apparently not as something is only worth what someone is willing to pay.  It will be interesting to see how much the collection ends up selling for.  Though admittedly even if I had the money I don’t think I would buy it as what would be the fun in that?  The fun is in the adventure of collecting.  If I just wanted to play every game I would download the ROMs and play them on my computer.  But where is the fun in that?!

I went on Kijiji the other day looking for games.  Not a deal to be found in all of our great city.  Everyone wants way too much for their games that I wonder if any product actually moves.  I have managed to sell off quite a few games as I think I price them right about 10-20% lower than the “list” price.  However the prices that people are asking are well over the list price and it seems as though they are trying to retire early.  Good luck!  Or perhaps I’m selling my games too cheaply.  My friend the Sega Dude has been telling me about a forum for the NEO GEO where people will sell games to other collectors for great deals… just don’t be reselling them or they will ban you from buying ever again!  I wish there was something like this for the NES/SNES.  The only reason I resell some of the games I buy at thrift stores is to fund my hobby of collecting games.   Nothing gives me a bigger rush than finding a good deal that I can add to my collection and blog about.

I’m done with EBAY.  The new import fee that most people from the U.S. are charging make it a complete rip off.  Basically they are saying that they will pay the duty on the shipment for you… for a fee.  In the last decade of ordering from EBAY, I’ve only had to pay duty once… ONE TIME!  Now thanks to Ebay’s greed I get charged every time.  So ya, I’m done with Ebay.  This will slow down my collecting, but as I have a regular job with a regular salary I just can’t justify paying even more fees!

Coming up on my next blog:  For Halloween I’m going to make an attempt at Link from the Legend of Zelda.  We’ll see how it turns out, but I’ll take pics along the way.  Halloween rules!

Later dudes,

Nintendo Joe:)