Mega Man 11 Review




If you read my last post I purchased a copy of Mega Man 11 for the PS4.  I haven’t played it extensively yet, but rather have only managed to beat one stage… Blockman.  I had no idea where to start so I went with the first choice in the stage select menu.  It was fairly challenging for a novice player… but it wasn’t long before my Mega Man skills of times past kicked in and I was able to beat the stage! I can’t wait to try the level on difficult once I master this!  There is a lot that I like about this game, and very little that I have issue with.  Now, this isn’t really an big deal, but this game (so far anyway) isn’t really a sequel, but rather a series reboot.  Not that there was much of a continuum in past Mega Man games (aside from a few common enemies) but this one completely rewrites the series…

… It ignores my good buddies Gutsman, Iceman, Cutman, and the rest of the robot master fellas from the original game.   While it keeps the same premise in that you beat a robot master, acquire his weapon, and use it as a weakness of another robot master… there is no rhyme or reason to it.  I mean in the original Mega Man, it made sense to start with Bombman, then use his acquired weapon against Gutsman (the strong man miner), then use this weapon against Cutman… it had a rock/paper/scissors feel to it.  This game makes no sense at all, but then I shouldn’t complain too much as there wasn’t much reasoning to the order of robot masters in the original Mega Man sequels.

As I said, this is a minor complaint, and overall I’m really pleased with the game as it brings me back to a better time where as a kid I had no actual responsibilities except B.S. my way through school and have fun!  Go Lancers!

The graphics in Mega Man 11 are great, but then I would expect no less from a PS4 game!  The music has a good beat/rhythm to it, but honestly I thought the 8-bit music was more technical and fun from a musical standpoint.

The controls are pretty tight as would be expected from a Mega Man game and if you die it feels as though you made a mistake as opposed to other games where there is delays, etc..

blockman 3

I like that the robot master battles are more complex than in the original games.  While I’ve only beaten Blockman,  I liked how there were three stages in the fight so it wasn’t as simple as memorizing one pattern and kicking ass.  The enemy became huge; even rivaling the dragon in the first Wily stage of Mega Man 2!  I think this is great, however another complaint that I have is that you can’t shoot diagonally or up… I thought this would have been a nice touch.

So far however the game is really fun, and I look forward to playing it for a bit each day!


We’ve been making good progress on Alien Isolation, but unfortunately the wives ruined our sausage party this Friday and we weren’t able to continue.  The game is different, but a lot of fun… and I hear there is a sequel coming out!

We (the Sega Dude and I) are off to the Durham game swap this Sunday October 21st.  I’m really hoping for some great deals on hard to find games!  I think my soul is about the right price for LittleSampson, and if the devil is at the show we just might have a deal!


Joe’s Grievances:  I’m quite upset about the demise of the VGCC game swap in Waterloo.  From what I hear, the organizers of the show got drunk one night, insulted each other like teenage girls often do, then cancelled the event?!  Has anyone heard differently?  This really sucks as I always looked forward to going to Waterloo twice a year for this event:(  Come on Pete… make amends with Andrew and lets get this great show up and running once again!  You are partly why I regained interest in the retro gaming community!

frog leap studios

Joe’s Plugs:  It appears that some people from Norway have been checking out lately which is fantastic!  In fact I’m hoping that my man Leo Moracchioli is going to be preforming near Oslo this winter break so I can come to your awesome country and watch!  I’m a huge fan!  Check out his metal covers at Frog Leap Studios.

I had a thought the other day… if Dalton McGuinty (Ontario’s former Premiere) married Andy Dalton (the quarterback of the Cincinnati Bengals) and took his name… he would be Dalton Dalton!  Awesome!

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Mega Man 11 Released!


My 100th post!  Mega Man 11 was released today and I’m super excited!  I’ll definitely pick it up this week as the $40 dollar price tag is fair… and I’ll actually play the thing!  I’ll do a review of it in the weeks to come.  The boss robot masters look great, huge, and intimidating.  I can’t wait to destroy them!  This doesn’t pose as great news for the newly acquired Mighty No. 9 however.  It will go on the back burner, but I WILL play it!

This past Saturday, a few friends came over for our first “Alien Isolation No Gurlz Allowed Sausage Party”.  The wife was out of town, and this was the perfect opportunity to engage a horrific Xenomorph… and terrify me it did!  I’m sure the Sega Dude will be posting an unflattering video of me playing the game and getting cornered by an Alien.  I screamed just before it tore me apart.  It’s been over a decade since I’ve screamed in panic like that and unbeknownst to me it was filmed which I’m sure the Sega Dude will post on his site in the near future.  In my defense however, how can you not scream when you are being hunted by an Alien?!  I can’t remember if we made it to the fifth or sixth mission, but we plan on getting together again this Friday to advance further into the game.

In other news, Nintendo successfully sued a company called MariCAR in Japan that was renting Mario Kart costumes and go-carts to people (mostly tourists).  You can read the article here.  Or not, I pretty much summed it up.

As mentioned in my earlier post, I have a lot of things that are really bugging me lately and even though this is a video game hunting blog, I’m running out of ideas.  There just isn’t really much to find on the cheap in terms of thrift stores, Kijiji, garage sales, and certainly not Ebay.  The days of possibly finding Little Sampson for an awesome deal are long over unfortunately.  As such, I’m opening up a new department on My Nintendo Dimension aptly named “Joe’s Grievances”.  Here is today’s issue:


I was listening to the morning show on Q107 while driving into work, and one of the hosts (Ryan Parker) said he has been on Tinder app the for a while and is finding it hard to find dates as most women aren’t interested in dudes under 5’9.  I bet he’s right, and I stand at a measly 5’7 with my Doc Martins on, I guess I would still be having a hard time finding a date!  This is even weirder as my parents are both taller than average.  One could argue that my mom got “friendly” with the mail man, but this theory is debunked as besides the hair colour, I look exactly like my old man.  This sucks!  I am happily married to a woman who apparently has a shorty fetish, so it isn’t really an issue, but it’s more the principle of it all.

SEGA Corner:  Sega makes Alien Isolation (see above) so that’s the news for today.

Next week we will be discussing what ever happened to the game swap in Waterloo which was put on by Video Game Collectors Community (VGCC).

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It’s All Mine!!!

Let’s just say that in the end I got mine!  More on that later…

IMG_6048This is a Value Village find.  I picked up this sweet chess set for $15 and am hoping to trade it for something really cool.  I hate eBay, but some people are listing it for nearly a hundred bucks!  Now I realize that this is just an “asking” price, but heck I should get more than my money’s worth… and that is really what this whole thing is all about… finding rare Nintendo games at an exceptional value.  Hopefully my investment pays off.  You’ll be the first to find out:)

I remember this gIMG_6667ame being a great platformer.  Much better than they Sega Genesis version… at least graphically.  I seem to remember it playing more smoothly as well.  Anyways both games are pretty good and look great on my shelves.  I ended up getting the guy down to $15 for this game.  Not really a big deal, but then it’s better than nothing.  I look forward to playing the game again as it is from one of my favourite movie franchises.  Alien and Aliens are just awesome films.  Alien 3 was disappointing in that there were no weapons on the penal colony the movie took place on.  I mean COME ON… it was the the guns and Colonial Marines that made the previous movie so good… not to mention that it was an excellent horror/action movie.  It scared the crap out of me when I first saw it, and to be honest I occasionally still have nightmares of the xenomorph!  But Alien 3 was nothing compared to the eye garbage that was Alien Resurrection.  This movie was horrible.  I mean when you put human female sex organs onto the Queen alien to give birth to a hybrid human/xenomorph you know you have gone too far.  Besides this abomination… and that’s exactly what Alien Resurrections is… the story and script were just crap.  I actually drove all the way to Buffalo with some friends so that we could see this movie three days before it came out over here.  Lets just say it was a quite car ride back home to Toronto as we all felt like a bunch of chumps.  So even though Alien 3 (let’s try to forget about Alien Resurrection) wasn’t a horrible movie, it paled in comparison to the first two movies in the franchise.  However as I mentioned above, the video game is actually pretty good… they gave us the guns and fire power that was lacking in the movie!  Perhaps the makers of the game should have made this film!


These NES games were purchased from the one and only Flavio.  Some of these (namely G.I. Joe) were titles that I’ve been on the lookout for and for some reason have not found.  But alas my search is over.  Digger T. Rock seems like it could be an okay game, and Kid Kool (a special thanks to the Sega Dude for trading a Sega Master System console for it) I hear is a lot like Psycho Fox on the SMS.  If that’s the case then I’m in for a treat as Psycho Fox was a great game!

IMG_6693But this is what I have been waiting for.  That’s right a copy of the one and only Nintendogs:  Dachshund & Friends complete in the box.  I realize that with such a great game comes great responsibility… this has not been lost on me.  IMG_6694



What’s really sad is that the person who donated this game to Value Village actually paid nearly $35 from a local game store.  I know this as the receipt was left in the box which I took a picture of and posted:) This game has only one purpose… the case is good to store a GBA game in.  The rest (as awesome as it is!) can be let go.


IMG_6691The real find was last Friday at Value Village.  I just walked in there as I usually do and found this little gem.  Now I knew it was worth a mint, but did they know?!  The answer is NO… to them it was just another SNES game for $10… can you say cha-ching!  Holy smokes a copy of R-Type 3!  My app tells me that the game sells for $102 US which would officially make this my most valuable game in my collection.  Super Mario RPG is worth more as it is complete in the box, but the actual cartridge doesn’t carry as high a price tag.  Honestly I’ve never even seen this game, and am proud to now own a copy of it in my collection.  So ya… i got mine in the end!

SEGA Corner:

IMG_6665So I picked up this game on the Sega Dude’s recommendation.  Was it a mistake? I don’t know as I haven’t played it yet.  It looks really stupid if I’m being honest… What the heck is a Chiki Chiki Boy anyway?  At least the cover looks kind of interesting and at the very least I’m assured that I can get my money back if I don’t like it.  Who knows though… maybe the game actually rocks!

That’s all for now.  Next time I’ll be discussing my trip to the video game swap meet in Waterloo.

Nintendo Joe