September Update

It’s difficult to write about NES game acquisitions when you only need 37 more for a full North American set… life’s not that bad!  The Durham game swap is coming up in October, and I’ve already reserved one game from my dealer (and fortunately it isn’t expensive at all!)  Other than these shows, there sadly isn’t much in the way to game hunt any more.  Value Village, once a gaming fans dream, is now just awful to shop at.  They’ve forgotten that they are a thrift store, and the possibility of getting a great deal is what lured customers in the first place.  But now as soon as they see Nintendo on an item, they charge ridiculous prices… sometimes even higher prices than at a retail store that specializes in retro games!  Goodwill (if you can even find one anymore) is a bust as they put all their “good” items for an online sale, and charge high prices along with shipping fees.  Everyone thinks their stuff is worth way more than it really is on Kijiji, and Ebay has long been tapped out.  JJgames is now charging for shipping, and with the American/Canadian dollar exchange rate being so terrible, there’s no deals on their either.  Lukie Games doesn’t show pictures of their merchandise (JJgames does!), and neither will do a deal even if you buy in bulk! Well that just makes it feel awesome when you do manage to find a game for a good deal which of course I’m hoping happens in October.


When I was at the gaming show in Pittsburgh last summer, there was a really cool poster (not for sale) of Mario with a Tetris background in a Russian propaganda theme.  Unfortunately the lighting wasn’t that great and the picture didn’t turn out.  I was really into learning about the Cold War so that only added to my interest.  This was the closest thing I could find to Nintendo propaganda on Google.

In other news, my Africa videos are posted on my YouTube channel if you want to check them out.  They might seem a bit long, but honestly I just couldn’t bring myself to edit all the really cool animals.  Also, the shorter clips took away from how special the experience actually was.

You know what’s really been upsetting me lately… it’s that everyone has tattoos now, that they are no longer cool.  This really sucks because I used to REALLY want one… a big one of Dark Force from Phantasy Star on my back.  I just can’t bring myself to do it though as every douche bag at the beach has tattoos… so much so that it’s more original to NOT have any tattoos.  What’s worse is that I was downtown the other day and saw this old lady (she must have been 75) with a fresh tattoo on her calf.  If the geezers are doing it then something isn’t right!


Imagine a full back tattoo of this!

I heard a really disturbing thing the other day… apparently kids that are really bad at Fortnite are getting bullied in the playground… and in response, their parents are hiring “coaches” to help them play better.  This is ridiculous!

The only other thing on my mind is that there used to be a YouTube channel called Retro Liberty that I used to watch… then out of no where they stopped making videos, only to reappear in another channel with the same format but re-branded Pixel Game Squad… and for some reason Aaron changed his name to Riff?!?  This doesn’t make sense, and even worse is that his friends on the show don’t seem phased by it?!  I expect more from the NES Complex!

Anyways that’s all for now…. Cup Head rules!

Nintendo Joe

We’re Back!

We are back from Africa without so much a sliver of an injury… though the anti-malaria pills are wrecking havoc on my digestive system and thankfully the symptoms didn’t start until the day we arrived back in Toronto!

What can I say… Africa was the best trip I’ve ever been on… and is a huge bucket list accomplishment.  I saw every animal I wanted to see… including several of my beloved Great White Sharks which I’ve wanted to see so desperately since 1984 when my dad let me stay up late one night to finish watching Jaws… which to this day is still my favorite movie!


We saw four of the Big 5 animals (buffalo, elephant, leopard, and rhino) on the first day, and they were magnificent.  But the best moment came when we came across eight lions eating a giraffe carcass one night.  We had a spotlight on them and got some great video… however it was what you didn’t see but rather heard that made it so memorable.  In the darkness you could hear the hyenas rallying the troops to come in and steal the kill for themselves.  They got closer and closer, and a few minutes later there they were!  Three of them stole what I think was a hip bone and dragged it off into the darkness with that creepy yowl/laugh they are so famous for.  That was the first moment that it actually hit me that I WAS REALLY IN AFRICA!

A few things I learned on our trip:

  1.  $15US is all it takes to “balance out the plane” if you are over the 15Kg limit in total baggage in Uganda… there was a bit of a shakedown at the Entebbe airport.
  2. Male kudus only live to 8 years compared to the 15 years a female kudu lives.  This is because at 7 years old, kudu males are ready to mate, and can think of nothing else and often forget to even eat.  This weakens their body and makes them easy prey for lions!
  3. The red crested korhan is also known as the suicide bird, as during mating season the males will all fly super high in the sky, then dive-bomb towards the surface.  The last one to pull out of the dive wins the right to mate with the females.  Apparently many of them slam into the ground. (This proves that men of all species a stupid, and isn’t limited to us humans).
  4. Ant lions only poop once in a lifetime.
  5. As this is a video game blog, I figured I should give Africa a look.  I have concluded that there are no video games left in Africa.  Not that they would be usable in North America anyway as they would be on the PAL format.

no video games

I’m going to make a short video that I can post on YouTube, but it is going to take a while as there is over 50 gigabytes of footage to go through, and 5000 pictures.  I’ll let you know when it is up.

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe