So Sqoon?!

Well this is a surprise post because for once I feel I actually have something to say!  My needs list was incomplete as I was missing both Sqoon, and Solomons Key on the NES.  I thought these two titles were European only games, but apparently I was incorrect.  Solomon won’t set me back much as it is only a $15 dollar game, but Sqoon is a bit more pricy at over $100.

While I never did well in math class, I’ve calculated that the average game I need is going to cost me around $151 a piece.  This includes Little Sampson and all the other very expensive games, but it’s a bit discouraging as it seems like a huge amount of money to spend on something I’ll hardly play.  I just love collecting though… I still need to get the remaining 8 or so G! Transformers I’m missing so I can put that one to bed.

I’ve attached a list of the games I need along with the going rate for what they go for on  As you can see at the bottom, the very expensive games make up the vast majority of the money I will need to spend.  Unless I get a stellar deal, there is no way I’m paying that much for a single NES game unless it was the absolute last one I needed in my collection.

Needed NES list

Just a few other observations.  While the unveiling of Samus at the end of Metroid on the NES is no news, for some reason I found it funny this week that they needed to put her in a bikini?!  So under all that awesome armour, there’s this woman in her underwear?!  It doesn’t really make sense, but at the same time didn’t really bother me when I was a teenager.

I also saw the last level of Life Force for the NES being played.  After you defeat the final boss, you then have to fly around all these protruding pipes, and some of them are very tight squeezes!  The guy who recorded the ending died an additional three times after vanquishing that demonic beast!  It felt like a real kick in the pants… something that I would have done if I were a game designer, but then again I’m not a very nice person.

Until next time!

Nintendo Joe


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