Kijiji Strikes Again!


First of all I would like to apologize for my last blog as there were some inaccuracies that need to be redacted.  Firstly, the “A” section in my collection is NOT complete.  I forgot that I am still missing Athletic World.  It is far from rare, and is an under $10 game, but for whatever reason I don’t have it.

Last Saturday I was browsing around on Kijiji (something I don’t do very often anymore) and the usual garbage came  up.  Not so rare games for a ridiculously high price.  It’s like these guys haven’t heard the word that retro game prices have fallen… in some cases quite dramatically.  However there was one ad that caught my attention.  It was an ad for a store called Retro Quest which was actually not that far away from my place.  So I called up the Sega Dude and we met in the parking lot.  Now honestly I wasn’t expecting much… just another store with some over priced games, but I the ad said that they had other retro collectable toys as well which I always enjoy seeing:)

The Sega Dude actually was actually optimistic, came prepared with stuff to trade.  I only the other hand came with a nearly empty wallet… I think I had like $20 on me… as I said I wasn’t expecting much.  While my friend did his business with the guy at the front counter I headed towards the Nintendo games.  The first game I saw was Donkey Kong Jr. Math… a much needed yet very terrible game that was the only missing black label cartridge in my collection.  However the price tag said a whopping $150, and I was like “okay here we go… another over priced retro game store”.  I was discouraged, but kept on looking at the other games as the Sega Dude wasn’t exactly racing to get out of the store.


This first picture is of three relatively common games for the NES with Super Cars being overly valued by collectors.  Either way, nothing special here other than that I didn’t have them and I figured that if I bundled some games together, maybe we could work out a deal.


Now we’re talking!  GI JOE is a game I’ve been looking for and at $65 the price was about right.  Tecmo Cup Soccer is a game that I don’t really want, but as I’m sick in the head feel I still need.  $70 for a not so good soccer game seems steep, but again for whatever reason collectors over value it.  The price was actually a bit under what it normally goes for.  Cliffhanger I almost bought last week, and I’m glad I didn’t as this one has a much better label… a little peeling, but no damage.


Okay, two other games that I’ve been on the look out for for quite a while.  Ultima Warriors of Destiny and RC Pro-AM 2.  Yes I figured that if I was interested in all these games, then perhaps the guy would give me a bulk discount to offset the Donkey Kong Jr. Math price.  I brought them all to the front and had them tally it all up.  As I guessed it was more than I wanted to pay, so I asked for some money off and he knocked $60 off the price.  Plus he was willing to play ball, and I offered cash, and you know what that means!  Off to the bank.

They also had this contest where you spin a wheel and play a game for a chance to get more money off.  I landed on Super Mario World and had to complete one of the stages… I almost made it, but that’s really just a nice way of saying I lost the challenge:(


Oh ya… once again I bought a game that I already owned!  I’m not the proud owner of two copies of North and South!  For whatever reason I temporarily got it confused with the title Fire and Ice which is a much more expensive game and I should have known better.  I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer sometimes and it is starting to cost me!  Hopefully I won’t have a hard time trading it.  I’ve updated my list with what I’m missing and current prices so hopefully this doesn’t happen again.

Anyways after all was said and done, the Sega Dude didn’t end up trading any of his stuff, but still ended up with some loot that I’m sure he’ll be mentioning shortly on his blog.

SEGA Corner:  No news in this department… and likely won’t have much for a while as I focus on my NES collection.


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