The “A’s” are Complete!



After a visit to one of my regular suppliers of NES games, and with the addition of Adventures of Lolo 3, I can now officially say that I have all the North American NES games that start with the letter “A”.  No more sleepless nights worrying about that anymore!  Now it’s on to complete the “B” titles, though I’m missing only three games here, two of them are Bonk’s Adventure, and Bubble Bobble 2:(  This should be enough to hold me off for a while.

The other major pick up was Gargoyles Quest II, which leaves only Snow Bros left to complete my Capcom series.  Good news however, the price for a Snow Bros cart has come down quite a bit.  As of today, the price of a mint cart goes for around $239… far from the $350 it went for a year and a half ago!   I emailed the Retro Game Bros right away to offer book value on the cart, but unfortunately they are sold out:(


These other two games were also picked up today.  Ninja Crusaders is a bit significant because it was also one of the games stolen from me on our California road trip.  The Punisher has no significance other than he is my favourite comic book character – turned  – Netflix star.  His character was great on Dare Devil, and once again in his own series.

I was supposed to pick up a copy of Cliffhanger for the NES, but the label was a bit suspect so I gave it a pass.  Like most collectors, I’m a stickler for a good label.  If the label is damaged, then usually I will give the game a pass… it is worthless to me.  This kind of makes it sound like I’m collecting some grey plastic with stickers… well I guess that’s sort of true which is why I’m 99% sure I won’t be getting Stadium Events in this lifetime, while still intend to boast a complete North American release NES collection.  I have 76 games left to go, and yes, most of them are really expensive so my collecting will be taking a major slowdown.  I no longer hope to find Little Sampson in a bargain bin at a game show… that day has past.  Though I will only continue to purchase games if I can get what I feel is a deal for them… and by the trend of things (as evidenced by Snow Bros.) the price of games seems to be on a downward trend.  Are people done buying for crazy prices finally?  I hope so for the sake of the collection!

3 thoughts on “The “A’s” are Complete!

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  2. 76 games left! That’s pretty good! You purged a lot of non NES games and it looks like that has really made a difference. So, what other letters of the alphabet are complete in your NES collection? 🙂


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