Shopping Therapy

Upon my return home, the Sega Dude called me up and asked if I wanted to do some shopping therapy at the Retro Game Bros..  I was still hurting from the robbery… so the answer was an emphatic “YES!”.  Unfortunately they didn’t have any of the games that were stolen from me so I selected a different game.

There is always ton250px-Darkwing_Duck_boxs of uncommon games to choose from and the game I chose to purchase was Darkwing Duck on the NES.  After I brought it home I immediately plugged it into my Retron 5 and took flight.  The game was not a disappointment, though as is typical with most NES games is very difficult.  The controls are steady, the music is fairly good, and the graphics are the most an 8-bit machine can offer… although it is a Capcom game and I would expect nothing less.  The game set me back $80 and I’m sure I’ll get enough enjoyment out of it to justify the cost.  I’m one step closer to finishing my Capcom collection; though the remaining games are quite expensive:  Ducktales 2 being the most costly, however Snow Bros. seems to be increasing in value and is a close 2nd.

So while I’m still mad about the robbery, the trip to the Retro Game Bros. was therapeutic.

SEGA Corner:  Nothing to report today.

Nintendo Joe


3 thoughts on “Shopping Therapy

  1. I also enjoyed that visit to Retro Game Bros. Somehow I talked myself into dropping $120 CAD on a SNES cart! But I do love a good beat’em-up and now I have Knights of the Round.
    Maybe we should re-visit them in a few weeks.


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