VGCC Delivers Once Again

On May 29th, 2016 the VGCC Game Swap in Waterloo Ontario was yet again attended by both myself and the Sega Dude.  What made it different this time around was that we were going to mainly trade our wares for other games rather than purchase new ones.  Over all I would say it was a big success.  Here are some photos of my loot:

IMG_8055 IMG_8057 IMG_8058

Starting from the top left you’ll see Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Demon Sword, Ski or Die, M.U.L.E., Image Fight, Legends of the Diamond, WWF Wrestlemania Challenge, Spelunker, Mario is Missing, Duck Tales, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

While I don’t know all the games I think I like Duck Tales, Spelunker, and Image Fight the best… the latter looking like an overhead version of R-Type.  I don’t know about Mario is Missing, nor Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  The other games are just filler… especially M.U.L.E..  The label looks kind of interesting, but talk about not judging a book by it’s cover.  This game looks like it belongs more on an Atari 2600 than an NES!  By far the worst game in my collection.

For all the games listed above, I probably spent around $50 and traded a copy of Paper Mario for the N64, King of Fighters, Time Slip, Art of Fighting, and another two games I can’t remember at the moment for the SNES… they weren’t hot titles though, thus why they elude me.  I think I did quite well, and what was best about trading at the show versus a store… they give you actual trade value.  Now not every vendor was willing to trade.  I had my eye on a few games including Darkwing Duck by Capcom for the NES, and while the guy entertained the idea of a trade, was not interested in my wares.  That was too bad for me as Darkwing Duck is a medium priced game at around $70 over here in Canada, but it is a really good game.  It kind of has the feel of Mega Man in terms of game play, graphics, and music, however Mega Man is a far superior game.

Another vendor had a copy of Little Sampson, and The Flintstones: Surprise at Dinosaur Peak… not that I had nearly enough to trade for those.  Again he wasn’t interested in trading, but was asking a whopping $1600 for Little Sampson.  The price for this game just keeps going up… then again it was near the end of the show and he hadn’t sold it.  I want this game, but c’mon the price is just ridiculous.  This guy also had a copy of Turtles in Time for the SNES which I would have been interested in trading for to complete my TMNT collection, burt as I said before this guy was only interested in cash.

A crazy thing happened the other day at work.  This guy I know there wanted me to sign his NES with a Sharpie marker.  I was like, “are you sure?” to which he replied an emphatic “YES.”  So that was my first ever autograph, though it doesn’t really count as this guy doesn’t follow my blog.  Anyways it was a cool thing to do… again though I’m not sure why he wanted me to do that?!  Even though I am Nintendo Joe, he doesn’t know that and as far as I’m concerned my own signature on the NES devalues it.  To each their own.

SEGA Corner:  At the game swap I also managed to purchase a copy of the Phantasy Star 2 hint book for the Sega Genesis.  It isn’t in the best shape, but seeing as how I have never seen a copy of this book since the early 1990’s I figured that at $10 this was a no brainer.  However I must say that I take issue with the cover.  The art is terrible.  Rolf looks like an old man, and Mother Brain looks like… well… a brain.  The Mega Drive version was much better so I’ll put up a copy of both pictures so you can compare.

IMG_8060 3685-pstar2j

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe


One thought on “VGCC Delivers Once Again

  1. Even though that Phantasy Star 2 hint guide does so wear on the cover you did well. I can’t imagine anyone selling it for less than $10. It’s whole and in one piece so it is pretty good. And like you say it’s getting really hard to find.
    I’ve read that the cover art for the English version depicts an older aged version of Rolf and Nei. Why? I have no idea…

    I agree! It was funny trading games in addition to purchasing. It really helped keep our costs down. It was a great trip and we should do it again!

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