Merry Christmas Love the Ice Man

Lately I’ve been browsing on which is a video game forum for nerds like me.  I was told to treat it just like I would a Kijiji listing, except that it isn’t local, and trades are in US dollars…YIKES!  Well I found a listing where the guy had some games that I needed for my collection, and his prices were actually really good!  However now that the transaction is over I realize that it wasn’t really worth it.  The games had to be shipped all the way from Glendale California which was pretty expensive, AND the current US to CAN dollar exchange rate made this great deal just an “okay” one.


These are the games that I ordered.  From top left we have Motor City Partol, Astrika’s Ring, and Thrilla’s Sufari.  From the bottom left we have Wild Gunman, Gold Medal Challenge, and Break Time.  Of all of these games, Astrika’s Ring was the one I wanted most for the simple reason that I liked the label art.  As an added bonus it also came with the instruction booklet.  Gold Medal Challenge is a sports game, but it’s made by Capcom and thus I needed it for my collection.  One day I would like to own all the Capcom games, but some are just too expensive.  Snow Bros. for example goes for over $300 here in Canada. It makes me think about the $150 price tag I saw on it at a local pawn shop… but even that is a crazy price to pay for a game that is just “pretty good”.

Wild Gunman was supposed to be the completion of my black label NES game collection, but I forgot that somehow I lost my copy of Excitebike?  I have the case, and cover, but no game?!!  I also had lost my copy of Wrecking Crew, but was able to pick up another copy for a good price (I think $15).  So alas my black label collection is still incomplete:(  This is significant as when I first got into this my goal was not for a complete NES collection, but rather just the black label games.  Now the rumours are true… I don’t own a copy of Devil World, but this was a European only release and thus I don’t count it… though I would like to have a copy (even though I couldn’t play it).

Now I had a boat load of stuff to trade/sell.  In fact most of what I had collected from yard sales and thrift shops for over a year I had to trade.  Out of the entire pile of loot, there were only a handful of items I kept because I needed them for my collection, but 95% of it was to trade for bigger and better games; and big they got indeed!

I went toIMG_7430 the Ice Man’s location in Lindsay first, but they didn’t really have anything that I wanted to trade for except for a copy of Freedom Force and Tom & Jerry.  The latter game being one that has been on my want list for a long time.  It isn’t a particularly rare game, but I’ve never seen it before, and the price at $15 seemed fair.  As an added bonus, the Ice Man was having a boxing week sale, and I got this game for 25% off.  Not that big a deal, but it is the only time of year video games ever really go on sale around here.

Castlevania_-_Dracula_X_-_01Our next stop was at the Lakefield flea market to visit Fred.  I was really looking forward to trading with him, but as it turned out he didn’t really have anything that I needed except for a boxed copy of Castlevania – Dracula X for the SNES.  This would have been cool, but the box put this already very expensive game out of my price range.  The cart alone goes for nearly $260.  However I don’t collect boxes, so this was an easy thing to pass up.  So yes, onwards and upwards.

The final stop on our trip was at the Ice Man’s new Peterborough location.  Now this place had a ton of games that I needed for the collection.  I gave one of the employees (Mike) a printed list of all the games I had to trade and he spent over an hour tallying everything up.  The grand total:  $470.  Finally I could get some games that I really wanted and for a good deal (I figure I paid about $200 for all the games I had to trade)… so a $270 profit seemed like a pretty good deal.  I probably could have gotten more if I sold them on Kijiji, but then I would have had to deal with low ballers and people coming over to my house…. this seemed like a much better option.  Plus it was boxing week and as I said the Ice Man was having a sale on most of his video games.  One game that I wanted (that unfortunately was not on sale) was E.V.O… at $300.  This is an awesome game that combines elements of both a shooter and an RPG (sort of).  You evolve though out the game by eating lesser creatures until you become who knows what?  One thing I consistently hear this game is very hard!  This was my chance to pick up the game for “fair” price.  I passed as it was just too much money to spend on one game.  I’m not quite at that level yet, or as Mike said to me “I wasn’t ready yet”.

IMG_7429However the following games were holes in my collection and were within my price range.  On closer inspection, I should not have bought Little Ninja Brothers.  It is a great game, don’t get me wrong, but there is some faded writing on the left side of the cart… maybe to some this isn’t a big deal, but for me and my OCD, it’s a huge deal.  I must have been blind (or tired from waiting around for over an hour for Mike to price out my loot).  Oh well I can’t do anything about it now.  I ended up trading it for $52 in credit after the sale price.  There is also no tax on trades so that’s another plus to trading rather than purchasing.  Frankenstein seems like it could be a good game; the truth is I don’t know much about it so I’ll have to let you know after I play it.


This next game was one that I’ve been on the look out for.  I think the Sega Dude has it complete in the box, but whatever.  This is my copy.  It came out to $43.50 in store credit after the discount.  This game seems like it will be a lot of fun.  It is a top down RPG that was typical of the SNES at the time.  Nothing Earth shattering, but still a darn good game!


This last game that I picked up has a bit of a back story.  Not so long ago, the Sega Dude and I went to the Retro Game Bros., for the grand opening.  Their prices are fair for a store, but also there was no tax on this day so that made the prices even better.  Of course you’ll remember that I found the Stack Up game for $50, but somehow managed to pay the guy $70 for it.  A story that haunts me still:(  Anyways the Retro Game Bros., had a raffle in which the Sega Dude actually won a boxed Super Nintendo!  I thought this would have been an awesome prize, but what he did was really sneaky.  He ended up trading it for a game that he knew I wanted:  CHRONO TRIGGER!  And he basically got it for free!  While I can’t compete with that price (nor the thrill of winning such a great prize) I had no choice but to break down and trade for my own copy.  Now you’ll notice that I took the price tag off.  That’s because I did NOT get the game for free, and I want my marriage to stay intact.  So ya, I’m now the proud owner of Chrono Trigger… officially the most valuable game in my collection.



Sega Corner:  I was able to pick up a copy of Mystic Defender for the Sega Genesis which is a game I remember playing with the Sega Dude back in the day.  It was a hard game, but if I remember correctly it wasn’t very long and wIMG_7436e were able to beat it.  I look forward to playing this game again.  The best part is that I was able to pick it up complete for only $12!  Now that’s a good deal…. still though, it wasn’t free:(  My only problem with this game is that the cover art on the Japanese Megadrive version is much better!  I think it was called Spell Caster 2 over there?  There are some slight differences in the two versions, the biggest being the outfit the main character is wearing.  In the Japanese version it was more like robes, where as in the American version it was more like you see on the cover.  I’m not sure why they would bother to make such a minor change?


Spell Caster 2 (Megadrive version)

That’s all for now.  Until next time,


Nintendo Joe




2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Love the Ice Man

  1. Personally I feel that buying/selling/trading games on forums like you did with is really the way to go. Deal directly with individuals who are likely collectors just like us. We end up supporting each other and get much better deals than from places like ebay. Yes the US exchange rate is killing us CAD’s at the moment but it still sounds like you made out well.

    LOL! yeah man, you really should have bought that Snow Bros. for $150 CAD.

    Breath of Fire is a good JRPG. Not the best on the SNES but one that is really worth playing. That’s a great score! And you’ll be happy to know that I do Not have it boxed! Cart only

    You son of Bee! You really didn’t give me much time to enjoy having Chrono Trigger in my collection while you did not have it. I can’t believe you score it already. I think you did that just to bug me 😛

    I also remember really enjoying Mystic Defender! There are a few levels that I don’t love but on the whole it’s a good game. $15 is a super deal for it complete in the box!

    …and I’d like to take this moment to let you know that I do have Excite Bike for the NES.

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