Some Interesting Videos


A special thanks goes out to the Sega Dude for designing the new banners here at mynintendodimension.  They look amazing and really make this blog much cooler!

Mega Man and SonicIn other news… well I don’t really have much to add this week… darn budget!  I did however come across a few youtube videos that I found really interesting so I thought I would share them.  He calls himself the Gaming Historian and does a decent job at covering some interesting topics.

Like this one on the history of Super Mario 2.

Or this one on the battle between Atari and Nintendo

Sega Corner:  of course we can’t let this important part of the blog be ignored.  Thus I’ve included a youtube video of how my beloved Mega Man ended up on the Sega Genesis and Game Gear.  The one on the Genesis looks really cool, and it is a shame I can only get a reproduction cart.  In fact I saw a repro cart at Replay FX last July…. but I didn’t pull the trigger.  Hopefully there will be a next time:)


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