Video Game Swap (Fall 2015)



The Sega Dude and I once again made the trek down to Waterloo Ontario to go the the video game swap meet for the 6th time.  It was a lot of fun hanging out, and wow was the line up to get in huge!  I would like to think I’m partially responsible for that though as I’ve mentioned it several times here on this blog.  The most memorable moment this for me had to be the copy of Flintstones:  Surprise at Dinosaur Peak that two guys bought.  Actually he split the $1,200CAN price tag with one of his friends.  I’m not sure exactly how that arrangement will work but it can’t be good!  What upsets me is that the game wasn’t worth that much… until just now.  I’ve always said that something is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it… and now this jack-ass comes in and pays over $450 of what it was previously worth… not to mention the fact that it wasn’t in mint shape.  The label had a few small tears/rips which is to be expected from a Blockbuster exclusive rental game.  This will likely (if ever) be the final game that I purchase for my collection as I just can’t justify that kind of cost for a game that I will barely play (it isn’t that good a game… it’s just really really rare).  At this rate of inflation I’ll never be able to afford the game though:(  It just isn’t worth it to me.


However a game I could afford was Might and Magic III:  Isles of Terra for the SNES.  I was a huge Might and Magic fan on the PC after the release of the Mandate of Heaven… I think that was M&M 6?  Part 7 was not quite as good, but was still an awesome game.  My favourite part was that after you finished the game it gave you a certificate that you could print off.  I think I had it in my resume for a while as it showed how dedicated I can be… Might and Magic games require many many hours to complete.  What made M&M 6 unique (at least at the time) was that the world was completely open, and the first person scrolling was very smooth… unlike previous chapters where the first person scrolling was choppy at best.  So I’m not expecting much in the way of a graphics game here with Might and Magic III, but rather a game that is hopefully playable with a cool story.  My hopes aren’t extremely high though as I played Eye of the Beholder for the SNES one night and had a hard time navigating around with all the choppy scrolling.


The next two games I bought were questionable purchases and I would be a little upset at myself if I didn’t get a good price for the pair.  I paid $65 for a copy of Mario Kart Double Dash and Paper Mario for the Game Cube.  Not a bad price, but the thing is I’ve never played a Game Cube game to date.  I suppose I should remedy this injustice as the system did produce several really cool games.  What makes me upset is that I had made the deal with the guy not realizing that the Paper Mario game was the Player’s Choice edition.  It’s not a big deal for most people, but I only want black labels in my collection.  However a deal is a deal so I paid the dude and went on my merry way.


Then I came across an uncommon game that I have been looking for quite a while now… Robocop 3.  When I was a teenager I loved Robocop.  I thought the arcade video game was amazing for the time as it incorporated actual quotes from the movie and spoke to you.  The NES version of the game was not great, but not that bad either.  I remember it being very difficult and fighting the ED-209 robot (if you could make it that far) was nearly impossible. My Robocop collection for the NES is now complete.  The SNES version of the same game is probably much better though and I’ll have to try that out some day.  This shouldn’t be too difficult as the game is much more common on the SNES. The Puss n Boots was just an added bonus to the deal:)

IMG_6717The last game I picked up was actually not from the video game swap but rather from Chumleighs in Peterborough, Ontario.  I’ve had the game for a while now but I keep forgetting to blog about it.  Honestly, it’s not that great a game when you compare it to some of the NES greats (Mega Man, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link, etc.) but it does have a certain fun factor that often is missing in games…. actually it doesn’t have that either.  It’s a terrible game that Nintendo should be embarrassed for putting out.  I can’t imagine paying full price for this piece of trash where the best thing about it is the cover art.  I think it is a port of an old Commodore 64 game but wow it is just brutal!  All you do is run to the left and find bird seed to eat while trying to avoid Wile E. Coyote… and it has some really annoying music.  So why did I buy it?  I got it for dirt cheap… like $6 which isn’t bad for I’ll be adding it to my collection, but there it will remain, never to see the light of day again.  Hey, Atari made terrible games like E.T…. well this was Nintendo’s E.T…. or at least close to it.  Come to think of it, it isn’t as bad as Spot for the NES.  At least Spot is the first worst game out there at least that I’ve come across.

So ya… I’ll have to plug in my Game Cube one of these days and make a night of it.  I have a handful of games for the system that I’ve wanted to try out now for quite a while now… like Metroid Prime.  Maybe I’ll have a game night sometime and hook it up!

Sega Corner:  In the Sega Dude’s last post he was talking about a game called Skeleton Krew and was mentioning what an expensive game it was.  Wow was he ever right… I was at a store that was charging $45 for the cart only!  I hope it is a good game.  You’ll have to review it some time!

Until next time,

Nintendo Joe:)

2 thoughts on “Video Game Swap (Fall 2015)

  1. I’ve heard that Mario Kart Double Dash is a very good Mario Kart game but I heard this at a time when the Game Cube was current. Hopefully it’s still true. Let us know!

    When I see retro video games listed for astronomical prices on ebay I often wonder if there are people out there who will actually pay these prices. And it was interesting to see first hand a $1,200 game sell. It’s also a bit upsetting because like you say; if some people are willing to pay then that is was those games are going to cost.

    When I think about a few expensive games that I would like to have (like Alien Soldier or Gley Lancer) I know right now that I’m not willing to spend $1,200 or even $600 splitting it with a buddy.

    And here is my post that you were referring to regarding Skeleton Krew:


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