Replay FX 2015

This July 30th – August 2nd two of my buddies and I travelled down to Pittsburgh PA for the Replay FX 2015 tournament.  As much encouraging as my friends gave me, I didn’t enter the Kong Off 4 competition.  I wouldn’t have stood a chance as I’m just a less than average player of Donkey Kong.  My high score is 85,000 points…. compared to the 1,0IMG_628800,000+ points that these champs score on a regular basis. This first picture is of myself and the infamous Billy Mitchell.  What else is there to say about this guy… he is the man!  He is exactly whom he appears to be and he really works his style. The long hair, fancy suits, American flag tie… a video game champion.  He is most famous for his Donkey Kong scores which are phenomenal, however he was also the first (and perhaps only) person to ever beat Pac Man with a perfect score.




This next picture is of Steve Wiebe and myself which was obviously taken on the same day.  Both he and Billy were participating in the Kong Off 4 and while they did exceptionally well, I don’t believe either of them won the competition.  But what amazes me is not only what awesome Donkey Kong players these two are, but the amount of time they dedicate to their craft.  There would be breaks every now and then, but these guys would play DK for literally hours on end.  I mean to achieve a score of 1,000,000+ points, it takes at least a good two hours of focused game play.  One stray barrel or mistimed jump and that’s game.  DK is reportedly one of the hardest (if not the hardest)  game ever created.  My hats are off to these fellows… I think it would be really cool to be able to say that “you’re the best in the world at something”… and why not Donkey Kong?!


These carts were my pick ups at the tournament as there were some vendors… though I admit that I was disappointed in how few there were.  The tournament was even sponsored by JJgames… yet they didn’t have a sales booth?!  I went down to get some good deals and while I was able to find a few, it would have been nice to have a wider selection.  Anyways what you see here is Mega Man X and Super Bomberman for the SNES on the left, and Infiltrator, Kid Icarus, and Casino Kid for the NES.  I think I’m most excited for Kid Icarus as I’ve been trying to find this title for the last two years… at least at a reasonable price.  Most people want close to $30 for this game… I paid $19 so I’m fairly happy with that.


All in all I had a fantastic time in Pittsburgh.  I literally played hundreds of arcade games and pinball machines.  I was most impressed at my buddy who managed to beat 49 opponents on Street Fighter II.  Unfortunately there was no SF tournament this year… maybe next?!  That would be cool to see.  In fact the only thing that I didn’t like was the Super 8 hotel by the Pittsburgh airport.  The staff was very friendly and accommodating, however the security and cleanliness of the rooms were something to be desired.  The first room’s front door wouldn’t lock, the second room reeked of smoke, and the third and final room had apparently been attacked by a small alien as there were holes in the air conditioner??  Anyways it all worked out and a good time was had by all:)



2 thoughts on “Replay FX 2015

  1. Outstanding! Nintendo Joe I feel less embarrassed knowing you now that you’ve been so close to greatness! You really should have entered ‘Kong Off 4’. If nothing else you’d have an official ranking! And that would be worth making a T-Shirt for.

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