Early Bird Gets The Worm

I got sniped… but more on that later…  IMG_5388Last weekend my wife and i went to what we thought was a yard sale advertised on Kijiji, but it turned out to be a retro toy/video game mini-convention at the Royal Legion.  I texted the Sega Dude, but he couldn’t make it:(  Not that there were many “bargains” to be had, but it is always nice to look and see the games I wish I had in my collection.  Who can afford these prices?!  I did pick up a SNES copy of Kablooey and an NES copy of Freedom Force which I needed for my collection.  I paid $10 for the pair.  Neither are particularly exciting so I don’t really see the point in writing more about them.  I did manage to download covers for these two games and have already started to import them into Powerpoint.  Hopefully the Staples in Lindsay will print these out for me unlike the jerk that runs the place by my house!

Okay, so I was sniped… I can half blame my wife for being late AND causing us to miss a turn by not paying attention.  Had I been thirty seconds earlier to this yard sale I would have Final Fantasy on the PSP, a complete NES with 7 games… all for $10, but no; this jerk ( a different jerk from the one at Staples) beat me to it.  He didn’t even take the whole lot and when I inquired about the NES manual and a boxed game (Tiny Toons 2) that was left behind, the owner grabbed them from me and said that “these are not available” and chased the guy he sold them to down the street.  I was like, “Dude, those were in my hand?!”  He didn’t seem to care, so my morning got off to a rough start:(  So sad, but that’s the way game hunting goes.

IMG_5382 IMG_5383

I did however manage to score these titles… all three for $10.  I’m not really interested in the Playstation games, so I’ll probably trade those.  The Wii game is one that was recommended to me by some dude on YouTube.  I’ve never actually played it, but cover looks interesting, and it is complete.

IMG_5384IMG_5385My wife however did partially redeem herself.  While she was bin diving, she came across the three NES game manuals you see here on the left.  The Final Fantasy booklet isn’t in the best shape, but seeing as how I don’t have one I’ll take it.  All three manuals cost a whopping 30 cents.  I also need them all to complete these games.


My wife also managed to score 5 issues of Nintendo Power Flash magazines, and a Super Mario Bros. 2 strategy guide…. all for a buck!  I was happy with that deal and all is forgiven.  IMG_5387voltron 2

From that same sale she also came away with two cans of Muscle Men and a Voltron birthday invitation from 1984…. all for another four bucks!  On flipping the invitation over, it was for a sleep over party.  I bet that “Sam” (the guy whom the party was for) got some really cool toys for his birthday!  1984 was a great year for toys!  Anyway for a fiver, we got all this!

So despite being sniped, I would say that Saturday May 2nd was a successful morning of garage sailing.  It would have been better though if I had that mint boxed copy of Tiny Toons 2 (it was the only title i actually needed, but that’s not the point).  I guess I haven’t let it go yet.

SEGA Corner: Nothing to add at this time:(

Later dudes,

Nintendo Joe

3 thoughts on “Early Bird Gets The Worm

  1. It’s pretty hard to come by manuals for retro games. That’s a great find! And I love those M.U.S.C.L.E. Men! You even got two garbage cans that they came in. Very nice 🙂

  2. Too bad you didn’t get that NES, but you did get a lot of other great stuff instead as compensation. So overall, great haul I’d guess. Not familiar with the MUSCLE men myself as no one had them amongst my friends, but I’ve heard of them.

    And I’d also guess that Sam got a lot of magnificent toys that year!

  3. After seeing those Nintendo Power Flash magazines in person while visiting the NintendoDimension museum I’m realizing that they are a really excellent score.
    For some reason I’m not able to click on the image posted here and see them large so I couldn’t really tell what they were. **See if you can fix that!** 😀
    You’ve got some seriously cool Nintendo history there! Keep them safe!

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