Happy 2015!!!

Happy New Year everyone:)  As the Christmas season comes to a close I felt I must share with you some of my latest acquisitions.

IMG_4922This lot of games is a rather good haul, though I admit that I didn’t get as good a deal as I normally hunt for.  That being said, I’ve never seen Crystalis for less than $15.  I picked it up for $10 and the cartridge is in great condition.  Adventure Island 3 was a bit on the expensive side at $40, but I’ve been wanting to try out this game for a while now.  Adventure island basically just the same thing as Wonder Boy on the Sega Master System with only minor changes.  Other pick ups from this haul were Destiny of an Emperor, Robo Cop 2, Star Wars, Magic Darts, and Mickey’s Safari in Letter Land.  I’m excited about the last one because a) I love Mickey Mouse, and b) it is an NES cart that i didn’t have.  Unfortunately I got it confused with the Numberland game which is worth far more… I thought I was getting a really good deal where as it turned out to just be an okay deal.

IMG_4927This NES Satellite was also from the same Kijiji purchase.  It came with the box which is kind of neat as i don’t own any boxes for the NES (except for Mega Man which I might trade as I don’t have much use for it… then again the artwork is so bad that perhaps I should keep it?!)  This is an interesting device by yesterdays standard as it allows you to hook up 4 game pads at the same time.  I don’t know how many games were made for 4 players on the NES but I don’t imagine there were very many… if any?!  Now this device takes 6 C batteries which makes it me even less anxious to try it out.  It will probably just collect dust, but hey it came boxed and is complete and I haven’t seen it around very often.  This hit the wallet for $30.

IMG_4932The above poster was a gift from my wife.  It should look nice on the wall next to the collection.  Interestingly enough I have all the games that is being advertised… most (but not all) are the black label cart games.

IMG_4943These next two games I’m really excited about as I got them for a great deal… Boxing Day (the day after Christmas) is a bit of a big thing over here in Canada.  I have no idea why they call it boxing day (i’ve heard several very different reasons and don’t know if any are true), however it is a holiday for most people unless you are working retail.  On Boxing Day many stores have really big discounts on items that they couldn’t sell in time for Christmas.  In the case of the above tls.jpgwo games, these were 30% off the sticker price… so that brings it down to about $21 per game.  I’ve never played Power Blade before but it was on some guys top 10 list of under-rated NES games so I thought I would give it a try.  Not only that, but $21 is a great price for this game which normally goes for around $40 around here… and this was from a game store which as we all know normally have really high prices.  That being said, the Ice Man has the best deals in town, and he gives a decent % on trades… up to %60 if the game is rare and they don’t already own a copy.  This is a big step up from the 30% trade-in value I’ve gotten accustomed to.  The trouble is he is all the way in downtown isn’t that close to a subway station.  As I live out in the burbs this is quite a trek.  If you are ever in town and are looking for a good game store, this is the one.  You can avoid places like A & C Games for although they have the biggest selection, they also have the biggest price tags.  I only went in there because I was looking for a very specific game for a friend… to no avail.  In fact there are very Turbo Grafx games to be found in our city… Buffalo N.Y., and Hamilton too for that matter as i looked there as well.  Where are they all?  Although the system didn’t do as well as the Genesis, or SNES I thought it did alright over here.  I know it did better over seas, but it is really hard to find games… let alone complete games anywhere around here.

Anyways, I hope that 2015 is a great year for us all.  All the best.

Nintendo Joe


One thought on “Happy 2015!!!

  1. I’ve always wanted to try out Adventure island. I really like Wonder Boy so it would be cool to check this one out and hopefully have a cool new adventure!

    That poster has an excellent retro feel to it! You should make a display out of it. Post it up someplace where you can display the game cartridges it’s advertising. Since you have them all it would be kind of cool.

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