Happy Nintendo Day:)

Happy Nintendo Day everyone!

zzsHRXiNzH7M_vatbQlNFdj4Hm4wwOhWWhile i must admit I don’t understand the significance of the day, apparently November 21st is Nintendo day.  I have a sneaky suspicion that this is just a marketing release date of several new Nintendo games.  Of course Super Smash Bros for the Wii U is a big deal… and several people that I work with are big on the Pokemon releases (personally I couldn’t care less about the latter).  I celebrated by playing the original Mega Man… kind of stupid, but hey so is a blog dedicated to Nintendo.

Tomorrow I am to strike a major deal… 40 NES games for $300.  It actually is a big deal as several games are on my wanted list, and they guy discounted me big time on most of the games since I was buying so many.  My wife is going to be mad at me, but Santa Claus is going to be extra generous this year… or so rumour has it.  I can’t think of anything that would please me more as a kid than getting 40 NES games!

I just got an order in from jjgames.com.  I’m happy with my order though I’m disappointed in myself for not picking up on  the “tearing” issue with The Last Starfighter.  Half the top label is gone.  I have no one to blame but myself as they are quite up-front at jjgames.com as to the condition of the game.  Stupid, stupid, stupid!!


In other news, I just watched a guy on youtube beat Thunder Force IV on the Mega Drive on maniac mode.  This guy is the master of this game, and I had to make a comment saying that Lebron James is a chump compared to this guy.  Who ever it is that played this game on MANIAC mode is truly insane:  I could never compete with you sir!  That being said, this chapter of the series pales in comparison to it’s predecessors.  The music is good, but not great.  The graphics are better, but not smooth.  It just isn’t the same fun as two or three.



Also on Sega news… Faery Tale Adventure is a really crummy game.  I don’t know how a company could put their name on such a piece of crap.  The game is an RPG which I normally love, but wow was it ever done terribly.  The town you start out in is desolate, the first enemies you come across can easily kill you, and the text is boring as all sweet badoinky doing.  This is such a shame as the front cover looks so good!  There are dragons to fight, treasure to be found… what more could you ask for… apparently more than this.  This game just sucks big time!

UnknownI also watched a youtube video on this game to put me in a better mood.  Thank goodness because I was getting pretty depressed by seeing Faery Tale Adventure.  Who would want to own such a piece of garbage?!  At least it isn’t on Nintendo.

Again happy Nintendo Day!

Keep on gaming,

Nintendo Joe:)





14 thoughts on “Happy Nintendo Day:)

  1. I don’t observe Nintendo day.

    And what’s this “not smooth” talk about Thunder Force IV?!
    I’m calling you out on that one.

    Your Thunder Force IV link goes to Nintendo Day instead of the video.
    I think this is the clip you were talking about:

      • I do buy games at retail stores, only for a really good deal 😛 These newer games are from my wife who’s really kind and thinks I need newer games in my library too. So you’re correct I never pay full retail price 🙂 Others do when buying gifts for me since old games are obscure and hard to come by, at least when it comes to those left on my list.
        And yeah, I own a Wii U, it’s amazing! 😀

      • In my opinion, yes 😀 Myself I like Game&Wario, Nintendoland, Hyrule Warriors, New Super Mario Bros. U, Walking Dead, New Super Luigi Bros. u, Super Mario 3D World and Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Then they’ll release Captain Toad: Treasure Hunter which looks great, and also Mario Maker, a program where you can create and upload your own Super Mario Bros., or New Super Mario Bros. Levels.
        I’m not that much into shooters and stuff and I think Nintendo really delivers that good ‘ol Nintendo feeling: albeit a bit uppdated. While initially regarded as gimmicky, my friends and I see the Wii U Controller as one of the best ones, and it fits snugly in my big hands.

      • Well you have me sold. I really want to get one, but think I’ll wait until the price comes down a bit. Currently it is $300 + tax over here. Even used will cost you at least $250. What does it go for in Sweden?

      • I got it for about 200 american dollars new, and that was the basic white version (just because it’s white and white consoles look amazing IMO).
        The bundles cost about as much as 300 dollars new over here, but you can find used black sets with 3-4 games for about 250-400 dollars give or take.

  2. I would love to get a Wii U someday… the only thing stopping me is I have sooo much video stuff already. I also try to avoid retail. I got lucky recently and bought a new copy of The Last of Us for $30 CAD while it was on sale.

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