Some Games Come Easier Than Others

Value Village (the one at Markham Rd. and Lawerance Ave. E) has let me down.  When I was in the store last week, I noticed an NES game which always gets me a bit excited… I mean what game could it be?!!!  When I saw the price tag, IMG_0264I knew I had found something special… maybe Snow Bros., Dragon Warrior IV, or perhaps the ever elusive Little Sampson!  I mean at $19.99 this must be a good game right?!  WRONG, it was for a lousy copy of Golf: Challenge Pebble Beach.  The game is only worth $3 in the store, let alone a thrift shop!  I know retro gaming is hot these days, but this is borderline insane.  I was felt so let down.  After all the praise and hype I’ve given to Value Village over this blog, this is the thanks I get from them… $20 for a really bad golf game.  That being said, it is rare that I find NES games at the VV any more. People seem to be holding on to their collections.  Heck with all the “Wanted – Your Nintendo Games” ads on Kijiji, all the good games have probably been bought up by game stores or other resellers looking for an early retirement. I know I got into the trend late, but if this is where it is headed then I don’t see how I’ll ever complete my collection.  Oh well that’s part of the reason I chose Nintendo; because of the challenge it presents.

I was however able to score IMG_4652some good games from an ad on Kijiji.  Usually I don’t respond to Ads that say things like “make an offer” because I know the seller is expecting a fortune.  However in this case I figured why not, and made an offer for both these games ($25) that is somewhere between a really good deal and book value; and it was accepted.  I met the girl (crazy I know) at a grocery store just around the corner from me.  It was actually a smooth transaction.  The games are both complete and will look nice on my shelf.  Thank you Salena (the girl I bought the games from) for actually selling your games at a reasonable price.  I wish there were more sellers out there like you.  I would estimate that for every thousand ads I look at, there might be five or six that I actually respond to whose prices aren’t rivalling the value of Fort Knox.  It is getting way past tiresome.


I bought my first Wii U game!  Its called Scribblenauts Unlimited which is nothing special, but it isn’t a sports game and the price was right.  I also bought Super Paper Mario for the Wii as well as a few other titles that are rather fun to play all for $35.  Man Hunt 2 is rather interesting for the controversy it caused upon it’s release.  Apparently it is an extremely violent game… which surprises me as I always thought of Nintendo as a family friendly company… remember the lack of blood and gore in the SNES version of Mortal Kombat?  It was okay, but without the violence it just wasn’t the same as the arcade.  Compared to today’s games though, Mortal Kombat is very light… Trouble in Terrorist Town, or Gary’s Mod are way past the limits of good taste for a 14 year old to be playing!  Anyways I’ll likely put these other games up for trade as I’m not really into any of them… though Bully sounds interesting.

This is a rather interesting pick up.  The Sega Dude ordered three copies of a new game released for the SNES called Nightmare Busters.  He sold one copy to me at cost which was expensive at $85… actually I still owe him $10… but I look aIMG_4658t it more as an investment that anything else.  This will be the first game in my collection whose only purpose is to increase in value so i can trade it for a rare title like one of the games I mentioned above.  To be honest I’m kind of on the fence as I’m not sure about the ethics of this.  Your thoughts?  I was almost too scared to open the game for fear of putting a dent in the box to take a picture, but that is just ridiculous.  Actually I want to try the game out before i trade it away.  Who knows, maybe it will be the next big thing and I’ll have to keep it.  That being said, I’m told this game is a beat’em up which is a genre I’m not overly crazy about.  I’ll review it in a later post after i get around to playing it.  It might be a while though as there is a huge queue of games I want to try out first.

IMG_4656 IMG_4657

These next games were also a Value Village purchase but thankfully at a reasonable price (the location of the store is a secret). I think I already have Yoshi’s Island for the Game Boy Advance, so this might have been on over sight.  I definitely don’t have the other two.  Mickey Mouse II is rather interesting in that I can’t find it on any of my aps nor  I looked it up and apparently the game is a Japanese release of a game that never made it to North America… it’s Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 2 which I find rather confusing since Mickey and Bugs are from rival companies.  The game isn’t worth much, but I thought it was interesting, and the price was right so I bought it anyway.


These games were given to me by the Sega Dude.  Even though I offered him cash, he would have none of it.  He’s a real pal and the biggest outside contributor to the Nintendo Museum.  I should frame his picture down there to give him official recognition.  Though these aren’t Nintendo games (they are Genesis/Mega Drive) I look forward to playing them again on my Retron 5… which by the way is awesome… except for the game pad it comes with which is rather crummy; however this isn’t a problem as you can plug in the pad of whatever game console you are playing.  I think of all these games, Phelios was my favourite for it was challenging, had good graphics/music, and was one I was rather good at and used to show off to my cousin whenever he came over to play it.  That brings to mind a memory of the first time I ever played Super Mario Bros. when the NES first came out.  Like most people, I was really bad at first… I mean REALLY bad.  The guys house who I was playing it at of course was amazing.  So we would play man for man…. I would last 20 seconds before dying, he would last 20 minutes.  It really wasn’t a lot of fun, so I would just go outside and skateboard (another activity that I was really crappy at, but hey, at least I didn’t have to wait my turn:)

Later dudes,

Nintendo Joe

4 thoughts on “Some Games Come Easier Than Others

  1. I don’t think it’s unethical to hold onto a game until it’s worth more and trade it for some other game. Who could hold that against you. Trading is way better than paying.
    But, make sure you try it out and play it a lot. If you like it you should keep it. I honestly believe you’ll never find it again for less than the retail price we paid from Super Fighter Team.
    It’s more of platformer than beat’em up. And it looks like it could be very good. I haven’t tried mine yet. My SNES isn’t hooked up at the moment.
    That GBA game Final Fantasy Tactics is a great score! It’s very popular and a very good game. Again I think you should try it out before you think about trading or selling it!
    My GBA copy of Final Fantasy Tactics is complete in the box and like new… No big deal 😛

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