The Last Two Months of Collecting

For the past two months I’ve continued on my quest to obtaining a complete NES collection (I’m 41% there), while picking up some other cool Nintendo (and Sega Genesis now that I have a Retron 5… which after playing it with all the emulated systems can honestly say that it comes exactly as advertised).


What the $&%# ??? I just tried to insert an image into this blog and all I got were a bunch of numbers and symbols ??? Oh well let me know if you are having any difficulty seeing the images.  This new editor stinks!

The above picture is supposed to show Yoshi, Yoshi’s Cookie, Tecmo Super Bowl, 8 Eyes, Conquest of the Crystal Palace, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project, and Jaws. Of all the Jaws movies they made, Nintendo had to pick part 4 (the absolute worst in the series) to make a game out of? The game is REALLY bad, and the only reason I got it was so that it could rest in peace on my shelf. It will never be played unless I use it as a form of punishment on my dog for his disobedience. The other games seem cool, and I’m rather excited to try out TMNT 3 as even though it is not that uncommon, I’ve never even seen it before.

The next game I was able to pick up was Herzog Zwei, or for those of you who don’t speak German, The Two Dukes… at least that’s what I think it says for I don’t speak German either.  This game was introduced to me by the Sega Dude way back in high school in 1990.  It’s a two player game where you face off against each other by building up your defence to protect your base(s) and and form offensive armies to take over your opponents.  Now honestly it wasn’t really all that fun to play againsIMG_4532t the Sega Dude because he was pretty good at it by the time I came around to try it out (it didn’t hurt that the game was the Mega Drive version and since my Japanese is even worse than my German I really stood no chance of beating him).  Thank goodness the commands you would assign your troops all came with pictures/icons which gave a hint of what it would do.  Alas I was able to borrow this game and actually beat it… a feat that isn’t for the weak minded as it takes forever… you have to beat every level four times (each with progressing difficulty).  The ending was rather cheap too, but who plays a game for the ending?!  This game was nothing short of AWESOME.  It has really good music and the graphics are great for a 16 bit system.  I definitely recommend this game.  It was made by Techno Soft (also the author of the Thunder Force series which are also fantastic games to play).

My interest in Genesis games is basically to try and get back all/most of the old games I used to own back in the day.  I’m missing a few such as Phantasy Star 2 & 3 (apparently the Sega Dude has an extra copy of 3… I offered to pay him for it, but he insisted that I have it… that being said it isn’t in my collection yet.  Other games I’m missing are Whip Rush, Target Earth, Air Diver, Gaires, Grenada, Mystic Defender, Arrow Flash, and Thunder Force 3 (apparently there was a 4th chapter called Lightening Force which I also would like to try out some day… oh, and part 5 is for the PS1 that I would also like to get my hands on).  Other than these, I’ll give the rest of my findings to the Sega Dude for safe keeping.

These next three games were to add to my Zelda collection.  I’m still missing the Master Quest, Oracle of Ages and Seasons on Game Boy, Skyward Sword, and of course the new one on the Wii U whicIMG_4533h I can’t remember what its called… nor have I heard whether it is any good or not.  Anyways, these are all complete (except Minish Cap), and seem like they could be a lot of fun when I actually have the time to sit down and play a Zelda game.  I think the one I’ll try first is Spirit Tracks as it seems to be the most straight forward.  Then again who knows… maybe Four Swords Adventure will prove to be the better game…  or even Minish Cap (which i can now play on my Retron 5:)

As I mentioned in my last post, my Halloween costume this year is goIMG_4536ing to be Link… yes I know it isn’t much of a surprise, but I’m attempting to make the costume myself… except the sword… which isn’t the Master Sword so don’t give me any heat about that!  Anyways I finished the hat today.  I made by sewing together the sleeves of the green fleece that I’ll be wearing.  I also bought a thick brown belt, a brown turtle neck, brown leggings, boots and pointed ears to wear… all from Value Village of course and i think it all came to a grand total of $55.  Not bad, but I still have to make the master shield whicLink_Realh I’m going to attempt at projecting it on a wall then tracing it onto a big sheet of bristol board.

This is the picture that I’m basing the costume on.  I don’t think I’ll be making the arm bracers though as I want people to see my hand with the Triforce painted on it.  The only thing i still have to get is another belt for my sword scabbard… which I also have to make… so much to do with so little time. What’s kind of funny is that when I went to the register to purchase the green fleece and brown belt, the cashier actually guessed what I was going to be… he must follow this blog:)  I’ll take a picture of my complete costume when it is finished.



4 thoughts on “The Last Two Months of Collecting

  1. Yup, I’m sure I’d still kick your butt at Herzog Zwei 🙂 I gave Evil Kalman a taste of my fury not too long ago.
    And I think Herzog Zwei is actually Duke 2. As it is a sequel.
    It’s a great game and the first real time strategy game I ever played.

    Minish Cap is excellent! And I think you’ll be pleased to know I have a complete boxed mint Minish Cap!… No big deal 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing more of your Zelda costume!

  2. I meant to say; I can see all of your images in this post. The games look great!

    Definitely keep hunting for those Thunder Force games.
    And yes, I will get you that Phantasy Star 3. I have two doubles kicking around somewhere.
    You should also track down PS4 while you’re hunting down PS2.

  3. Minish Cap is the best 2D Zelda IMO (don’t kill me for saying that!). ALttP for the 3DS is the best of the top view ones though.

    Yoshi (called Mario & Yoshi in Europe) and Yoshi’s Cookie are fun games!

    Congrats on the haul!

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