The Adventure of Link



Every year I usually feel a pull to play Zelda II – The Adventure of Link on the NES (or in this case on my GBA).  This year was to be no different, but it got me wondering, “how can Nintendo have made a game that was SOOO good, also make games that were SOOOOOOOO bad?!”  Several games come to mind when I think of the atrocities that somehow got the Nintendo Seal of Approval… clearly there was a lack of a screening process.  How on Earth could you put out a game like Zelda I & II, and then produce crap like Wizards and Warriors?!  What is worse is that Wizards and Warriors had several sequels!  It boggles my mind.
1396260193181 But alas this is all a topic for another day.  Todays topic is about the awesomeness of Link.  Most things about the game are spectacular; the controls, the music, the graphics, and even some unique/interesting characters that I am dying to find out the back story to.  I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post, but what’s with the dude that says “I am Error” ?!  With a name like that you just know he was picked on in the playground at school.  I get it, we are in a fantasy kingdom where people have weird names like Link and Impa… but Error really takes the cake.

Something else that has had me perplexed for the last 20 years is what goes on behind the closed door when Link is getting healed by one of the town’s maidens?!  There are a lot of the ladies that have “healed” our hero… one in each town to be precise.  I hope Link was at the very least practicing safety first.  Not to put a bad image in your mind, but personally I try not to think about what goes on behind the closed door when Link gets his magic replenished by that old hag.  At least we can agree on one thing… Link is not very picky when it comes to choosing his lady friends!

Story09To this day I have yet to understand the Zelda story.  It started out so simple in the first game… Ganon stole the Triforce of Power and used it to kidnap Zelda and spread havoc across the land of Hyrule.  A young lad (I think they said he was 10) by the name of Link came by and stood up to the bully with his magic sword.  Well in Zelda II we are told that Link is now 16 years old, and we find out that another girl (also named Zelda) has been put to sleep by a magic spell that can somehow be broken if all three pieces of the Triforce are reunited.  Why couldn’t it have just been the same Zelda from the first game that had a sleep spell placed on her with Ganon’s last dying breath?  At least this would have given more significance to the game’s secondary plot which was to spread Link’s blood on Ganon’s ashes and thus reviving him.  But NOOOO…. this is a different Zelda which just sets a bad precedent.  Now in future games in the Zelda series, all of the Links, Zeldas, and Ganons are unrelated to each other.  I’ve been looking around on the internet for some sort of chronology to the series, but I have yet to find one that makes sense… at least any good sense.  Check it out at – 

I sincerely doubt that this was the intention all along.  Part of me thinks it’s clever, but most  of me thinks its a load of hooey and that the masterminds at Nintendo are making this up as they go along.  They screwed up once, and have been trying to cover their tracks since Zelda II.  At least it was an awesome game.  If only most NES carts were of similar quality:(




2 thoughts on “The Adventure of Link

  1. This is a great, albeit difficult game. And I’m also confused about the stories and plots behind the games, as they chronologically make little sense (bar those who are meant to be direct sequels).

    That hag might be very good at what she’s doing to the point of replenishing health. She should be working at a hospital or something.

    And Error was meant as a real name but is meant to be Error, as in the word. There’s this other guy named Bagu after “Bug”. So I guess they’re playing on error and bug?

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