At Long Last… It’s Mine!!!

Mega Man 5 is finally in my collection!  I paid a pretty penny for it ($80 including tax) but considering that I would be paying over $120 on ebay after shipping (and the B.S. import charges… this by the way is why I don’t order IMG_4352anything from ebay anymore) it didn’t seem to high a price… especially from a dealer.  This is the most I’ve ever paid for a game and… of the 6 Mega Man games released on the NES, this one is by far the worst, but even the worst Mega Man is still a darn good game to play!  I’m not going to bore you with all the games mechanics as it pretty much is the same idea as all the other titles of the same name… defeat a robot master, acquire his weapon, and use that weapon against another robot master.  What makes this game bad is just that it has already been done several times before.  Keep in mind that while I have Mega Man 6, I’ve not yet played it (trying to complete the series in order), but I’m certainly not expecting anything innovating out of this title.  Perhaps the most interesting stage in Mega Man 5 is that of Gravity Man as it has you flipping upside down from time to time that you gets you confused as to what’s up and what’s down…including the boss fight.  This was pretty cool, though the rest of the game is fairly straight forward.  While I like the rock, paper, scissors aspect of the Mega Man games, it didn’t really make much sense after the first two chapters.  For example Ice Man’s weapon was good against Fire Man, or the metal blade weapon worked against Wood Man.  Granted the leaf shield against Air Man didnmegaman5-feature‘t make much sense, but it was all downhill from this point forward.  How on Earth is anyone supposed to figure out to use the charge kick against Wave Man?!?  I guess that is part of the fun but can be really frustrating at times.  Especially since Stone Man’s weapon is utterly useless in general, and doesn’t work against any other robot master.

On a side issue, while I haven’t yet beaten the game, I have a sneaky suspicion that Proto Man isn’t the main antagonist of this chapter… but rather it is that no good Dr. Wily!  Call it a hunch as he somehow appeared in the forth chapter when he was clearly killed in the third?!?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t understand how that damn Wily can keep reappearing without having to face any responsibility for his evil deeds.  Is there no justice in Monsteropolis? And how can he keep being so cocky (raising his eyebrows) after he’s been beat again and again.  It was cool the first few times, but by the forth game in the series it became rather pathetic…. actually I had a hard time beating the fourth game, and this fifth game is proving to be even more difficult.  Wrongly (or perhaps rightly) placed enemies that cause you to fall backwards into a pit of death are driving me crazy, but the NES was famous for this as in Ninja Gaiden, and Caslevania.  If I remember correctly there was a part in Castlevania 2 that I was never able to get past for this very reason.

Being the worst in the series, Mega Man V is still a lot of fun to play.  While it isn’t as new or innovative as the other games in the series, the controls work great, the music is generally good for an 8-bit cartridge, and the graphics are what you would expect from a Mega Man game.  Still, $80 is a hefty price tag!





One thought on “At Long Last… It’s Mine!!!

  1. Ah, at last you have graduated to a serious collector! 😛 Welcome to the club. I’ve spent more than $80 on a game (more than once). So long as it’s rare occurrence I think we’ll be able to keep the collecting affordable.

    I also agree that the forced import fees on ebay are complete rubbish. I have never bought anything from a seller who can’t or wont get rid of that charge. Reducing the item cost to compensate doesn’t cut it. The fee has to not be there before I’m willing to buy.

    I can continue to order from Japan and I never have to deal with up front import fees. So Japans economy will continue to get my Canadian dollars and the US will have to due without.

    Where’s the custom printed cover for this gem?! This is an incomplete post! Get on it!

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