127 Yard Sale

127pic-2013-lgMy wife and I are back from out annual highway127 yard sale trip and it’s good to be home.  In the past 5 days we’ve been yardsaling across the state of Ohio…. and to think that is only the tip of the iceberg.  This sale goes starts in Addison Michigan, and goes all the way down to Gadsden Alabama.  It would be impossible to do it all on one trip… that being said, if I was by myself I would have made it WAY further (I really only wanted to acquire more video games where as my wife was looking at all sorts of uninteresting things).  However as far as Nintendo goes the pool was rather dry.  In the entire state of Ohio, I only managed to get my hands on 5 NES games I didn’t already have.  I did score a big hit for the Sega Dude in that I got him 8 non-sports Sega CD games for $20.  That seemed like a good deal, but wasn’t really helping my collection any. So further south we travelled, and my patience was running thin…

IMG_4180…that is until we hit Cincinnati…

.logo games-galore.. here I went to two different retail stores (Game Swap, and Games Galore), and for a resale outlet I must say that their prices were more than fair on many NES and SNES titles.  There was a few oddball prices… like $55 for a copy of Super Smash Bros. on the N64 with it’s label completely destroyed (to the point that you could barely tell what game it was).  That being said, some guy bought the game when I was there… thanks buddy, because you bought this piece of crap for such a high amount, games will continue to have overly inflated price tags!  I however only picked up the games that were priced blow that stated on my iPhone ap and/or pricecharting.com.  In fact, some of the prices were far below the listed rate… and this was true at both of these stores, so it wasn’t like I caught them sleeping.  Video games are just that much cheaper in the United States than they are up here in Canada.  The staff at these stores were very friendly and anxious to help me out.  I felt like a kid in a candy store… I’ll take that one, that one, and that one…. oh that one looks good, etc..

Traders_World1The next morning we went to two flea markets (Traders World, and Treasure Aisles) that were right across the street from each other… and like the stores, their prices were low as well for many games.  I picked up a copy of both Caslevania IV, and Act Raiser 2 for the SNES for $45.  It was not the listed price… that would have been $52.  But my offer was accepted:)  Now according to pricecharting.com, this is a fair deal.  But up here in Canada I’ve seen stores charge $55 for Caslevania IV alone… granted prices here are not  as expensive as in European countries, but still I must protest!ti_logo  I liked that people were willing to haggle a bit on their prices, and overall were a joy to do business with.  There was one video game store in Traders World that had prices I would compare to that from Canada.  For example he wanted $150 for The Adventures of Lolo 1,2,&3 as a set… i wasn’t impressed and didn’t buy anything from that guy.  But all the other stores were pretty cool.  $10 on Mario Time Machine for the SNES, a buy two get one free… actually I got two free games (Final Fight and Fatal Fury) as they were already priced low at $5, and $4 respectively.

All in all I spent $240 and came home with 34 NES games, 9 SNES games, and a few miscellaneous titles that I want to trade. The big lesson to be learned from all this… save up your money and go down to the United States to do your game hunting.  It’s just hurts my wallet too much to be buying games up here from stores… so what do you say Sega Dude, road trip?!




4 thoughts on “127 Yard Sale

  1. That stack of NES games looks great!!! Where’s the picture of the SNES games?
    I really did want head down with you on this trip but I just couldn’t make it. Hopefully next year!
    I want in on that action 🙂
    8 Sega CD games for $40 is an awesome deal. Thank you! I’ve gone some money for ya! And maybe a game too!

      • Thanks for dropping off the Sega CD Games!
        You can forget the $40 credit idea in exchange for a nice boxed Ghouls and Ghosts for the GBA!!
        See, if you take care of the SegaDude and the SegaDude will take care of you too. *I say that knowing that I still haven’t paid you the $20 for all those complete CD games 😛

  2. Hey! It’s nice to see you added the picture of your SNES games.
    Caslevania IV, and Act Raiser 2 are some seriously good scores! Very nice.
    I’m also Jealous of that Final Fight. Good games.

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