Collection Update

It’s been a busy couple of weeks game hunting…IMG_3858

… Final Fantasy 3, The Lost Vikings, and Paladin’s Quest were bought from a guy on Craigslist (all three for $80).  I came across his ad one day and saw that he was selling an SNES, these three games, and three crappy sports games all for $150 which seemed a bit over-priced.  However I really only wanted the above three games, and fortunately he was willing divide up his package and sell them separately.  While $80 is more than I usually pay for games, I really wanted these as I will actually play them.  It’s a bit below market value, and well below what I would pay in a store.

IMG_3861This game was picked up at Value Village only days after the Segadude purchased it on Ebay.  He paid a fair price, but thrift stores are always the cheapest way to go… often they are a complete bust, but hey, that’s what makes game collecting fun… the thrill when you find something cool to add to your collection feels great!  It’s my version of “Chasing the Dragon” (the high people get when they smoke opium… never tried it… kids, just say no to Drugs… thank you Nancy Reagan).  The thing is I don’t know why I bought it… even though it was only $7, the main reason I wanted it was so that I could send a “no big deal” text to the Segadude as it had been a while.  I would have given it to him had he not already had it.  He says it looks like a good platformer so we’ll give it a shot.  If you look closely at the picture you can even see one of my dog’s hairs:)  This brings something to mind… I’ve been told by one person that they can’t enlarge my photos when he clicks on them… yet when I try it out, it works fine?!  Please let me know if you are also having trouble and I will try to correct this.


These next two games were purchased at an actual retail store (rare for me), but believe it or not this guy’s prices are actually okay… compared to other places, his prices are up to 1/3 less.  The name of the store is Game Mania on Bloor Street which I will have to go back to again some day.  Clay Fighters is a neat game that I’ve wanted for a while now as it just looks cool.  There is nothing really special about it, nor have I ever played it before, but the cover looks intriguing (I often judge books by their cover).  Donkey Konga is a Game Cube game that requires a set of bongo drums (which I don’t have).  I’m not sure why I bought it other than that it is a DK game and figured it would look cool in the museum.  Compared to my other Game Cube games, this is easily the most suspect.

IMG_3863 IMG_3862

And of course we have to yet again honour the Segadude for making a contribution to the collection (it seems like I’ve been doing that a lot lately).  Now what you have here are a copy of Wizardry 5 for the SNES, Mario Tennis, and Star Fox 64.  Now admittedly Mario Tennis isn’t that great, but I do collect all Mario games.  Included in this also is the instructions for the SNES as well as the booklet for Super Mario World… a great addition! Thanks Segadude!  I’ll have to be on the look out for some extra cool titles on the big game hunt coming up this August for him… don’t worry, everything south of Michigan will soon be yours (after a holding term, and a few “no big deal” texts).

I don’t imagine any of you give a poop, but my collection is actually a bit bigger than I thought it was: 275 NES games, 35 SNES games, 11 N64, 9 Game Cube, 5 Game Boy, 15 Game Boy Advance, and 10 Wii (still don’t own a Wii yet).  What’s crazy is that I am trying to put all these games in universal game cases.  Unfortunately the system I have the most games for requires me to modify the case… 1 doesn’t take long, but 275 is a major project! That and the cost of getting the covers printed is a bit, but I think will be worth it in the long run.  Each cover and case costs me under $2 to do which is about as cheap as I can get it while still retaining an excellent quality.

Summer is here… cheers!

Nintendo Joe



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