Garage Sale Victory!


The date was Saturday May 31st, 2014 when the Sega Dude made his big find (well to be more precise, the Sega Dude’s lovely, beautiful, adoring, caring, sympathetic, honourable, outgoing, and awesome wife found this)  Holy crap!  For a mere $40 he picked up a red N64, a regular N64, and around 15 or so games which included both Zelda’s Ocarina of Time (gold edition), and Majora’s Mask.  The best part… and really painful for me to accept was that what the package also included a copy of the Super Smash Bros.  To add salt to the already festering wound, there was the memory expansion pack hidden away.  I just couldn’t handle it.  Letting the Super Smash Bros. slip through my fingers for the third time was just not an option.  In as polite a way as possible I informed the Sega Dude that “I’m taking this”… and he let me!  Not even a single punch was thrown (just so we’re clear he could beat me to a pulp… yeah, he works out!).  I couldn’t believe it… finally in my possession was a copy of a game that has eluded me for the past two years.  The best part was that the condition of the label was mint.  Honestly I was worried for a bit as there was some rusting on the contacts, but you’ll be happy to know that with a little elbow grease I was able to clean it up… and it worked!  Oh the joy… finally I could play as Samus and kick Link’s ass… something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.  That should teach him to not have such a complicated and nearly impossible to decipher story/timeline! Honestly this is something I still don’t completely understand (the Zelda timeline that is).  Perhaps a blog topic for another date as this will require some study.


Check out this sweet N64 box that the Sega Dude gave me.  Oh he gave me quite a lot last Saturday.  Included with the Super Smash Bros. was the memory expansion (I can now finally play my Majora’s Mask, Donkey Kong 64, and Command & Conquer with all the extras), and a yellow controller.  He even offered me the red one, but I couldn’t accept that as it belongs with the red N64 for which he should get a fair price on Kijiji.  I suggested that he bundle it with both Zelda games for $150.  Do you think this is a fair price, or too high/low?  Within less than 24 hours he already received the typical low ball offers of less than half what he was asking.  I think $150 is a good ball park price, but perhaps I am mistaken.


The Sega Dude’s latest contribution to the Nintendo Museum

Well now onto my finds…. though they seem rather pathetic compared to what I’ve already described.


I also picked up a pink Nintendo DS lite with a charger (only to later to find out that the charger belonged to the DSi… why would they make it different?  I guess I’m on the look out for a DS lite charger now).  On the other hand I could keep it as I don’t have a DS lite and technically don’t have all the hand helds besides the Advance Pocket and 3DS.  I can see myself buying a 3DS down the road, but I figure I’ll have to bite the bullet and probably pay full price for a Pocket.


So here it is, the N64 collection thus far.  To be honest I’m not sure that I want to collect much more from this console as all the titles I have are the ones I’ve wanted.  I think I should focus more on NES and SNES  as they were Nintendo’s hay-day.  That said I won’t pass up a bargain for anything Nintendo with the intention to trade it.

Good luck to you Sega Dude with your sale.  Not that many people read this blog, but you never know.  Click here for the link to his ad.  I think it is a more than fair price, but what do I know?!



3 thoughts on “Garage Sale Victory!

  1. Wow, Nintendo Joe is a lucky guy! 😛
    Your N64 cases are looking pretty good. I think what you’re calling the Advanced Pocket is actually called the Game Boy Micro. It’s really cool. You should try to get one someday. It really is micro!

  2. Sega Dude sure is a nice guy! And you’re a lucky guy really!
    Around here, where prices are inflated and red N64 systems even rarer, you could get about 200 dollars just for the system itself (complete with controllers and such) I’d reckon, though things seem to be a fair bit cheaper whenever I visit the US, especially when converted to Swedish currency.

    Those Nintendo DS games look great, nice finds! And Smash Bros. for the N64… you’d have to pay through your arse for that game over here, it’d easily go for about 100-150 dollars CIB in decent condition.

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