History of Nintendo and other ramblings.



Fist thing is first… my acquisitions of the week….

These guys were picked up at a yard sale and were thoroughly checked for bed bug before entering our building.  The last thing we need here is an infestation!  Anyways they were picked up all for $15.  What was kind of funny was that the kid I bought them from (probably no more than 6) had no idea how much change to give me.  Being the honest fella that I am I told him the correct amount.  I’m sure dad was eavesdropping, in which case  I’m glad I didn’t try to rip his kid off as he would have wiped the floor with me!  For a yard sale I think I over-paid a bit, but what the hell he was a cute kid.  Plus they look nice on display.

Speaking of being ripped off.  I still haven’t received that package in the mail yet that was supposed to contain a copy of Mega Man 5, and Mega Man X.  Every day last week my hopes fell more and more to the point where I think there is a 0% chance that I’ll actually receive the package.  I mean we are talking about a delivery from a few towns over… it shouldn’t take three weeks.  I do plan on sending him a guilt based letter of which I’m sure he couldn’t care less… but it will make me feel better.  Plus I get to post it in this blog, so you have that to look forward to next week.  Should i send him a link to this blog… maybe give him a chance to defend himself?  That could be rather fun:)






I picked up these two games for $25 which is a great price.  Actually the SNES game on the right (Spiderman Maximum Carnage) is a title that I picked up for a buck at a yard sale last year.  However I sold it and regretted that so I’m glad to have another copy back in the collection.  The other game puts me one step closer to completing my Metroid collection.  I’m now only missing Metroid 2: The Return of Samus on the Gameboy, and Metroid Prime Pinball on the DS.  True I don’t have the Metroid Prime/Zelda Windwaker combo disks for the Gamecube, but I don’t really feel bad about that as this version is WAY overpriced and fairly rare (11/12 according to my GC Collector ap).  Also it just doesn’t make sense to have a super “value” disc of these two games.  The price according to the ap says it goes for $76, but I bet any reseller wouldn’t let it go for less than $100+.  The only way I’ll get this version is if I find it in a Value Village, or at the 127 yard sale for cheap.

Now onto the topic of the day.  My good friend the Sega Dude sent me this article about the History of Nintendo which you can read by clicking on the Link… Oh… you see what I did there… Link as in the Legend of Zelda.  It’s funnier when I explain the super obvious and extremely bad joke!

I had no idea that Nintendo’s history goes back to the 1800’s and all started with developing playing cards.  What I wouldn’t give to have one of those original deck of cards… that is assuming of course that there are any left in existence.  I’d go as far as paying 10’s of dollars to acquire such a rare item!  Also I didn’t realize that Nintendo had released at least two other home console systems before the NES.  That just gives me something more to shoot for, because going for a complete NES collection is just too easy!  Anyways give the article a read… it’s pretty good, though they conveniently left out several parts that would make Nintendo look bad.  For example Nintendo’s contracts with third party game developers, forbidding them from making games for other systems was strangely absent.  This was how Nintendo captured 90% of the video game market back in the late 80’s.

This brings something else to mind… the “Official Nintendo Seal of Quality”.  What a load of hooey… some NES games are so unbelievably bad (yet i still want them for the collection) that they belong next to the dump site in New Mexico where the Atari E.T. cartridges were finally discovered a few months ago.  Funny eh how some urban myths are actually true.  It makes me scared to say Candyman 3x in front of the mirror out of fear that a hook handed demon will appear and attack me.

So let me know what you think in regards to inviting the guy who ripped me off to this blog.


5 thoughts on “History of Nintendo and other ramblings.

  1. Email the guy your link and definitely post on this site/blog. You never know, maybe there is a reason or maybe he’ll still send those games.
    I’d love to see him post here and give his side of the story. Win or lose it would be interesting.

  2. I’d like to see his response here, it’d give him a fair chance defending himself, to prove he isn’t a douchebag.

    I did that thing too with Link… You’d
    have to click an image of him to get to the links! 🙂

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