Another Week of Collecting Retro Games

IMG_3557This was my “best” find of the week.  Unfortunately I already have a mint copy in my collection.  I thought I would use it for a trade, but apparently the Sega Dude doesn’t have it and i just can’t resist giving it to him.  It’s important to keep him happy so that when he finds something that I don’t have he’ll give it to me.  Otherwise I can always expect a text saying “look what I found… no big deal”, whereupon he lords his purchase over me.  I haven’t had that happen in a while though… maybe keeping the beast fed is a good thing:)  The price I paid for the game is a bit more than I would have liked for a thrift store, but then again it was Super C (part of the Contra series) and usually sells for around $20.  To put it in perspective, they wanted $9.99 for a copy of Super Mario/Duckhunt so they were just throwing numbers out there when pricing these games.  Usually they go for around $3.99 at this place, but alas because it is retro they figure they can get more for it… and they were right as the next time i was in the store all the games had been sold.


IMG_3552I don’t know anything about it, but it has the Silver Surfer in the title, and I needed it in my collection.  Plus $8.99 isn’t bad.  The graphics and sound are pretty good, but the game itself is REALLY hard!  It’s so hard that it makes it not that much fun to play.  It’s an side scrolling and overhead shooter which normally i’m pretty good at, but in this case I’m terrible.  The one redeeming feature in the game is that like in Mega Man you can choose which stage you want to conquer first.  That way you get a bit more variety in how you start the game.

IMG_3554 IMG_3555This game I bought because it was under priced at $6.  For a complete game this is a really good price and I’m hoping to trade it for some more NES or SNES at the next video game show in September.  While I’m waiting though I’ll enjoy playing it.  Graphically it looks amazing, and if you are a fan of Robotech this isn’t one to miss.  There are a few problems with the game, the biggest being the controls.  I’m not sure why they didn’t use the two stick analogue controls like most games do… this would have made the game much more fun in my opinion.  However that being said I haven’t played it much at all so we’ll see what it has in store.

IMG_3553The last game I purchased was Lemmings for the SNES.  I don’t know why but I have always wanted to play this game but never have.  It is a puzzle game that you have to solve in order to prevent all the Lemmings from falling to their death in mass hordes… as they sometimes do in the wild.  What a gruesome and bizarre sight that must be.  I remember seeing this game on the PC and it looks like fun.  Hopefully the SNES version holds up to the test of time.

2 thoughts on “Another Week of Collecting Retro Games

  1. That’s a good price for Super C!
    I totally agree that you should be nice to SegaDude, you’ve clearly grasped how things work. 🙂

    That Silver Surfer game I know through the AVGN’s videos, I know it’s difficult but I haven’t played it myself.

    And Lemmings is awesome! I’ve played the SNES version and though using a Mouse to steer those Critters around is easier, I’s still say the SNES version holds up pretty well.


    • Right on! Thanks for the support martinoddity!:)
      Yeah, let’s give that Super C to The SegaDude!!

      I haven’t played Lemmings since it was sort of new on the PC. I remember liking it a lot but I can recall much more.

      AVGN is a good solid nerd. Love that guy.


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