IMG_32816a00d83452033569e2010534bbd1fe970b-800wiI can’t believe my luck.  I walked into Lowe’s home improvement store and found a sealed mint in the box Honeywell 360 degree space space heater!  That’s right, it came complete with all the instructions, warning labels, and tips on how to use it efficiently and safely.  It even has a fan with count ’em; 3 SETTINGS and a temperature gauge!  You might be wondering what this has to do with Nintendo or video games at all.  Well this is actually exciting news at mynintendodimension for we’ve previously had to close the museum during the winter months due to the freezing cold temperature in my basement.  We now have a weapon to fight the cold so that we can enjoy the Nintendo all-year-around.  I figure in a few years, the trade-in value of this heater will be worth at least several dollars:).  I was hoping to find a space heater that was in the shape of Heatman from Megaman 2, but there just isn’t such a product.  It would be pretty cool though if there was.  You know, Heatman was never one of my favourite robot masters in Megaman 2, but looking at his picture does make me want to play the game again for the thousandth time… yes, it is that good.  Airman and his stage was always my favourite with Crashman’s being my least… but when you are talking about a game like this, even the least best is still worthy of mention.

On a side note, I must mention that I really take issue with the Lowe’s slogan “Always be improving”… as though no matter what I do to my house it is never good enough.  Well screw you Lowe’s!  The only reason I went to your store was because I was given a gift card for Christmas.  I guess the person who gave me the card thought my house needed improving:(


One thought on “Heat!!!

  1. You really do need that heater. Your basement is like being outside except a bit darker.
    At first I thought that Mario was attached to the heater and I thought that was a crazy way to market a home appliance.
    Where’s the before and after picture of you freezing and then playing comfortably?
    I don’t think you’re really trying your best at this blog thing!

    …your house could use a little work…

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