Bomberman Land & Spyro

So my two latest Value Village finds were Bomberman Land and Spyro:  A New Beginning… but you probably could have figured that one out if you read the title of this post.IMG_3279  Let’s start with Bomberman Land for the Nintendo Wii.  If you are familiar with the series, you were probably anticipating that this game would be a good multi-player game.  If this is the case you will be greatly disappointed.  Bomberman Land plays better on solo as the multi-player aspect seems like more of an after thought and was not done very well.  This game is basically a lot of mini-games, but don’t let this throw you off.  I realize that there are a ton of mini-games on the Wii that are absolutely horrible so I wasn’t expecting much when I bought this title; in fact the only reason I bought it was that it’s trade value is double the $9 I paid for it.  But surprisingly the min-games are actually quite fun.  I’m not really sure what the game developers were thinking by making us have to have to actually “look” for the games rather than simply having a list to choose from, but this is a minor issue.  Overall, Bomberman Land is pretty good and seeing as how it is all colourful and cute it can be played at a small party without feeling too nerdy.  This is always a plus for me so if you see it for cheap I recommend you pick it up.


Spyro: A New Beginning while originally a game for the Game Cube, but now on the DS is a decent.  I’ll admit that I’m not really that familiar with the Spyro series as I never had a Play Station back in the day, however this title is rather fun.  The combat feels very similar to that of Zelda, and when you destroy an enemy, crystals pop out that either recharge your health, or power ups like fire breath.  The best part of the game is the voice acting by Gary Oldman.  His small role as the pimp Drexel in the movie True Romance was by far my favourite, and while this falls way short, still adds a lot to the overall story.  Again, as with many games, I picked this up for it’s trade in value.

I’m mostly interested in completing my NES collection (I’m 26% there) and and good SNES games.  Thus I often pick up these other titles with hopes that I can trade for what I am looking for.  However if these titles don’t trade quickly, then I will proudly store them on my shelf with no feelings of shame:)

2 thoughts on “Bomberman Land & Spyro

  1. There are a lot of great games for the DS and Wii. These finds of your are popular so I think you’ll have no trouble trading them.
    I’m noticing in my thrift store treks that is it very rare to find NES and SNES games. Specially anything that isn’t a sports game. I think you’d doing the right thing by picking up stuff that will trade well.
    How you trade your stuff? Post it on your blog or elsewhere?

  2. I’ve got Spyro: A New beginning for the PS2 and other than the un-skippable long intro of roughly 10 minutes it seems very good.

    I rarely pick up games to trade in later, but it happens. Mainly it’s because I can’t find any like that.

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