Super Scope!!

The Nintendo Dimension received a big surprise in the mail yesterday and I’m really excited to tell you about it.  It was a cold winters day (-18 degrees Celsius).  I was planning on doing nothing more than curling up in front of a warm fire (actually I don’t’ have a fireplace so really I mean the TV) and enjoy a nice hot chocolate.  At about 2pm, there was a knock at the door.  It was a guy from Canada Post who said he had a parcel for me but the thing was I didn’t


remember ordering anything.  The package was quite large and it was quite a mystery.  Who had sent me something?  It was just Christmas, and my birthday wasn’t that long ago, so perhaps it was something that was lost in the mail.  However I didn’t recognize the return address, nor the name of the sender.  This was getting weird and exciting at the same time.  After opening the package I was in a bit of disbelief… you see several months ago a reader of this blog had said she would send me the Super Scope for the SNES.  I gave her my address, but didn’t really expect her to follow through with the donation.  However, the Nintendo Museum is now the proud holder of the aforementioned Super Scope, and we have none other than DoratheExplorer64 to thank for it.  I think it is totally amazing that a stranger would go out of his (or in this case a her) way to send something through the post simply because I am a collector knew how much I would appreciate it.  Thanks DoratheExplorer64… you really made my day!



One thought on “Super Scope!!

  1. That really was a very nice thing that DoratheExplorer64 did you for! And I’m sure that picture of you with your new Super Scope will make her feel like she really has given it to a good home 🙂
    Since I don’t have a Super Scope you can have my cart of BattleClash so you can have something fun to use with it!

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