The One That Got Away!!

There has been an orange alert issued for the Nintendo Museum has been robbed!  Well, sort of…


As usual on a friday evening my wife and I stop at two of the local Value Village stores.  The first one is right around the corner from my wife’s work and we meet each other there.  There was a tiny Yoshi from Mario Kart figure in a misc toy bag for $3.99 but I didn’t buy it as it was really small and didn’t do anything for me.  After going to the second store (the one closet to our house… and coincidently the cheapest one for all video games… $4.99 flat rate) I thought it was a complete bust.  As we were leaving, I see this guy who was buying an N64.  I took a peek at the price tag and saw that it was $20… a fair price considering it only came with one joystick, and no cables.  I thought I would be nice and tell him that it was a great find, when really I was thinking that I picked up my complete N64 for $30 with all the cables, and it works great!

So I’m leMario Party 7aving the store when I see one of the clerks getting some Gamecube CDs, and one of them is none other than Super Smash Bros Melee, and another is Mario Party 7!  Turns out that same guy who was buying the N64 was also buying these two gems!  What a jerk… me that is.  If only I had gotten to the store about 20 minutes earlier I would have had these games for only $4.99 a piece.  But no… we had to stop off at the stupid grocery store to buy pizza on sale.  This better be the best tasting pizza in the world!

I thought I would do a small review of the Super Smash Bros. Melee to let go of some of my pent up anger.  It’s a good game… actually for a fan of Nintendo, it is more than that; it is a great game… at least from what I have seen.  Cinemassacre seems to do the game justice when they play it on youtube.  What is really cool about this game (like the other smash bros. titles) is that it is a 2d fighting game where you can choose your favourite Nintendo characters and setting.  The settings are from various Nintendo games and remix the music from the original to give it a more updated quality.  In the case of the gameplay that I saw, they chose Pokemon’s Pikachu and Game & Watch guy (I completely forgot that they did a character based on those crappy hand held games like the one I purchased last week).  The setting they chose was the palace from Zelda with the music from the NES’s The Adventure of Link remixed.  Now while it has lots of visual appeal and great audio, I’m not really a fan of the actual combat in this series.  For a 2D fighter, this game seems to be just another button masher… this is what set games like Street Fighter 2 apart where there was strategy and combo attacks that required careful manipulation of the joystick/attack buttons.

All in all I’m pissed.  I’m pissed that I don’t have this game in my collection.  Missing out on Mario Party 7 is just salt on the already festering wound:(  But that’s what I love about Value Village.  You just never know what you might find!

3 thoughts on “The One That Got Away!!

  1. I’m sure I’ve missed out on Thrift Store deals but I’ve never witnessed it happening. That has to suck. And I’m sure the Pizza was not tasty enough to wash away such a bad experience!
    I can’t help but notice that terrasmurf liked the pizza but not this post!
    Don’t worry, I like it 😀

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