Game and Watch

IMG_3102I was in Value Village the other day (a local thrift store otherwise known as Savers in the United States) when I came across a 1986 Nintendo Game and Watch – Squish.  I got pretty excited because it had been a long while since I’ve seen one of these.  When I was 11 years old, I had a Donkey Kong II (Donkey Kong Jr.) Game and Watch.  The game itself was pretty lame, even by the standards of the day, but you have to remember that this was a a time when quality portable gaming was not yet a reality.  True, there were other portable games out there, but most were so bad that they were unplayable.  That being said I did have a portable pinball game called Wildfire that I did enjoy.  I’m not sure what happened to that?!?.

IMG_3103Anyways, considering the lack of options, Game and Watch Donkey Kong II was pretty cool.  It was a multi-screen game where Mario had taken your father prisoner.  You had to guide Donkey Kong Jr. to the top of the second screen 5 or 6 times whereupon you would unlock the chains that shackled your father.   However, I had just gotten an NES which during it’s day, anybody who was anybody scrimped and saved their pennies as this was THE system to have.  I bought my first NES system used for $110 with Super Mario Brothers and Mega Man II.

While visiting my best friend in Ottawa, I was stupid and gave away my Game and Watch Donkey Kong II to my best friends younger step-brother… he was a cute kid, and besides, I had an NES at home and no longer had a need for a crappy portable game.  I’m kind of regretting that decision as the game now sells for around $250, but more importantly is a piece of Nintendo history that belongs in the museum here at mynintendodimension.  It would have been the most valuable artifact I currently have.


Back to present:  When I was in Value Village and came across this rare gem I knew I had to have it.  Being a thrift store, I thought I would get it for a steal.  Unfortunately some schmuck knew they had something and jacked up the price two a whopping $19.99!  I quickly looked it up on my iPhone and saw that the going rate for a Game and Watch – Squish was between $75 and $100.  I had to have it!  Currently it is in the museum, but it is up for trade.  As much as I do love having an old piece of Nintendo history, the game is really terrible.  You can check it out on youtube.  More importantly I want to trade it for a somewhat pricey copy of Mega Man 5… even though this is probably the worst game of the series, it is still damn fun!

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