Pac-Man the Musical

11319-5770-PAC-MANIn October of 1980, a yellow dot with a big mouth was about to hit the North American Market.  Pac-Man was an instant hit with all age groups; both the young and old alike were struck with the yellow fever and became obsessed with going through a maze like board, eating little pixelated dots and scarfing down a variety of delicious fruit.  The only thing standing in the way were four hell-spawn ghosts named Inky, Blinky, Pinky, and Clyde, whose evil was matched only by Adolf Hitler, or perhaps Joseph Stalin… by the way, has anyone ever met anyone with the last name Hitler?  Did everyone with Hitler as a last name change it so as to not be associated with that turd?  Anyways, our antagonist ghosts hand only one goal; to sink their teeth into our puck shaped hero and deprive him of his life!

I was 5 years old when the game came out and was instantly hooked!  I would literally beg my dad to take me to the arcade so that I too could attempt to clear board after board of delicious dots while evading the hellish nightmare ghosts.  The thing is, I was actually good at it.  People thought that it was cute that a 5 year old was better then grown adults at the game, and would give me free quarters so they could watch me play.  Oh those were the days!


Anyways, I have a birthday coming up, and my mother-in-law gave me a present that I’ll always cherish.  I am now a proud owner of The Amazing Adventures of Pac-Man (the album)!…on a record.  I don’t know who that wolf is on the cover, but considering he keeps company with those bastard ghosts he just cant’ be good news.  I admit that I’m a little confused.  Besides the wolf, the cover shows the moon and has given him eyes and a HUGE mouth.  Is the moon some how related to Pac-Man… perhaps his papa?  What’s even more weird is that the moon seems to be chasing a frightened blue ghost.

If you look closely at the house in the background, we can sea red ghost (I believe it’s Blinky) to be amassing a stockpile of fruit.  Is there a backstory that I’m missing here?  We weren’t really given much information.  Just a fat yellow blob (his name was Puck-Man in Japan) who had a serious drug problem with an addiction to yellow dots who was being chased all over town.  Was the wolf the mastermind behind this operation?  Or was it the moon?  How did Blinky end up with so much fruit?  Was there a fruit shortage in Pac Land?  So confusing.  Perhaps there are clues in the album.

Actually all is revealed when you look at the back cover.  “When a gang of ghosts steal all the fruit in Pacville, it’s up to Pac-Man to get it back and return it to the rightful owners.”  This information would have been nice to know as I entered the arcade.  It would have made playing the game even more emotional.  What kind of sick *%$# steals fruit and thinks they are going to get away with it?  Thank goodness Pac-Man is around to right this terrible injustice.


The best part is… Pac-Man has a soundtrack to go with it.  I really wish I had a turntable so I could play the record.  With hits like “Take the Fruit and Scoot”, or “I Hate Fruit Blues” one can’t help but wonder what star musicians they got to play these songs.  Rumour has it that Eddie Van Halen did some of the guitar while Neil Peart of Rush did the drums.  It is kind of like Cream of the 1980’s.  Once I find a turntable to play this gem on, you can count on me to let you know all the insight that I’m sure this album will reveal.  There are definitely perks to following!!!

One thought on “Pac-Man the Musical

  1. I think the mystery of what’s on the records might have better been left as a mystery… because the alternative is listening to this:

    I thought your story about people giving you quarters to play Pac-Man is pretty funny! Cause no one thinks you’re cute anymore 😛

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