Heads up 7Up!

Does anyone remember that stupid game back in early elementary school called “Heads up 7up”.  Basically it involved seven students going to the front of the room while all the other students put their heads on the desk face down.  The seven people would then secretly tap one of the face down students and proceed back to the front of the room.  The teacher would then say “heads up seven up” where upon the students who were tapped tried to guess whom it was that had touched them.  If they guessed correctly, they earned the right to trade positions with the person at the front that touched them.  It was such a dumb game, but it was a distraction from doing school work so I happily went along.

ImageAnyways it reminded me of a recent addition to my NES collection called Spot.  Everyone from the late 80’s and early 90’s remembers the 7Up mascot Spot!  He was always so cool and just chillin with a cold tasty 7Up beverage.  They made a few video games with him as the main character.  The SNES and Genesis version of the game is a platformed with very decent graphics and what looked like fairly good gameplay.  So when I was browsing some NES titles to pick up I thought I would give Spot a try… after all I do enjoy a good platformer.  I was very disappointed… right from the start of the game I found out that this was not a platformed, but rather a puzzle game similar to backgammon.  Yuck.  If I wanted to play backgammon I would have dusted off our old board!  After giving it an honest shot, I have to say that the game is not that good and if I had spent top dollar on that title as a kid I would have felt ripped off.  Seeing as how I paid $6 for the game, I don’t feel as cheated.  Still though, very disappointing.


The next game I tried out was Kirby’s Adventure as this game has been reviewed as being one of the best titles for the NES.  CGR Undertow gives it a big thumbs up for creativity and enjoyment.  Usually I agree whole-heartedly with the CGR boys, but on this game I really feel they missed their mark.  You can’t possibly put kirby up there with Mario, Link, Mega Man, or Samus.  Granted there are not many games out there that could compete with this foursome, but Kirby falls well short of the mark.  Granted, I didn’t play it on my NES… I played it on the Retro Duo, and thus it is possible that it was not emulated well.  That and the Retro Duo controller sucks big time!  Considering CGR Undertow gives the game props, I’ll give the game a second try however this won’t be in the near future.

I was feeling kind of down.  Two games that had a lot of potential and fell short of the mark.  For a second I was rethinking the collection of NES titles in favour of the SNES or N64 games.  However that feeling was short lived after playing a little Mario… though again the emulated music was terrible!  It is just a pain in the butt to take down my NES from the it’s display, hook it up, and blow in the cartridge 50,000 times to get it working.  As music is very important to the video game experience, perhaps I shouldn’t be so lazy.

In the meantime, I’ll just reminisce in my childhood when life was so much simpler where the only responsibility I had was to get home in time to watch the Transformers/GI Joe hour:)

One thought on “Heads up 7Up!

  1. Sounds like you’re going to have to get another NES. One for display and the other for gaming!
    The retron emulates the SNES much better than the NES. So you’ll have a better experience when playing SNES.

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