The Megas

I’m not sure what city the band is from, but The Megas  pay tribute to our little blue bomber friend… Mega Man!


Many of their songs have converted the 8-bit sound from the Mega Man video game series into a full band rock sound (two distorted guitars, bass, drums, and vocals).

My favourite song they do is called “Can’t Stop the Top” in which they use the theme music from the Top Man stage in Mega Man 3.  This seems to be a good choice as the music from this stage was the catchiest of that particular game.  “Sparked a War” obviously from the Spark Man stage, as well as “Walk Away From the Light“, not so obviously from the Snake Man stage were also really good.

But the rocking isn’t limited to Mega Man 3…. “The Annihilation of Monsteropolis” based on the Airman stage is probably their most musically technical as their rhythms change and are not limited to the regular 4/4 time signature.


If you want to catch them live, you can see them at Magfest this coming January 2nd, 2014 in Baltimore Maryland.  I would love to go not only just to see the Megas, but to check out other video game nerds and perhaps pick up a few titles that I desperately need to add to my collection… like Mega Man 4 & 5.  Part 5 is not hard to come by, but the price people want for it to me seems ridiculous.  I’ve seen some stores charge over $80 for it.  To me it isn’t worth half that… especially since it is rated as the worst in the series.  However, the “worst” in the Mega Man series is still a damn good game… but not good enough to warrant an $80 price tag!  I’m sure my old lady will let me go, however I don’t want to make the 9 hour drive alone, so it will depend on whether my good friend the Segadude can tag along.

Anyways, if you like their music, you can search for them on youtube as many of their songs have been posted their.  Or alternatively you can support the band by buying their music.  There albums go for around $10 a piece, which feels rather reasonable.  Hopefully I’ll see you all at Magfest!coinoptv_episode_325


One thought on “The Megas

  1. $80?! 9 hours?! Is this just a music thing? Or are we going to find tons of cheap retro video games too?
    Jan 2nd? I don’t know man… I just got a PS4 and I think I’ll be busy until at least May.

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