Super Metroid Completed!!

Well I’ve completed Super Metroid.  I didn’t go nuts and do a 100% completion, but I think I did rather well considering I’m not a total nerd (others may beg to differ as what other non-nerd has a video game blog?!).  NERD!  Anyways after finishing the game I must say that it was nothing shy of AWESOME!!  After travelling through the bowels of Zebes and back I can tell you that I’m exausted.Image

I really liked the way you had to revisit several different areas that were previously unaccessible after acquiring the item necessary to overcome an obstacle like lava, a large void, or (at times infuriating) a door that could only be opened with a super bomb.

Image The boss battles were really good in that you felt as thought you had really accomplished something… not only in just defeating them, but finding the right passage to their lair.  When I finally got to Ridley (perhaps the most iconic boss in the Metroid series) I almost didn’t survive and had to rely on my reserve energy tanks to bring me back from the brink of death.  ImageHowever I digress.  Super Metroid definitely lived up to the hype.  It is arguably the best game on the SNES or perhaps even of all games released up to 1994.  The only thing that I felt the game lacked was a more emotional ending.  Granted I finished the game well over the 2 hours necessary for the “good” ending, but even when I saw it on Youtube I felt that something was missing.

The final battle with Mother Brain was cool, but not all that challenging; and a little bit of a downer as there was nothing left to do.  After completing this game, getting back to normal life was of a slap in the face.  The beginning to Metroid: Other M based on the CGR Undertow review, adds more character development and deeper insight into Samus Aran’s personality.  I look forward to playing this game once I pony up and buy back my old Wii… I traded it for an XBOX 360 a few years ago so I could play Skyrim… a trade that I have not regretted as I love that series!

Anyways, Super Metroid was a great game, and I only wish I could have played it when it was released in the early 90’s.

3 thoughts on “Super Metroid Completed!!

  1. OK, you’ve made me really want to play Super Metroid!! I remember loving it back in the day but I never did beat it.
    I didn’t know there were multiple endings! Really? It is all based on how long it takes you to beat it?

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