Donkey Kong and the Other M

My most recent acquisitions for the NES collection are Donkey Kong 3, Spot, and Q*Bert.  DK3 is obviously the best find as it was a Nintendo Arcade Classic.  I remember playing this game as a kid when my dad took me to the arcade in Buffalo N.Y..  Basically you have to defeatIMG_2960 Kong by shooting him up the butt with a bug spray gun.  The concept was rather stupid, but hey, when I was 10 I enjoyed poking at dog poop with a stick… for some reason I thought this was hilarious!

The other game I bought was Metroid: Other M for the Wii.  I bought this game because of the review that CGI Undertow gave it on youtube.

Crazy thing is I don’t own a Wii anymore as I traded mine in about four years ago for an XBOX 360.  I’m still on the look out for a cheap one at garage sales and flea markets.  It seems like it could be a fun game, though that being said I couldn’t really get into the newest Zelda game at the time; Twilight Princess.  I gave it the old college try, but just got lost and didn’t know where to go next.  I do plan on trying it again sometime, and hopefully the Other M isn’t quite as difficult to get into.


One thought on “Donkey Kong and the Other M

  1. I have a Wii! And I’ll be happy to borrow your Metroid Other M. Thanks!
    And it’s nice to see your NES collection is growing too. Where are your home printed cases for these new additions?
    That was a good review you found by CGR Undertow. I enjoyed it.

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