The Cover Project


IMG_2640After a long time waiting, my universal video game cases came by FED EX.  I would like to take this opportunity to say how badly FED EX sucks.  The box was sliced open and 5 of the cases I ordered were damaged:(


However I would not let this ruin my day.  At long last they were here, and a sense of achievement came over me and I felt I needed to lift the box up and over my head.  I’m not really why I felt I should do this, for all I really accomplished was entering in my address and credit card information into the website I ordered them from correctly.


I went right to work.  I grabbed my handy multi tool that I purchased from Home Depot on sale for $15 and went at it.  You see, the universal video game cases aren’t really universal… at least not for NES collectors.  Fortunately the guy I learned about all this from on Youtube told me about this ahead of time so there weren’t any big surprises.  For those of you who collect SNES, N64, or Genesis carts, no modification is necessary… though for Genesis I don’t really see the need as they came with great cases to begin with.

Onto downloading the covers I wanted to use from  I decided to start with Mega Man as it is my favourite game from the NES library.  


While my Mega Man collection is not nearly complete (I’m missing 4 & 5 from the NES, and all of the X series), it looks much better than it did previously.  These games are all classics.  What made the first Mega Man special when it came out was that you could choose the order in which to fight the robot masters.  This gave the game less of a linear feel and gave you a sense of freedom… though to be honest, there was a preferred order in which to fight the robot masters for when you defeated one, you gained his power which could be used against another robot master… one of which he would have a weakness for.  For example, fighting Elecman with your regular cannon was nearly impossible (at least for a kid).  However he was a easy if you equipped the weapon you received from defeating Cutman.    Mega Man 2 was the best in the series in my opinion, but it was a bit on the easy side… especially if you compared it to it’s predecessor.

Rumor has it that a new Mega Man game is going to be released for the Wii U.  Maybe this game will be what gets me to buy this console.



3 thoughts on “The Cover Project

  1. Wow! I’d like myself some cases but living in Europe they’re too expensive to order, and I need more shelf space anyways until I’ll do that 🙂

    I know exactly why you held the box over your head! It’s the Link feeling!


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